Cigar Palace

4815 Eisenhower Ave # A, Alexandria
(703) 751-6444

Recent Reviews

Jonathan Goodman

Great selection on cigars

Sharon & Dennis Shellenberger

Fantastic smoking lounge...great selection of cigars @ great prices... immediately found my favorites and found some new ones too ! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff...BYOB no problem and setups (ice & glassware) ready to go...3 flat screen TV's and great Xfinity TV service to watch all your favorite movies & shows...WIFI ready to go with password from attendant...Very relaxing & friendly clientelle...DON'T MISS IT !

Emma F

Great selection of cigars. The staff is very knowledgeable and very helpful.

Preston Moore

Great selection of cigars! Good prices and open late 12am.

Robert Monical

Nice place to relax and smoke. Buy a cigar and smoke it out front or in the TV room.

Una D.

HUGE humidor. Plenty of selections Very friendly staff. Lounge upstairs is nice. I'll have to bring my laptop next time Can't wait to come back for an event!

Orrin Spencer

Great, friendly good price great atmosphere

Montrese Dobson

Very nice staff. GREAT cigar selection! Been to a couple of their events and enjoyed myself, thoroughly! I'm not a member, so, I can't really speak on all the extras they have to offer, but, I know some folks who are, and they speak quite highly of the place.

hardy perry

Nice chill place to pick up your favorite cigars. The owner and staff are very welcoming and hospitable. The events are great fun for the True cigar aficionados that doesn't want all the new cigar lounge scene.

Monica Robinson

I am tasked with gift giving by my fiance. He tells me what people like and i am responsible for selecting the gift. So when he told me his Supervisor smoked cigars, I was totally lost. I searched the web and found cigar palace. Since it was close to my job it was the ideal place to go. I don't regret that decision. Last year I met Patrick; even though I have no interest in smoking cigars, he educated me. He explained the notes, flavors and the makeup. Patrick was very patient. He told me what was good, best and better, while respecting my budget. Needless to say my fiance's gift was a hit.

John Allen

This place is really cool. I definitely recommend joining if you are a cigar lover. Once youre a member you have to try one of Stephanie (their main bartender for special events) makes the BEST DRINKS!!! Go and see for yourself.

Rachael Frush

Great quality selection of cigars! Very comfortable, welcoming members lounge. The owners are wonderful and and very nice people.

Tom Debevoise

Excellent supply of good and moderate cigars. They do not do the Davidoff thing but they have all the new and improved varieties

uriel moore

I love this place and Shasha the lady that runs the place. Veterans discounts and an impressive array of smokes. On top of that a great lounge area and knowledgable and friendly staff. Equally friendly and knowledgeable regulars. This is my go to cigar place.

rodney chisholm

Very nice spot with a wide selection of cigars and an awesome private lounge upstairs. Had choices to sit alone in their many cubby areas or communty area with like-minded cigar smokers. I will return!!!

Russell B.

Great place to smoke with a wide selection of cigars. Good customer service! Ask for Russell. He was on point with every recommendation. I'll definitely go back again.

Robert Martel

Clean, low traffic area, and always quiet. If you need a place to go and read a paper, book, or catch up on studies this is the place. Cigar selection is on point with walk in humidor and customer service is at the front counter. I recommend this place too all coming through 95 Eisenhower corridor.

Luke D.

One of the top Cigar lounges in the area; the selection is very good and the prices are even better. They do have free WiFi and they offer military discount. Patrick is awesome and he's the #1 reason I'm giving a 5 Star rating. I felt welcome and I could smoke in the VIP area as well. All of the SOTL and BOTL are very good people. I love this place!

John N.

I've been buying cigars here for a few months and it's always been a pleasure. After getting curious, I tried out a lounge membership too, and it turns out to be much more useful than I thought. Being able to smoke away from mosquitoes is a big benefit. I mostly keep to myself, sometimes not, and it's a great place to relax.

Mike Siegel

I've got some nice shops and lounges near me in SE Florida but this place does it right. From the friendly greeting, knowledgable staff, large selection from big names to private label, prices where they should be and a comfortable multi room lounge you want to call home. If you live or work in the area make this your new shop.

William Gawler

Excellent and accommodating staff. The owner is wonderful to work with and will help you find or order the right cigar. Very broad selection of cigars. They have Casa Magna cigars which are hard to find lately and my favorite cigar. The cigar lounge (membership required) is a nice place to hang out and has a good air filtration system. Burke Cigar was my go to place for many years until I moved and now I have found my new go to cigar store.

Jeraude L.

Great selection, great help at the counter, went upstairs to the lounge and had a great time with new friends! Upstairs is members only but buy enough you can have your way

Jerome H.

A great cigar store with the best prices in town! A friendly environment, much like Cheersn where everyone knows your name.

Eric M.

I walked in and the staff was very helpful. They had a great selection and very good prices. They had my flathead 660. I will return for more.

Uriel M.

Best cigar shop in Alexandria hands down. Knowledgeable staff, good prices, good selection from value price to high end. And the wonderful lady there that runs the joint is awesome. I stop there after work to buy a stick for the lovely DC commute. I'd be there more often if I didn't live 22 miles south.

Kim K.

Owner was chill and fun, very good people!! Good selection, great location. Will be back!!

