Whole Foods Duke Street Ice House Pub

1700 Duke St, Alexandria
(703) 706-0891

Recent Reviews


Clean, fun, incredible variety of products. From produce to meats and cheeses, wine, bakery that has a tremendous assortment of items


Great location. Clean. Well stocked store. We were at the Wyndham, about a block away. Stocked up on our breakfast food, beer and snacks. Glad to have something real close.


They must make the fresh food and baked goods early in the day, then let them dwindle. By 7:30 pm, the rice was stuck to the bottom of the pan, several pans were almost empty, and bread products were dried out. Checkout staff is friendly.


It is located close to a lot of businesses . Offices, gov. Blogs and hotels. It is s busy place but I love it.


This is a good place to go when in the area for food, groceries or just to experience the environment. I love the food bar. I was able to get some good food in this area that is healthy and filling.


I'm a regular at this location and they are always clean and helpful no matter what department I'm dealing with. Produce is super fresh, meat dept is always helpful with a smile, and this location has beer on tap to sip while you shop!

Timothy L.

Solid coffee. The cold brew here is delicious. Good place to work as well. Lots of windows so it's nice and bright.

Tom Maxwell

This Whole Foods includes a bar serving reasonably priced beers (mine was $5)

Frank A.

The prices are right but they really need to hire somebody who has SOME experience as a bartender (or even in the restaurant industry). The service is so bad it's awkward for customers. I almost walked out tonight as I saw the bartender drop a pint glass as he was drawing a beer, then look back at a woman sitting at the bar (who's an employee, it turns out) and ask her for a lesson on how to draw a beer from the tap. This wasn't even the most astounding thing I've seen here, but I wanted to cut them some slack during the first month. Well that's over now. It feels like they pull store clerks off the floor to work the bar and give them no training. Please get some management over this place, Whole Foods!!!


We really enjoyed the food we purchased here. They have a wide variety of foods leaning towards the health. We asked recommendations from other patrons and got friendly and quite delicious guidance. Highly recommend the Corn Chowder, and the General Taos Chicken.

Sarah Smith

I met a friend here for a drink or two Sunday evening and we really liked it! The staff was very helpful and friendly. We'll definitely be back!

Thomas P

Manager needs to crack the whip in the Ice House Pub. Hasn’t even been open six months and already on the decline. Service is friendly, but they seem opposed to doing any cleanup. 5 tables were dirty (of 10) and I had to ask them to clean one for me. They cheerfully did, but only cleared one, told me which one they cleaned (!), then went back to standing around. Now after having been here an hour, all those tables are still untouched plus the others that have been used since then. Pure laziness. Get it in gear folks.

David R.

I really like this coffee shop/ bar! It is inside of the whole foods on the corner of Duke St. and Holland Ln, in Old Town. They have multiple beers and some snack food / appetizers. They also have a good coffee menu, including draft cold brew lattes, with coffee provided by Allegro. In the two visits I have made, the staff has always been friendly and inviting. There are two things I wish they would improve upon. 1. Cleanliness. I realize the store is new, but there were random napkins on the tables and the coffee station wasn't the cleanest. I have visited twice since they've opened and both times there have been messes. 2. There is no discount for bringing your own coffee mug. This is something that even Starbucks does, and I feel that it is absurd that a store, such as Whole Foods, who promotes sustainability, does not have even a 10¢ discount for bringing in a reusable cup.

Whole Foods Duke Street Ice House Pub

1700 Duke St, Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 706-0891