Charga Grill

5151 Langston Blvd, Arlington
(703) 988-6063

Recent Reviews

Jonathan Morosini

I’ve lived in the area my whole life. This place is the REAL deal! Owner and staff are awesome. Food is top notch. Value is incredible. This was our first time here today and I will now be a frequent flyer.

isma jamil

Delicious halal food! We went in a large group and tried the Charga, Peri peri, Saji, fried chicken sandwich and chicken tacos. EVERYTHING was super delicious and satisfying. Their customer service is also incredible. My picky toddler finished her entire plate. We will definitely be returning customers. Would highly recommend.

John Cook

Got the chicken 4-way sampler with 4 sides and split it with my wife for lunch.Taste was amazing, particularly the charga. Loved the bold spices on the peri too.It came with a bunch of little dipping sauces that I wasn't quite sure what to do with but were irrelevant anyway given how well seasoned and juicy the chicken was.Plenty of food, too, particularly for the price.

Peterson Tiimu

The food is amazing ,try everything the lamb wrap is huge , so many options to choose check out the whole chicken options with sides great food and excelent tastes

Michael Davis

This place is good af. If you don’t know what you want, trust their judgement, it’s all good.


The food is absolutely delicious, I’ve tried several dishes and was blown away each time. If you give this place a bad rating or review, you honestly should not be allowed to rate restaurants because you don’t have the palate for tasty food.

Dwana Kendell

Amazing customer service delicious food and fast service please go check it out

John Koehn

This place is a bit of a hole in the wall, but it is fantastic. Everything is flavorful and delicious. The service was friendly and excellent. Highly recommend.

Aadil Siddique

Ate at Charga Grill while visiting Maryland and it was a great descision! Very friendly staff and great food. I had the beef burger and it was excellent! My brother had the nashville hot chicken burger and said that it was really good aswell! Highly reccomend this place.

Steve A

It can be a long wait if you don't call ahead but super friendly cashier (calls everyone big man or chief lol). Other than the wait, great experience!Really interesting/good food...will 100% come again!

Wise One

The chef is passionate about the food and you find out when you to talk to him. When people are passionate about food they put all there energy into creating delicious and wholesome food. We tried their chicken sampler and it was beyond awesome !! If you are in town you have to try them out!! The place is affordable and clean.

Diana O

Amazing food. Owner was very helpful in answering my questions. Generous portions.

Rizwan Nasar

Today I had dinner at the Charga Grill in Arlington. I was presently surprised by the warm greetings by a young brother behind the counter with most contagious smiles. He welcomed us and asked if it was our first time in his restaurant. The kid of customer service not seen at many desi restaurants. He explained the items on the menu. Let us try three of his lemonade, mint, strawberry and mango. We ordered mint and mango. But later we also got a cup of strawberry on the house. The food that we ordered were half balochi charga, half peri peri chicken, masala fries, chanaey, fried Peruvian rice, all came with assortment of chutney. The chicken were both tender. The peri peri were super spicy and tender. Balochi Charga was tender and juicy. Not overly sipced. Loved both the tastes. The chutney were flavorful and each with a distinct taste of its own. Rest of the food were perfect to the taste. The best thing was the price with was very reasonable. It definitely was a wonderful experience. This place I will not rate for the look and feel but give them a Riz 5 ? stars for food and service. This will definitely be a regular spot for a quick bite for me. I recommend try them out if you have not already.

Rizwan Lodi

Very good foods and owner also gave us special tea with milk. God bless.


Food so great every single item is great also service was so good

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