In-N-Out Burger

7785 Jordan Landing Blvd, West Jordan
(800) 786-1000

Recent Reviews

Joshua Urianza

Rudy is the manager here and is amazing to customers and his employees. Probably the top Inn-N-Out in Utah. Work wise they are are flexible to employees and generally most people are happy here.

jesse allen

Always great, always the same quality. The tomatoes are the best!

Anelia Lattanzi

Cheap burgers but excellent taste. During covid19 they proved to be well organized and quick. All staff is super friendly.

Bigdawg Myke36

Great service, friendly and positive staff. Really good fast food. Affordable.

James Gallagher

Their staff is super friendly and are professionals, food is always fresh and good. Price is more then reasonable.

Welington Carvalho

This is my favorite In-N-Out location. The staff is always very friendly and fast. Burgers are delicious. I always leave the place very satisfied. On one occasion I had a wrong order done but it wasn’t a problem for more than a few seconds when the cashier noticed it and fixed it very fast. Great customer service!

Bart R.

After a bad experience with a different in and out years back I gave it a try again and it was the best burger I've had in a while. Place was very clean and every one was very nice.. I'll be eating in and out more often.

Chris Lahan

If you're like me and get over-whelmed with A multitude of menu options... You should probably come here, The menu is straight forward and very much simple Burger, Fries and Drink!! Nothing else


Never liked in and out, it always tastes bad to me. The only thing that makes it better is ordering it animal style, which every time I've gotten that way makes me throw up.. not pleasant.

Tom Fletcher

Great Service, fast food chains across America should learn how to recruit and train like In&Out

Steve Egan

Not sure why people love this place so much. Its okay but nothing special. Also, there is only 4 things on the menu, why can't they ever get my order right. Is a #1 combo, large, without tomatoes so hard to understand? My daughter ordered a shake instead of a soda and rang us up for both. Ridiculous!

Samantha H.

Been here probably a dozen times and never had any issues with this In-n-Out location. The freshness is on par with California In-n-Outs and the food is made pretty consistently in terms of taste and quality. The employees are friendly too. Will always return :)


Always yummy. Have been very disappointed with fast food lately...its no longer fast. Not the case with in and out. They are always fast, staff is friendly and food is fabulous!!!

Conner Ritchie

Tasty burgers, good service. Staff is always very capable and knowledgeable and get things done quickly. With a 1+ year old they are always super friendly to her, offering stickers and being very nice.

Corbin Crane

This is definitely my boys favorite place to eat. I do the triple triple protein style and am a very happy camper. Fast friendly service and great burgers makes for a 5 star review.

Dar Kels

If you're looking for a fast burger and fries then this a great option. Limited menu and options but the price is really reasonable and the food is above average. You can watch the friendly staff smile a scurry around keeping the place clean and serving their guests. I have had better burgers before but for fast food and clean friendly environment you can't go wrong.

Dallas M.

I got very bad food poising from here. Horrible. I bit into the burger and it was a little pink. I came home later that day and I had diarrhea and vomited all over the place. I only ate In N out that day. Horrible time.

Terry Stewart

Was pretty good not a typical fan of In and out burger I will have to say was pretty good Jordon landing


The service at this location has always been good. Food has always been delicious. They usually have a really long line when I come by but they do a great job of getting people in and out. Will definitely be returning in the future.

Sam Carey

best burgers for the money

The Baron Kevin

Always a great meal at this place and always a great experience in customer service. Rating any restaurant like this I believe merits first listing my praise of the individual employees that made the experience what it was, five stars: Quite a line was building as we entered and quickly an extra employee jumped to a register to help the next guest. I happened to be his third order of the rapidly growing lunch line and he was both personable and efficient. I am a strong believer that slow is smooth and smooth is fast and that it pays off a ton; Daniel Re didn't rush me or seemed stressed or hurried at all, he treated me like I was both his first/only/last customer and even had a genuine smile on his face the whole time. He repeated my order back to me clearly and without rushing either and then even called out parts of my "secret menu" custom order to his colleagues even though it was clearly printed as what I asked for on the receipt. To really blow me away he even had a individualized compliment for me loaded in his six-star service repeater. He also met me at the counter as my order was called to make sure everything looked how I had specified. He and the whole amazing crew at this location are definitely a testament to the whole company and that's coming from a guy that's been eating the same customized #1 order for 16+ years, that's pre Utah days. West coast is the best coast, a double double animal style with fries, spread and the delightful neapolitan shake here tastes just as amazing as the first time I had it in sunny California. I honestly can't believe that I haven't reviewed this location before because this wasn't a new experience here. Nor was it different then any order I have placed at the drive through. I mean, this location got my wife through two pregnancies now, we eat here a lot. This location is amazingly staffed and managed! I always get friendly greetings, service, thanks and farewells.

