Village Inn

4824 W 3500 S, West Valley City
(801) 969-2288

Recent Reviews

Jrd Hitesman

Just left this location. For the third time in a row they missed part of my order. And for the third time never brought the missing item despite being told about it. Our waitress also forgot other items for our party, kept offering refills and never bringing them, and kept disappearing. When we went to pay the hostess was really nice but the manager came by and made a rude comment to her. She responded with ?I?m sorry I?m such a horrible person.? I can get over service issues but a belittling manager will keep me away.

Kriscinda-Rudy H.

Best double cheeseburger with bacon and onion rings I will definitely be eating here more often and the managers are very nice good customer service keep up the good work guys ..

Rodger Kilpatrick

The hostess this morning had a lot of patience with me because all I wanted was a side of biscuits and gravy I think things got messed up between her and the cook because he made me the whole breakfast with hash browns and sausage patties. I think they just wanted to make me happy which they did thank you much to the staff at the village inn on 4800 South 3500 West West valley City keep up the good work!

Jasey Wardle

Usually pretty good food and okay service. There have been a few times when the dishes still had lipstick or old food on them. If you order delivery donâ??t bother ordering a drink. You pay $3.00 and they give you the smallest cup possible. Itâ??s a total ripoff.

Mason Mandarino

If i could i wouldn't give them any stars, one of the worst experiences ive personally had in a restaurant. did not get any of the food right, my soda refill turned out to be coffee with ice, zero personality in staff. With no concerns of why the experience was awful. Do not recommend to anyone!

Crystal Hyland

We went at 5:30 PM tonight. Used to be packed on free pie Wednesdays- bit I see why that is not so anymore. We were seated, the young lady who seated us brought us drinks (including old cold coffee even in the garage. Then were told our waitress Jenny would be with us shortly. 15 mins later no Jenny and no eye contact from any of the staff. We left.

Rafael Mendoza

Jackie was an amazing server. Always checking on me and making sure my food and experience was good. Never had to wait long and she was super friendly and sweet. Definitely would come again. Thanks Jackie.

andrew williams

Came in with a group of 11, no call ahead, was seated quite quick and food was served in a timely manner. The waitress and hostess were very nice and got the orders correct. Will come in again.

Vianey Salvador

My husband I went to Village Inn because we enjoy the food and we also enjoyed our experience at the Village Inn in Murray. So we get seated and it took the waitress 10 minutes or more to come and attend us, I was ok with that. A couple came in 20 minutes or so after us and they ordered their food at this point we had already ordered our food time goes by the couple got their food first and we were still waiting and waiting also my husband never got a refill on his lemonade and the waitress acknowledged the empty cup. We decided to leave because the wait time was ridiculous by this point it had been an hour. The waitress was rude her name is Crystal. As we were just wanting to pay she comes along and starts being rude saying that our food came out just as fast as we had ordered which is not true because we ordered the food the same time as our drinks and it took an hour for the food be â??readyâ?. I donâ??t know but to me an hour is not fast. Crystal has horrible horrible customer service. I do not recommend this place or her as a waitress. Go to another Village Inn donâ??t go to this location.

Matthew L.

I was blown away at the service at this village inn. It was a Saturday morning and our power went out. We don't normally eat out on Saturday mornings, but the fates had chosen for us. We were instantly met with kindness, attentiveness and a knowledgeable waitress. I really had no expectations, but I was so pleased that I now consider this village inn pretty much weekly. For quality, selection and ease of ordering, i would highly recommend. I've read some of the previous reviews and it's astounding what people constitute as a 1 star. Expired coupons? I'm sorry that sounds like a you problem. Possibly they had issues and they've gotten better. If you've been spurned, I recommend giving them another try.

Kathryn M.

Cassie is a great employee ! Fast, friendly, and efficient. The kitchen service is also great very impressed and happy with the service(:

Joseph Juvera

The food was great and so was the service. My waitress was awesome her name was Jenny, and not to mention she was beautiful which made my dinner even better .she was on point with my order and made sure to check in on me often to make sure I didn't need anything. I give her five stars along with the food.


Village Inn has tasty food. Great breakfasts, sandwiches, soups, dinners, and letâ??s not forget their awesome PIES!!! ð?? We had Jeni wait on us last two times we were there. Sheâ??s a great server.

Bailey White

Hope is the best server I have ever had. She addressed my problems quickly and was very kind throughout the process. Definitely going to come back.

darrell martin

It was good. I noticed one of the waitress ask for help and all 3 waitresses turned around and ignored her. You probably should tell the employees that your customers see more then they think. She was in a rush to clean off the tables. They were all standing by the register not doing nothing. Besides that the food was good and are waitress did her job very very well

Dani Jester

Lovely place! I went in to get a pie last night and the hostess was super nice. I wasn't sure what I was looking for so Katie helped me pick the one that would be best for my family. Super sweet kid, great service!

Cindy Knutson

Usually everything I've had there is good. Yet today I had a Cobb salad and most places have all the delicious bacon, bleu cheese etc around the greens. All mine had on it was tomatoes, bleu cheese in a container on the side, an egg, bacon and chicken but not grilled. That's it. No olives, avocado, onions. The works. What I received didn't look at all like a Cobb salad. It had a lot of greens and a little bit of the other. It was disappointing.


Friendly help. Family oriented. Great meals at reasonable prices. But the pies are worth the trip. Compares with any Marie Calendars, or even better. Take a pie home for dessert tomorrow.

