5518 W High Market Dr, West Valley City
(801) 449-8022

Recent Reviews

Amber19 S

The staff was very welcoming and observant. The place has an awesome atmosphere. Menu is like a cafe in Boston I liked.

Ken Holt

Worlds slowest, unprofessional service. Dude moves as fast as a constipated sloth.

Ashley Sorensen

There is a man who works at the Starbucks WV Target who is the most ornery Starbucks employee I've ever encountered. I will literally avoid this Starbucks when I visit if he is working, which is a lot.


I just went here and was told to wait for 15 mins and then while I waited those 15 mins they told me that they were closed. I am very furious with this type of service and no wonder this place has really bad reviews. Overall the people are bad at asking what you want in your order or if you want anything.

Deepak Kumar

Nice staff, inside target, lots of parking, cannot sit inside !!!

Elizabeth Canada

The guy was rude said he was closed turned away 4 people

Josheua Owens

The dude working today got all bent out of shape when I requested light ice! Because he didn’t bother to ask me if there’s anything else I wanted , and he didn’t know how to make the coco cloud mochiato had the audacity to say “we don’t have that”. He was so lucky I was a good boy and didn’t bark at him like I have been doing at work all day!

Karma Horan

Kelsay is such a great barista! Any time I’ve seen him work by himself, he’s been speedy and correct. I usually don’t have to wait in line too long when he’s working. The other day when I was waiting for my drink he pulled out a chair for me because I wasn’t able to be standing on a sprained ankle. 5/5

Amani Ak

Worst service! I stood over 5 minutes waiting to say to 2 employees (one was a manager) my order. They saw me coming in & they went around the corner for a few minutes then they came out getting the counter ready & still ignoring me. Fine set things ready but also acknowledge that the customers are there!!Horrible

Kris Gough

Alexandria did one hell of a job working alone, and she puts together a mean white mocha. I would give her 5 stars, but this is the second time I have gone in and she is working alone during a busy time. Nobody else there can make a drink like her, so I'm glad she's the one making it, but Starbucks should really find her some help.

Adam Brenton

I tried to get coffee here today, but there was one person running the operation from what I could tell and there were a lot of people waiting for their drinks, I value efficiency so today I just left without it.

Alexandra James

It's hit and miss at this Starbucks but it's world's better then the standalone across the street. I usually get good drinks here and have good staff experience. I would recommend this Starbucks.

Ruben Garcia

10 minutes to give you water, really?

AnnaMaria Lima

The employee that helped me was a ton of fun. Made the experience and the coffee amazing!

Anna Lima

The employee that helped me was a ton of fun. Made the experience and the coffee amazing!

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