In-N-Out Burger

7785 Jordan Landing Blvd, West Jordan
(800) 786-1000

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Sol Unum

The staff was fast, pleasant and very well groomed.I like seeing them in their uniforms, and seeing them cut the fresh potatoes. It gives me the assurance that my food is fresh and well handled.We ordered 2 double double animal style, fresh cut fries, a strawberry shake, a vanilla shake and fresh water.The food was in fact hot, delicious, the shakes were thick and filling.After a few sips, I had to give mine away. It was a bit too sweet for me.I wished I tasted the strawberry more in its natural form and the sugar less.I love going there and driving through at night, they are open a bit later so its convenient and a fresher option than certain other places even if still fast food.

Glyde Hawkins

First time thru and although I like the idea of a simple menu, reminds of when McDonalds first started out, I unfortunately wasn't impressed. I got the hamburger meal and my very first bite sent an overload signal to my brain of too much sodium from the meat even though there was bun, lettuce, tomato, onion and lite sauce involved. The fries although seasoned didn't impress either because of their lack of crispness. My choice of going there was based on a article review done by some people rating hamburger fast foods and rating this burger as number one. Sorry guys but to me there are better burgers out there.

MaryLou Padron

The burgers are always fantastic and it doesn't matter what location you visit the service is always excellent and on this occasion we got our dinner rather quickly. We were visiting from Denver, and it was nice to see our children get treated to some hot cocoa, it was a nice gesture. With the new locations opening up I hope that those locations match what you know to expe when visiting an In-N-Out anywhere else.

adriane sāra price

Christmas eve In-n-out was hopping! First off I absolutely feel it's necessary to give a huge shout out to all the workers. I have worked many of Thanksgiving, Christmas eve's, Christmas days and New Years so I definitely understand being at work is not always fun on a holiday. These employees were so friendly, patient, courteous (I think we waited in line for at least an hour) and they still handed us our food with a smile a genuine smile. As the employee handed us our food, we were informed that the person ahead of us paid for our meal and wished us a merry Christmas. "Stranger who was ahead if us in your white Ford pickup, thank you!" That was the first pay it forward we have ever received, I know many of times we have done so but it was such a good feeling that someone had done that for us who are complete strangers to them. So of course we felt and wanted to do the same for the people behind us.In-n-out has always been a staple and grateful they came to Utah 2009. My understanding is they use the local beef too so to me huge win, support local for a simple menu and some fresh tasty burgers. Oh and DO NOT forget the secret sauce. You won't be disappointed!

Travis Burnham

we went to the one at Jordan Landing. we made a small mess and there was a mistake with our order. Evan went out if his way to help us. that was some of the best customer service we've had at any restaurant.

Latter Day Stories Narrative by Mrs. Alltop

Oh so yummy. Good food, good service and at a fantastic price. I hear that they're also hiring now starting at 13.50 an hour with regular raises based on how quickly you learn. Sweet!I have to say that for the cost; it's pleasantly surprising to find food at such a reasonable cost that doesn't taste processed.The young man outside who took our order was fantabulous and the cashier at the window was very gesticulate. We had fun with him.

Yvette Medina

I am from Southern California. My family and I always ate at In-N-Out. It was the best. Unfortunately, this In-N-Out has not had the high quality standards that I have come to expect from my once favorite restaurant. My nephew does not like cheese in his burgers, so we always order a "burger, no cheese, please." We have gone to this restaurant twice, and both times his burgers have cheese. Even if both the person taking the order as well as the person handing us the food confirm the burger without cheese. We have to scrape the cheese off the burger and bread. The cheese still remains in the crevices. In short, for a good burger we will be going to The Habit. They have never made this mistake.

Ben-Jamin S.

I know I am a couple months late on posting this, but as it is said "better late than never". We were in Utah for a baseball tournament that my nephew was in, and decided to stop in for lunch/dinner.

We were pleasantly surprised to stop into an In-N-Out Burger place, and not have it jam packed with tourists, or locals. This establishment was very clean, and the staff was very friendly, and helpful. The staff was also  taking extra precautions, due to COVID-19.

What was really cool, I was able to see into the back of the establishment, where the employees clean, and prepare the food coming out. I have not been able to see this before, due to the amount of people in the restaurant at the time, and being more concerned that I get my food when called. I was really impressed with how everyone had a specific roll to do, and it showed that they had pride in doing it. From washing the lettuce, to cutting the vegetables, it was a smooth process, and you could see that everything was freshly made. Unlike Mc Donald's where all the meat patties sit in a plastic container, till needed.

We also had the opportunity to try a couple off menu items, which surprisingly, I have never ordered. The young lady at the cash register was very helpful in explaining what they were. All I have to say is Animal style is "to legit to quit".

Thank you for a pleasant experience. I hope that our new In-N-Out Burger restaurant that opens soon here in Colorado, is as pleasant of experience as it was there in Utah.

Keep up the great work! !


I always order a double-double mustard fried with whole grilled onions and chilies. Best burger for under 4 bucks you will ever have.

Matthew Casey Rose

Only the burgers

Candice Anderson

The staff is always so positive and friendly. I really wonder how they find such good help, out of all the fast food chains their staff stands out. The food is always fresh and always consistent. You know exactly what you are getting when you go.

Scottie Gal

You really need to order from secret menu. I had a double, protien style, animal style. Was fantastic but not able to easy and drive due to animal style. Protien style is no bun. It needed a few more lettuce leaves. This it's a easy in and out location.

denny callahan

Best costumer service ever. I'm visiting from California and I have never been to an inn-n-out that has made me feel so welcomed. Everyone seemed happy and eager to help. I honestly can say the service was better than a 5 star restaurant. Like usual, the burgers were tasty, animal styled and as fresh as can be.

Mary Robison

This was a relatively quick location and the staff was really polite and timely. The food is standard In-N-Out, but I will say that the vanilla shake almost didn't taste like anything at all, which was a little strange. But, it was good overall.

Heather Tiffany

The drive thru attendant, who was outside taking orders today, was AMAZING!! She was extremely helpful, and listened to our horrible experience at another restaurant. Which prompted us to drive over, and eat at your establishment. She even took the time to apologize for the horrible experience, and was able to make us feel better! We made a GREAT CHOICE to leave the other establishment, and come to eat here!The OUTSTANDING service DID NOT end with her either! The drive thru line was very fast, and each worker at the windows, that was in sight of customers, had smiles on their faces, they were willing to answer our questions, without making us feel like we were being rushed through, and they went above and beyond what I'm used to experiencing at establishments similar to this.It's very difficult to find places these days. That treat you with respect for choosing to spend your money at their establishment.I will be coming back again. Based on the service that was provided by the staff today!

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