Chipotle Mexican Grill

2231 Crystal Dr Lbby 100, Arlington
(703) 920-8779

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Selam T

The employees at this location have poor customer service skills. They’re so slow and lazy. The one who created my bowl didn’t even greet me and she doesn’t know how to proportionally put toppings on. She put so much cheese in my bowl and put very little lettuce which I didn’t appreciate! This is by far the worst chipotle I’ve been to.

Toby Cook

Can't go wrong with Chipotle. Relaxing outdoor seating.

Julia Hartel

We have been ordering from chipotle a ton during Covid. Consistently accurate and on time (unlike the consistent mistakes from panera and cava). App is easy to use too.

Julia H.

Consistently accurate orders and easy to use app. We often pick up from panera, cava and chipotle and chipotle is far and away better.

Dane Martel

I'd honestly give it 5 stars because it was a clean decent chipotle open late but when I called the customer service was very poor they were snappy and annoyed I called.

Savita Devlin

I wish management would insist on proper mask wearing. Two out of four employees had their masks under the nose. Guests should also be required to wear masks while in side. One customer was wearing their mask around his neck.


Excellent!! Seems like they were the only ones open late on a Sunday night ??

about Kaytee

The best burrito bowl come with lettuce at the bottom #chipotlehacks ??

Courtney C.

The food is alright for what you can get. There is a large selection of add-ons for your order but the food doesn't taste fresh. The food is dry and isn't too flavorful in comparison to other Chipotles. However, they do offer large portions for their orders. One burrito bowl order can feed me for lunch and dinner. The only downside is the guacamole isn't free, it's about an extra $0.50. As for the employees, they're not the most professional. The employees practically dump the add-ons into the bowl like it's trash. The interior was messy with remnants of other people's orders on the table and floor. Overall, I would not really recommend going to this Chipotle.

Maddi V.

Would not recommend ordering from this Chipotle for delivery, as the staff here will make whatever they want and are unable to accurately fulfill orders. On my recent order they did not include any beans, as requested, replaced the steak I ordered (for an extra charge) with chicken, and added mild salsa I did not order... just because ? This was one of many issues that occurred from this dining experience. The largest of which causes concerns for sanitary issues that should make customers think twice about ordering from this location (especially during a pandemic). There was a large "clump" of hair in one of the ordered bowls (pictured). This makes me doubt their staff is taking any measures to ensure safe food delivery. Their management also failed to resolve the issues we had with the food, and told us to "resubmit another order so they could make another" ... no thanks. I would suggest ordering from any other location or maybe a Chipotle alternative over this location. Stay safe.

Jim W.

I hate for this review to be negative or focus on the negative, but because of the fact that this particular Chipotle has a group of people who either lack a reasonable command of the English language (which is understandable and I'm more than willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt) and other employees who lack any reasonable concept of caring, they often get phone-in or orders made ahead grossly incorrect. Two words SOUR CREAM!

Peter H.

Careful if you order a burrito. What you might think will be a delectable treat you can raise to your mouth to eat actually is an overstuffed mess about to drop all over your face, lap, plate, and table - wherever you choose to try to consume this disaster. It is obvious those making these burritos don't eat them or they would know how ridiculously they are making the item. Please, for the love of all that is holy, make a burrito sufficiently filled with the appropriate amount of fillings but still able to be eaten by hand. Contents are great. Give you a 2 out of 10 for style. Keep on it. Thank you.

Leroy Hale

I absolutely love their food and service, good location nearby to my apartment. The cashiers are always super friendly. Will come back again.


Hot, fresh, spicy and delicious. Always soft meat perfectly marinated and flavored to hit the spot. Wide variety can be a bit overwhelming if your not sure what your looking for. Well worth the queue and good value for money

Daliany Chirinos

The manager Karen Ferrrufino Merlos was RUDE! I was confused about the name of the meat and when I realized that she put the wrong one I asked her in a polite way to change it and she refused to change it and told me it would be a complete another bowl charge for that! She was rude and she started to talk in Spanish with her co-worker and even the Qty of meat is wasn’t enough in the bowl! I’ve never going to come back to this store again! She is discrediting the value of Chipotle in this store. 2231 Crystal Drive #100 Arlington VA 22202 US

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