Bella's Pizza and Subs

872 E Main St, Abingdon
(276) 628-8101

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Pokey Hikes

Stopped in while traveling. Pizza was great! Friendly service and good food, cant ask for more.


We were visiting from out of town. We felt like having pizza so we decided to give this place a try. It was SO good!! My husband and I shared a steak and cheese sub and 12 inch pepperoni/mushroom thin crust pizza. Both were absolutely delicious!!! We would give this place 5 stars all day long. The service was great. Definitely recommend Bella’s!!

justin mitchell

Great place.. good service... stop any time I'm passing through the area...

Van Pence

the food, friendly staff, but mostly the food, people rave about the pizza, I think they have the BEST SUBS around.

Mary Ann Liesinger

We're from out of town and stopped in for pizza. Truly the best thin crust pizza I've ever had, and we have lots of great pizza back home. Crust was perfect, tasty sauce, plenty of toppings. Service was great. My only regret is we don't have this back home

Dustin B

It was pretty rough this last time. Not sure when I'll go back. Lasagna (~$15 after taxes) was too hot to eat for 15 or 20 minutes after I got home. This usually means that the food has been microwaved, but I don't know. There were a few pieces of noodles...thin strips like exaggerated linguini (not lasagna sheet noodles). It was mostly sauce and cheese. After thinking about it, I'm wondering if I got the scrapings from the pan because they were out, or if lasagna here is always like this. I've had the pizza before but never the lasagna.The two breadsticks were super chewy (def not made recently). The salad was shredded lettuce, two grape tomatoes, two slices of green pepper, two slices of onion, and a lot of black olives. I usually enjoy the food from here that I've had in the past, but I threw most of it away today. Bummer.

Michael Wardrip

OMG, this was the best carry out pizza I can recall! After one slice, I was feeling it... We chilled 1/2 and had it the next night.

Kenton Thompson

Wonderful calzones at Bella’s. They put in a lot of toppings that are evenly spaced throughout the calzone. Really one of the best I’ve had anywhere. They have a nice back patio if the weather cooperates. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Gayle Crabtree

My calzone was as delightful as it was pretty. It was hot throughout when it hit the table. The cheeses were melted and well blended. My husband like his ham sub. I liked the toppings on the salad. You don't get olives on your salad around here as a general rule. The pizza photo speaks for itself. Our server had to leave in the middle of our meal but the other servers were attentive and the transition was seamless.

James heath

Never had the chance to try anything.... Hotel right next to their building so called 26 minutes before they close ( 9pm ) to go pick up as they don't deliver which is fine, we were right there to walk and pick it up.... Called to place the order and the first time halfway through the order they hung up?? Called again then they said no pizzas only salads and subs as they are closing soon........ Really..... Well done MANAGEMENT

David Cumbow

Great staff, and delicious breadsticks. We were there with quite a few people and young children. Our server was very thoughtful, and considerate of our kids. Salads were outstanding!

Chris Brooks

Called to order, out of two items. All good that happens so asked about appetizers and was told you will have to look at options online. F that you are out of two but can’t take the time to tell me the seven you do have.

Carrie Pierce- Shelton

We drove over an hour to Bellas and we’re definitely not disappointed. The cheese sticks, homemade marinara and Bella‘s absolute pizza was amazing. Glad we ordered the large so we can eat on it for another day or so

Jaynae Wright

Although the atmosphere was nice; there were three primary issues with my first trip to Bella’s. I’ll start with the worst: the cheesy breadsticks were awful. It seemed that there were poppy seeds, white Kraft singles semi melted on top, and paprika to flavor the bread. I could not be convinced to order these again. Second, my party of four went at a very lax time and yet the order of cheesy bread and small pizza took almost an hour. Lastly, the staff member was rather inattentive & slightly rude.

Amanda Bernabe

service was great food with great company was awesome great place to eat.

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