2831 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington
(703) 908-0225

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Amelia Marple

Go to ice cream shop in Clarendon. Super fun to watch them make the ice cream using liquid nitrogen, hence the name nice cream. Seasonal rotating flavors and always really high quality and super creamy and delicious!

Elizabeth Dou

Very cool ice cream shop! The ice cream is made right in front of you with liquid nitrogen. They don’t have too many flavors but the ones we ate were tasty. The sundaes are delicious with lots of ice cream and whipped cream! They do have $5 sundae happy hour too. The serving sizes are smaller than standard so keep that in mind when you’re ordering. Also they only have cups no cones. If you’re in the area definitely stop by and try it!

Zara Ahmad-Post

I got the Samoa flavored ice cream cookie Sunday. It was delicious, but I didn’t really get much of the Samoa taste in the ice cream itself- more from the toppings. I’d definitely go back here though. The staff are so nice. It does take a while to prepare your order but it’s worth the wait.

Shannon Jennings

Nicecream is my #1 favorite ice cream in Arlington! My go-to faves are the peanut butter cup, purely pistachio, and butter toffee pecan, but honestly there's nothing I've ever had here that's disappointing. I feel lame saying this but you can really taste the quality of the ingredients -- I don't know how to word that in a less generic way but it's just totally true!! The flavors are amazing -- the peanut butter cup is VERY peanut butter-y, the pistachio tastes like ACTUAL pistachios and is not too sweet. And the texture of Nicecream is SO perfect -- it's so silky and smooth and creamy -- it's not really hard ice cream and it's not soft serve either, it's some sort of magical in between ice cream that really isn't comparable to anything else! I brought my out-of-town brother here and he claims that the peanut butter cup flavor here ruined all other ice cream for him. Also, why are the brownies so good? I am obsessed. Sometimes I come here just for the brownies. Anyway, I'm rambling now but it's just because I love this place. Yay Nicecream!


Really nice ice cream. The varying flavours work!Not overloaded with sugar, but pleasantly sweet!


Tried their sampler which has all six of the current flavors. The ice dream is nice and smooth but nothing too exciting and scoop size is rather small for the price. You're paying for having the ice cream made in front of you with the liquid nitrogen - which is interesting but rather inefficient and slow.

Michelle Lindsay

Absolutely mind blowing flavors! The Apple Pie and Honey Lavender are outstanding! I love that I can get them delivered too!

Phin Kanika

Delicious ice-cream but employees needs to be properly trained about how to treat customers better. It does not hurt to welcome and thank you customers when walking out your shop after paying $5 for one scope.

Shrawani Pampatwar

This definitely one of the nicest ice cream spots in town. They have a unique set of flavors to choose from and a fun way of making it. I tried the spicy vanilla bean and it was pretty good. Overall a cute spot, servers were decent too. I would definitely recommend this one.

Tillman Endsley

Terrible service. Also. I get that your margins are super tight and so you use the smallest cup possible. But I’d pay more not to have ice cream all over my hands. For over six dollars for a small portion the least you could do is pay for a cup that doesn’t drip ice cream everywhere.


A “nice” place to have a cappuccino! I cannot say anything about their ice creams yet, because I have not tried their ice creams yet, but their coffees are very good. The staff were okay, no one asked me how I was doing when I came in, and I was the only person walking in at that moment. The tables could have been cleaner as well, but the place itself was very cute.

Zade Jumaily

Good ice cream. They make it in front of you after you order. Tried a couple of flavors and they were really good. I liked the banana cream the most.

Jonathan French

Great ice cream with a fun presentation. Watching the chemical process added to the great flavors. I got a milkshake, which was quite filling. The flavor selection is unique and they also had a solid drink order section, too. I didn't try it, but there were different flavors of hot chocolate that I'm looking forward to trying.When we went, there wasn't a line, but it was earlier in the day. I have seen some longer waits after dinner, so just plan accordingly. Great ice cream, though...can't stress that enough.

Mia Smith

Delicious ice cream!

Harper Owens

Ice cream is always delicious. Go for the sampler and try all the flavors!!

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