Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

3402 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria
(703) 299-0222

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mirta granillo

I was trying to order the big box Combo. And the Asian Managert was rude saying that they don’t have it anymore . And I ask hen why ? You don’t have chicken? Or fries ? He said yes being rude

Ty Williams

Pro: Location is nice and clean.Con: Prices have inflated roughly 50%. $19.00 for a five wing meal with two sides???? Wow!Time to start cooking at home.

Andre Bradley

Went to the drive up on January 14th around 7:00 pm. Very Unfriendly employee at the window. Order wasn't correct! I don't understand why it has to be that hard. You want my money but could care less if my order is right.

Aseem Balhara

Was sad the butterfly shrimp is no longer on menu. The popcorn shrimp is WAY too much breading. Fries need to be more crispy. The spicy chicken sandwich and bone in are probably the best fast food chicken around. Their sauces have a little more flavor then most fast food sauces. Try some...they have tons.

Spring Reacts

Excellent I’ve ordered their Uber eats location over five times and it comes to Dc . Very fresh chicken and nuggets every time . Belicimo ❕❕❕❕❕?

Kaleb B

This Popeyes is simply great. The food was hot and fresh, the bredding was nice and crispy, and the fries were good too. The customer service is what you expect from Popeyes, so take that as you will. I have 0 complaints! The service wasn't unbearably slow, I'd say around 2-5 minutes for a decent sized order, and the prices are fine as well. Go here for a nice quick bite and a generous portion of food!

Hilawe Tesfa

There was no buffalo sauce in stock when I arrived. For future references, I will go elsewhere for my meals. I was looking forward to trying the spicy chicken tenders with the sauce, but it is what it is. : (

Kierra Austin

DO NOT EAT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS SOLD A CHICKEN SANDWICH FILLED WITH FLOUR ON THE ENTIRE BUN. I went back to the store and the manager was completely rude and not of NO ASSISTANCE. I have contacted corporate and they will handle next steps. AGAIN DO NOT EAT HERE OR YOU'LL REGRET IT FOREVER


Horrible service. Ordered from their website and food arrived with the seal broken and food open. Was not safe to eat anything at that point. Contacted the Popeyes location and they were of no assistance and he was rude. Do not recommend eating at this location.

heyitsantman Heyitsantman

African Popeyes i love you all and you make black look good when it comes to cooking chicken....

Nathan Nahikian

Shockingly ineffective even for a Popeyes.You need a translator to order . It shouldn’t be that hard to order. Yet somehow they botch it every single time at this location.

Dayana Jeniffer Saravia

I ordered a 5 tenders meal. There was a biscuits and Cajun fries. I asked for a Minute Maid lemonade. Overall, it was great! I'm definitely going to come again.

Meredith Middleton

The quality of food is awesome. Fresh everytime and helpful staff

Katherine Gil

The employees here are so rude… there’s a reason Chick-Fil-A is better… to the young man that worked drive thru Saturday night 08/14/21, you might wanna change your attitude or the only job you’ll ever have is working at Popeyes. Sorry not sorry.

Tiffany Brown

Popeye's is always tasty but sometimes the customer service is lacking. Nevertheless, it wasn't a horrible experience. There's room for improvement. ?

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