Kneaders Bakery & Cafe

2642 High Commons Way, West Valley City
(801) 456-5390

Recent Reviews

Soledad Chaura Chaura

I loove turkey, bacon, avocaro on froccia my favorite, and also the Enclair I really don’t know how to write right but i love those hahaha

Elle Kennedy

They were out of broccoli cheddar soup! Like come on! That’s the most popular soup you should always have that ready! Not the first time that’s happened. Also ordered 2 fruit tarts but only got one!

Alexa Murdock

Their process is so smooth during COVID. They are so kind at this location and working so hard to keep everyone safe.

Leah Garcia

Probably the last time I go to this location. They are always out of everything.

Murray Harris

I bought a turkey avocado sandwich on focaia bread. The bread was dry and neither my wife or I found avocado. We also ordered carrot cake. It too was very dry. Not very happy about the food.

Ashton M.

Customer service was not great, waited over 20 minutes for a salad. When we asked about the salad they had it on the counter and forgot to give it to us. The cheese cake tasted how the picture looked... terrible. (That is how we received the cheese cake.)

Heidi Branin

Kneaders is always good to me and my colleagues with great food!!! It's always a good experience and the food is high quality with high quality meats and fruits and let us and of course the amazing bread with a large selection. I have never tried the deserts because I'm afraid that if I try them I won't be able to stop eating them!!!

Ashley Sorensen

Always fresh! The best bread and soup in town

Sarah Luing

The past few times I’ve ordered the roast beef ranch, the sandwich has been a mess. Half of it is small portions, or put together like they were being timed. I LOVE kneaders, but this location doesn’t seem to care about presentation, or making sure there’s enough meat or tomatoes/onion/lettuce on the entire sandwich. The bread was also not fresh at all.

A M.

The drive-thru is SUPER SLOW and the Diet Coke has been flat both times I've visited this location. I was brought here today by a friend and her sandwich looks like it was possibly sat on before serving. I didn't get any food because I've just never been impressed. There are too many other places on 5600 west to choose from to just settle for this location.

Lynxx Sylyx

NEVER going back to the WestValley Kneaders. Their customer service is BEYOND disappointing. They messed up on my order and I asked KINDLY if they can remake it. Their manager is really rude and I had to deal with their mocking rude employees. NEVER again with I return to this location. UNEXCEPTIONABLE!! I miss their old management.

Sarah VC

They ALWAYS forget stuff when doing third party orders (doordash, ubereats). It’s almost like they don’t care. And it’s not just sauces or sides, it’s ingredients that are meant to be the food. If you’re going to describe the food a certain way, I expect the food to be made that way.

Kinzie Ranson

I don't understand how it's so hard to make a simple sandwich? I ordered a cranberry croissant sandwich..turkey, cranberry sauce, swiss cheese lettuce and salt and pepper. I received a pretty sad sandwich. Just turkey and sauce. For how much they charge you'd think they'd know how to make a SIMPLE sandwich. Disappointed.

Abigail Costin

I love their salads. Unfortunately each time we go there the quality and amount of food verifies each time. Today we barley got lettuce and turkey. Not worth paying that much money.

Calvin Jones

Fast food, great help. Fresh pastries and made with fresh breads. Soups are awesome.

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