Mandi Shawcroft

Burgers are pretty good, shakes too. I've had better fries at a lot of different places. I'm nut sure what all the hype is about.

Jacob Deklerk

Such a good place to get a great meal at a reasonable price. I usually go with a double double animal style with a fry and strawberry shake. I ask for two packets of spread on the side to dip my burger and fries in. You can get all this food for a out $10. What a bargain. I also recommend getting the burger protein style. It seems to really pop the flavor and keep things fresh.

A Yancey

Fast friendly service + the freshest ingredients = the best burgers and fries! Thank you also for supporting our Elementary school. We are lucky to have you in our community. Highly recommend!


Animal style everything. And add hot sliced chilis. The employees here are always so happy. Kinda like Chic Fil A.

Danyon Greymoon

I've only been away from Salt Lake for about a month now, and I really find myself missing In-N-Out. This location was the closest to my house in West Jordan, and I would go there a couple times a month. Usually at odd hours when I was craving some animal style fries, a Flying Dutchman or a late night shake. Either way every time I was there it was great. The only tricky part is that it is really popular and dinner, sometimes it can be a 20-30 minute wait in the drive through for food. So it's not a great take home dinner for the family. Its better to just go home, and bring the fam to In-N-Out and eat in the restaurant.


We enjoy eating at any In-N-Out Burger because they have quality food for a tiny price. This restaurant was great. The service friendly and fast, the food good, and a nice atmosphere.

Eric Stucky

Friendly, happy staff. Open late

Kerry M.

There was a long line but it went pretty fast. Service was great. All the employees were super nice, smiles on their faces. The Double Double extra toasted animal style, Animal style fries, and Neapolitan shake (all from the secret menu) are so good!

Shay D.

Had no idea In n Out had Hot chocolate! Not to mention, FREE cup of hot cocoa for kids under 10 on rainy days. (Kids must be present.) Man, In n Out is full of secrets! There was a sign on the window in the drive thru that told me about the free cocoa on rainy days, and lucky for me, it was raining the day I went! And it was good hot cocoa too. Love it when that happens. Like usual, the burgers were tasty, animal styled and as fresh as can be.

Alasteir Denton

I tried my brother's Animal fries. Not too fond of it since I like my fries separate from anything without getting it soggy. Their simple menu of burgers, fries, and milkshakes, made fresh and served up hot, has been largely unchanged for 50 years. They do what they do and they do it well. Does In-N-Out Burger have the best burger in town? Probably not. But in the world of fast food, they're hard to beat!

Emeri H.

Classic. Really I'm a fan of in n out in general. This one has done well, I believe that they have a well thought process. The only problem is when people have complicated orders they mess up the flow. Shoutout to the classic hamburger and fries! Never changing old reliable.

Samual Hill

Busy, but delicious. An affordable upgrade from traditional fast food. Their simple menu is positioned to impress, when old classics are transformed into today's favorites.

Chris Hall

AMAZING!!! I love this place. Love the double double animal style along with the fries. Staff were really pleasant and polite. Clean establishment.

Donna Fiorini

The burgers are great and the staff ate very friendly

Christine Egwuonwu

My kids like their burgers, but not the fries. I find them too greasy myself. Animal style on the burgers is good. They add grilled onions and mustard that gets fried on the bun.

Scott Peterson

I grew up on In-N-Out in Ca as a kid. Brings back good memories of my youth. Nothing has really changed in the 30+ years I've been going. Jordan Landing is the best one in my opinion. Parking just sucks.


Love in n'out burgers so much that if they had a burger rewards system I'd have over $100 of free stuff. I had to go gluten free. Was that a problem for me? Nope just have to ask for a protein style with a gluten allergy and that its. Love you all at In 'N out.

Doug Grennan

Great place! They should promote Corey and give a pay raise. What a great employee. Also make sure to order animal style! Not on the menu but a staple of the off menu experience.

Brooke Burton

Always good. Food was usual top quality and staff was outstanding. Will return.