Village Inn

4824 W 3500 S, West Valley City
(801) 969-2288

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Russ Payne

Very good service, got seated right away, took our order very quickly and our club sandwiches were out to us in no time!! The food was awesome too‼️

Brandon Garrett

So, I'm giving a 3 star because the food tastes good however every single time we order a delivery something is missing. I could understand if it was a rare occasion something gets missed - it happens. However, it is every single time. When you call to discuss this with them they then promise to refund the item but they are currently 0 and 4 for actually refunding the item. We'll see if if today makes 0 and 5.

Randy R.

Went here tonight.newer village inn. very new looking building and the old shopko parking lot kinda hidden always seems like its emptywhen you drive by.i used to goto downtown salt lake old village innuntil covid and the protestors and looters.and the nasty manager therecheryl? sherry? lisa is great but the other lady is rude and nasty.anyway i go in waitress upset i wanted a table.asked for oj...nopewere out...asked for cranberry...nope dont carry...yes they do its on menuserver later admitted she had no idea they did or where it was.....hellowhere is the training? coffee was cold.chicken noodle was 95 percent water ...maybe some veggies n noodles? green beans cold,pot roast coldwanted meatloaf but was discontinued by corporate........server was okneed better/retrained/new cooks pretty poor in food servicemaybe transfer a mgr from another branch?

Laurie Stringham

Excellent service. The food was good and my eggs were cooked to perfection. We were able to social distance and still have a breakfast meeting to discuss business. Very affordable!

Dennis Knapp

One of my favorite spots for delicious Breakfast. it was so savory. i've had nothing but pleasant experiences here and plan to keep coming back. menu is like a cafe in boston i liked.

Sandie Campbell

I love village inn but this location has really gone down hill. My husband and I went in today for breakfast. It was busier but nothing too crazy. We get sat at our table and the smell of bleach is extremely overpowering. Our server Cassie came over yelling across the room to another table asking if they were ok. She then asked if we were ready to order without even greeting us. She took our order and before I even finished telling her what I wanted, she started taking my husbands order. She was extremely cold. So, ok maybe she’s having a bad day. I look past it. She came over with our food a few minutes later, slamming open her tray holder and yelling up to the front seating area at the two workers, telling them what to do repeatedly saying “wipe down the tables and then sit. Wipe and then sit. I mean come on look at these tables.” Extremely unprofessional. Granted a family was waiting in the lobby, but the professionalism And the way she spoke to the hostesses was awful. She sets are food down in a hurry and says “sorry, enjoy your meal.” Then walks away. Now I understand a bad day but again i have seen that lobby much fuller. The icing on top of the cake is when my husband stood up from the table and had two bleached spots on his brand new shirt. So we told the lady at check out and she said “oh, that’s never happened before.” Then proceeded to check us out at full price. I was absolutely disgusted with the service today.

jack price

Absolutely excellent food for as busy as they where the staff did great. Would highly highly suggest the breakfast

Sandra Johnson

The waitress here are so attentive. I used to come often when i was pregnant with my husband. Now they recognize our little one and always remember his order


You have to wear a mask while up and around but they do have dine in and take out available. They clean the seats before you eat and they try to maintain a good distance between people or groups. The service is great here and it is honestly my favorite place to go eat breakfast because of the service.

Kathy Rust

Food was good, but service was lacking. The waitress got our order wrong, nor did she bring us any condiments we asked for.

Donna Bryant

The manager here doesn't wear a mask. Very disappointing and unnerving in the middle of a pandemic


Great service, food was cooked the way I liked it, and the unsweetened iced tea is spectacular

Jeri Pace

Breakfast was very good. The Denver Omelet looked like it was made with 6 eggs, not 3, and the strawberry crepes were filled with lots of wonderful cream. Our waitress was very pleasant and attentive. We will be back.

Dustin Larsen

My wife and i always enjoy going being served by Cassie. She always makes sure my mountain dew is never empty and she is always happy to see us.

Tiffine Dalton

WOW, just wow. We went in 20 min before closing (we didn'tknow they closed early). The hostess said that they were not taking any more people. I asked, like you have a wait? She said no we close at 8 and are not taking any more tables. What? I'm willing g to give you my money. I was under the impression that restaurants are struggling. Apparently, some are because employees turn guests away. This was the second time we have been told they don't want our service. Message received. We won't go back anytime soon.

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