Old Chicago Pizza

2245 Huntington Ave, Alexandria
(703) 960-1086

Recent Reviews

Victor L Clay

The pizza and wings were really good

Steve Miller

The American Delight pizza. Fantastic in every way.

Jason Joiner

Pizza is good, fried wings are great, price is on point

Alexander Mueller

Outstanding location for delicious Pizza. Very appetizing. I will be bringing family next time. The place has a great atmosphere. Menu is similar to a restaurant in El Paso I loved.

L Davis

A bit disappointing on this one. They do have great deals and seem to be a local business but unfortunately you can't taste any toppings it tastes like you're eating bread sticks and marinara not pizza :/

Bron S.

A friend who grew up in Brooklyn recommended this place during a recent conversation about great local pizza. I spent some years earlier in life working at a small family owned pizza place so I'm always trying to find the great mom & pop pies. I think I've found my new go-to. Their white pizza was excellent. The right amount of garlic and gobs of melted ricotta. The surface was perfectly browned in the oven and the dough had that flavor like they were using the right water for the job. Also tried the eggplant Parmesan. Still under COVID seating restrictions I had mine to go and when I got home it had held up - spaghetti in the bottom of the tin pan was warm with a great sauce. The eggplant which was layered above the pasta was still crispy on the outside and the inside wasn't that slimy texture some places serve. The cheese on top was just as perfectly brown as the pie. If the food remains consistent during future visits, I think I've found my new favorite pizza place!

Douglas Mytnik

The pizza was good, but not a true Chicago pizza. The buffalo wings were excellent, however.

cameron clark

Horrible experience. Customer service was horrible, and they never Delivered my food

Steve P.

I went back to the restaurant Old Chicago for the 3rd time on Huntington Avenue to get a tuna sandwich I like and check and see if they were wearing face masks. Sure enough the cashier or owner was not wearing a mask again. This time I asked him where is your face mask?, Oh he said I can't breathe with those masks, I said you're lying to me you can breathe just fine. Then I said no face mask means no business and on my way out somebody else was driving in, I told her that the owner was not wearing a face mask in the building and the woman got back into her car and left, two customers are gone. I am proceeding to fill out another online form to complain to the Virginia Authorities. https://redcap.vdh.virginia.gov/redcap/surveys/?s=Y4P9H7DTWAI like Old Chicago, I do not know why the employees do not wear face mask, they have social distancing arrows all over the place. They could be asymptomatic spreading COVID to their customers and they can be on the receiving end of this virus. It is bad enough that customers may refuse to wear face masks, but the owners? COVID ALERT @ Old Chicago.

Roy Campbell

This is my spot. Love the pizza and wings. Salads are great too.

Anna A.

Ordered a chicken tender sub with fries. The chicken was processed and not breast - low quality. Fries were soggy, low quality, and did not taste good. Also ordered a veggie pizza, which was decent. Nothing particularly bad to say about it...but certainly not the best.

Sel San

Truly disappointing. Had high expectations but the taste is not on par with other pizza. Will never return.

Skylar Crowder

Just ordered a pizza from Old Chicago Pizza . The Pizza was estimated to be delivered at 3:50pm. 4:20pm rolls around and I get concerned and reach out to restaurant . Phone operator states that the pizza should be there give it a few more minutes. Another 30 minutes come around and pizza finally arrives. Opens box, and pizza is cold and warped. Reached out to restaurant, for replacement or even possible refund . Was advised they could only remake it with another payment for the full price of the pizza . Completely upset with the response and overall quality of service.

Karl Calixto Acosta

Love the food and the customer service. Awesome place

charnele clemons

As much as I'd like to write a positive review I can't as I ordered my pizza using their delivery service at 8:30 for 9:25 delivery time and at 10:30 no pizza came so I had to cancel my order!

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