Ice Berry

1715 Wilson Blvd, Arlington
(703) 527-1848

Recent Reviews

Da K.

I love this place. I came across it randomly one day after dinner with a friend because I was craving a sweet treat. I got the mango frozen yogurt with strawberry toppings. The frozen yogurt was so soft and melted in my mouth. The strawberries were also fresh. The workers are polite as well. Highly recommend!

Montserrat A.

The BEST frozen yogurt in the DC metro area. I highly recommend the taro flavor. I especially loved how you can add tapioca pearls as a frozen yogurt topping. Not sure why the low reviews, this place has an awesome product.

Caitlin K.

I can only speak to the yogurt but it was definitely real and fresh as advertised! I split a small plain and strawberry yogurt with my brother. A small is more than enough for 2 people. I also got strawberries and captain crunch for the toppings. Strawberries were fresh and would def recommend captain crunch for a ~ crunch ~ in your yogurt. Plain is super tarty if you're into that! The yogurt was a perfect dessert to end my meal.

Emmy Eastwood

We like this frozen yogurt shop. A couple of things that set it apart from other frozen yogurt ? shops are 1) is that it seems cleaner and 2) healthier than other froyo shops. 1) it seems cleaner because the shop staff adds the toppings so only one person is touching the toppings area rather than many 2) they claim that the yogurt has 16 stains of probiotics! It is cute shop. We are already planning our next trip. For 2 medium yogurts with 3 toppings it was 12.

Vicki K.

Good frozen yogurt with interesting flavors. I got the taro flavor and it was delicious. The strawberries were fresh and the lechee jelly was good too.

Zara Ahmad-Post

Really good taro slush! But they only had a couple frozen yogurt flavors, and only basic toppings.


Great frozen yogurt. The original/tart flavor is super creamy and delicious

Sarah B.

Skip out on the bubble tea and try their frozen yogurt. It's so delicious and like anything else I've ever tried! AMAZING!

Sarah Safi

Hands down the best frozen yogurt out there!

Joseph Henry Lipstein

Delicious ! And the lady working was so nice!

Andy Y.

Must confess we frequent this shop 1-2xs a week for our fro-yo fix. Self proclaimed Family of frozen yogurt connoisseurs (really just lovers of sweets). Having tried local to chain, stateside to worldwide establishments--this place is our hands down "go-to" favorite for fro-yo. Well...for the time being until we find another spot. But for the price point...the fro-yo taste freshly made (if that is possible) and not powdered down from a mix extracted from a machine. Smooth tasting texture with the perfect balance of sweetness. The toppings are added just enough to be included on every spoonful bite. For less than $5, this is enough to be satisfying. Something that caught my eye that will try next time are the drinks with boba. Given the location being in a center of several tasty restaurants, Parking can be difficult to find as we experienced on a busy Wednesday evening. But don't let that discourage you and this place is a must try! We will definitely be back...1-2xs or more a week! Enjoy!

Lorena Hernandez

I wish you guys would have a location again in Florida. I remember when you were in west palm beach. I love your frozen yogurt and miss it alot.

Jessica Martin

A great place to pick up a little something sweet and fresh! The mango peach & taro flavors packed a great punch and adding any toppings we wanted just rounded it out. Kind and quick service, too. Would definitely return to, especially on a hot sunny day.

Zachary Reshovsky

Surprised that this place is only rated 4.0 stars. I ordered here twice in order to help heal stomach problems with their probiotic yogurt. Their yogurt products DEFINITELY helped and were delicious and a bit exotic (I really liked the taro flavor and mochi options). I also appreciate that they added an ice pack to the yogurt - which was delivered to my home via Uber Eats - to keep it cold. Great service and great food!


Best frozen yogurt I have ever had so far! It tasted so natural, especially the natural dairy after taste.

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