Tony M.

This place is a bit hidden. Their humidor is pretty plain (non-enticing) and somewhat disorganized. However, they do have a pretty good cigar selection, friendly staff and decent prices. They were nice in helping me find the montecristo and macanudo sticks I was looking for. I would stop by again next time I'm in the area.

Jack H.

Just went for the first time and they had the best selection and prices of any store in the area. Very friendly and helpful as well. It's in an unconventional location but quite frankly, I like it. Plenty of parking, unlike some of the options in Old Town. I'll be back soon.

Pat J.

I had the chance to visit the Cigar Palace this week while on a business trip to DC. I have visited cigar lounges in N. America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. But the Cigar Palace is a Second to None. A beautiful, well ventilated, elegantly stocked, nicely staffed and amazingly reasonably priced cigar heaven. The General Manager, Sawsan, is a very friendly professional who knows cigars inside out from seeds to ashes. A rare gem that should be on the GPS of every cigar aficionado. Altadis /Monte Cristo is lucky to be designated as their lounge.

Robert H.

One of the best cigar lounges I have ever visited (which includes many in Europe). Incredibly clean, air-filtered, and huge! The humidor has a great selection of favorites and less known brands. Prices are very good considering its in the DC area. Walking distance from the Van Dorn Street METRO (7-8 blocks). Staff and regulars are a very welcoming bunch. Very recommended!

Jake P.

Wish it was closer. They've got a great selection of sticks, including a decent selection of cheap house brands-although they came a little wet and needed to be put in the humidor for a bit. But they were tasty otherwise. Guy I talked to was super-friendly. Even gave me a couple of free cutters! I'll definitely be back next time I'm in the neighborhood.

Brian B.

Great little spot. Might become my new cigar place. They were super friendly and filled my Groupon in less than 5m.

Jaime Gracia

Great places and excellent prices. Upstairs lounge area is ample space for a smoke. Hidden gem!

tennisha m.

The owner is really friendly and helpful. This place is always full of people and the prices are great. I'd highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a great cigar or just great customer service.

Jason W.

Best shop around!!

Michael F.

Not in a location you would expect to see a cigar shop. Great selection. I've never been to the upstairs part however they do have events on occasions. I'll usually pick up a few sticks a light one up with the team working there. Great group of people.

John Michael

Excellent Service. The owner is super friendly and helpful

Andrew S.

A hidden gem in Alexandria. While the shop seemed to be in a bit of disarray, they were having a holiday sale with extras stacked on tables. The staff was very friendly as were the clientele. I'll definitely be back to stock up my humidor in the future.

Patrick LeFils

Look for MJ Frias cigars. The premium Headhunter or a bundle are all great cigars.

Henry C.

I've been smoking cigars for 20 years (before the "cigar craze" started). While my hobby has been on and off the last several years, I've recently picked it up with quite a passion. Pros - Cigar Store 1. Their prices for cigars are the best in the DC area. You will not find lower prices on a regular basis. Because they are also a local distributor and located in a "industrial" area of Eisenhower the rent is lower. Both factors allow them to sell their cigars are a lower price. Great for customers! 2. The selection is plentiful and overall well kept. Though on the weekends the cigars seem a litter dryer than normal. I believe this is due to the high traffic on Fri/Sat/Sun. With the door to the cigar room opening that often it's hard to keep the humidity. But, overall the cigars are well kept. 3. The hours are great. They are open very late, almost to 11-12pm each night! If you're feeling for a smoke at 9pm you can stop by here no problem! 4. The staff is very friendly. WAY more friendly than the cigar store on King Street in Old Town. While I like the convenience of John Crouch Cigars in Old Town, the staff are almost...well..snotty. They never say hello when you walk in or even make eye contact. But, that's for another review :) Cons - Cigar Store 1. They are in an odd location unless you live toward the southern part of Alexandria. They're located in a strip center that's mainly used for offices. But, it's easy to get to off 495. If you're on Duke Street you have to onto Eisenhower either by the Whole Foods/Patent Office or off Van Dorn Street. Pros - Private Cigar Lounge 1. There is a private cigar lounge upstairs in this place. Most people don't know about it unless you read their site or ask about it in the store. Basically they renovated the upstairs to be almost like a large apartment with several rooms with TVs and tons of couches. 2. The lounge doesn't get too crowded so you can always relax and find yourself a good seat. It's always cool in the summer and overall the members are nice. Most keep to themselves. 3. If you live less than 15 minutes from here it's a great place to get in a smoke during the hot or cold days of the year. Plus the hours are very long since they close at 12 midnight almost everyday. 4. PERKS: You get 15% off all purchases and get a free cigar each week. Cons - Private Cigar Lounge 1. This isn't a traditional cigar lounge where there's service in terms of a bar or food. it's most of a large apartment that's self serve. You can bring whatever you wish to drink or eat with you. There are no employees working in the lounge. 2. The ventilation is average. If you have three people in the smaller rooms it gets smoky. So, expect to smell like cigars after your done here - for the most part. Overall This is well hidden cigar store and lounge. I've lived in Alexandria for over six years now and only found it this year. The prices are the best around and THAT is more than enough to come here. The hours are also a great attraction since most cigar shops close up early. You won't be disappointed by coming here at least once.