Kyle Drenckhahn

Most hospitable Village Inn (and diner overall) Iâ??ve been to yet. The food doesnâ??t disappoint either. I canâ??t speak on the breakfast experience, but their evening/night management staff and servers are incredible. Love this place.

Jarrette Black

Usually I am not a big fan of Village Inn, but my wife and kids were hungry, and she said stop there. They weren't very busy and we were seated right away, we even got to sit where we wanted. The waitress was friendly and helpful, took our order and it took a bit longer than I thought it should for our food, but it was hot and delicious.

Chick Case

Great on Wednesday - Free Pie Day ! Parking is a little odd. But inside is not, you can park About any place you want. Just tell the Host. Food is Great Rest Rooms Are Clean, Tables and Dining Area are very Clean. Polite people!

Andrew Flaminio

LOVELY staff. Felt more welcomed and the service was PHENOMENAL! thanks to Jenny the server! And many of the great servers there as well!


Village Inn has the best chicken fried steak I have ever had. Their gravy is delicious! I like to get the country fried potatoes instead of hashbrowns. They are a treat. Their sourdough is basically white bread, which kind of sucks but if you like CFS this is the place to get it!

Erin Huerta

This was my first time going to a village inn. My Dad and I went both ordered the chicken fried steak, and we ordered a to go order for my husband a chicken pot pie. I should have ordered the chicken fried steak to go instead. Because once it was eaten that brown paper that they leave in (not sure why) but it was left soggy because the chicken pot pie was as all over the place (no bottom to it) unless you count the brown paper being the bottom of it. It would have been better if they just took the brown paper out of the to go order and left it like that. Anyway other than that the experience was good. Our service was good. And there were people asking if we were doing good and if the food was good. Which the chicken fried steak was good. Actually one of the better ones I have had. I tried Black Bear Diners and theirs was a bit too hard, like they over cooked it. But, this was was perfect. Yes we will go there again. I just wonâ??t order a chicken pot pie to go. Lol But, overall my experience was good. Thank you.

Barbara Singleton

I love the food. But you have an almost empty restaurant and it takes half an hour to get seated. The wait staff just stares at everyone waiting while the hostess is to busy playing behind the counter. This place has great good but if your diabetic you may want to rethink the wait.

S G71

Gloria is a awesome waitress, she has helped us the last 2 visits. She is polite, professional and efficient. Easter sunday was pretty busy and she did a great job. Delicious food too!

cera balzly

Went after getting out of the hospital and hungry on a Sunday morning....suuuper busy. Still the hostess and waiters were prompt and amazing !!! Waiter put in our orders perfectly, filled our coffee, even brought our takeout on time. He was amazing wish I got his name ! Looking to work here and I would proudly, that team held it DOWN on busy busy Sunday morning. Props.

Carmen Hernandez

A good quite place. I love their desserts. And I enjoy their secluded area. Hot chocolate accompanied with a warm apple pie with Vanilla icecream...It's the glory! My kids like it. ð???

Desiree Nicholes

Just went here today. Great food, whoever the cook is really knows how to cook. My hash browns were even seasoned!

Kim Allen

My daughter and I had a BOGO coupon so it was a really good deal! The white chocolate cherry dream pie was delicious!

Cruz Fletcher

Good hours especially on weekends. Foods usually pretty good. Great options for sure. Free pie days and decently priced.

Robert Christopulos

The food was great, staff was friendly, kind and helpful. I've been here many times, and never been disappointed. Sometimes being there for lengthy periods of time with serious discussions, or just fun conversation. Be sure to tip generously.

Kelsey Wright

The assistant manager there is absolutely wonderful, I do believe she is also in need of servers, we had a great experience there and very friendly, the food was amazing and didn't take long at all to be served after we ordered, got checked up on a few times to make sure our experience there was going well, I recommend this restaurant highly! Also a great place to feed adults and children!

Susie E.

The free pie is a lie. Not only was the cherry pie not good but the waitress also didn't let us know it wouldn't be free with our coupon even though it doesn't say that the free pie from 10am to whatever is voided if we had a coupon. I just left the doctor so I wasn't in the mood to argue about it. Had I known it wasn't free I would have gotten the pie I actually wanted vs the one on the free menu which is my true disappointment.

Shannon Brady

Went in at 8:30 a.m. This morning. the hosted seated Us in Karen's section , and Karen ignored us for about 10 minutes. When wr tried to get the hostess to get Karen she ignored us as well , I finally was able to stop Gloria and Gloria took very good care of us even though we were not seated in her section. This does not come as a surprise as this location often has poor service and changes managers often. Enter at your own risk service here is often more a miss then a hit but the food is usually pretty good.

Gilbert Cox

Awesome Food .. very Delicious .. Kind Employees . we will be back ..

Mike Brewerton

A good franchise diner. We go regularly.

Josh W. Hart

Great staff and great food!

Laura Asper

We had a great dinner! Hooray for Free pie Wednesday!! My kids love eating at ihop but the location close to us is poor service/ quality: atmosphere. So we wanted to go for pancakes and we found this restaurant nearby and after a pleasant dining visit we will make this our new pancake place! The lighting, decorations, temperature all great, as well as the food selection and flavor. The things we didnâ??t like were exchanged for something else without question. I had ordered the oatmeal but it was not hearty oatmeal but instead looked like quick oats, floating in water, when it was served. I switched it for hash browns and was much more satisfied. And a manager also came past our table to make sure we were enjoying everything. Planning to come here again! Good vibes.

Concepcion de Moreno

muy buena comida excelente servicio recomendado