Peking Pavilion

2912 N Sycamore St, Arlington
(703) 237-6868

Recent Reviews

Carl Mack

The food I ordered for takeout was excellent. I loved the Peking Chicken as well as the noodles. The people working there were friendly and also nice to talk to.

Sunil S.

First time going there this weekend. Sadly I have to be honest and say I will never go back. The food is mediocre at best. Not sure why they're such good reviews. I would give the food 3/5 stars at best. Your typical Americanized Chinese food that is just not that good. The reason I give this place 0/5 stars is the service. The service was so bad it was comical. I really didn't know what else to do but laugh. We got there at 3:05 PM on Saturday afternoon. Restaurant was basically empty. Took them quite a while to even acknowledge us and then seat us. By the time someone came over to talk to us it was about 3:15 PM. I asked if we can get the lunch menu. This is when the angry older Asian owner really showed her claws. She reluctantly agreed to give us the lunch menu but scolded us for not being on time. She said "next time make sure you come on time". I've never actually been scolded by a person at a restaurant before. It was an interesting but certainly unwelcome experience. But I guess next time I'll make sure to plan my entire weekend around her lunch schedule so I can "show up on time". Then she came back after five minutes and took our order. Again she was very angry and almost laughed sarcastically at me every time I said some as I was ordering my food. I'm not sure what the point is in owning a restaurant if you're bitter and angry. Perhaps sell the restaurant and find yourself a nice assisted living facility. Just remember if you do choose to go here and if you don't show up on time according to their schedule there's a high chance they will yell at you :)


Best chinese restaurant i?ve found in the Falls Church area and the people that work there are so nice.

Dewita Soeharjono

It's ok for the neighborhood. I never ate there , only take out. Their lomein chicken & shrimp and fried rice are good.

Damien Stiles

Good neighborhood place! Never thought I'd be into tofu, but their Kung Pao tofu is so good, it's become my go-to dish!

Eric M.

Visited yesterday, the food was nice. Just your normal, solid fare. Service was quite attentive. There was something missing....there was no It was just medium. Perhaps I have gotten used to the place and am bored with it. It is still a place I can call my go to for Chinese food but not a place to take a date to impress nor take the family too if I want to afford Zinga next door afterwards. It's good, just not WOW.

Tony G.

Love this place! The food is fresh and tasty and at a good price. I had almost everything on the menu. It's been here two decades for a reason.

Rich Schaub

Always wonderful! Been going there since the opened. Best Chinese food around! Service is great!

Rose-Ellen Farmer

Best Chinese Iâ??ve ever had. Fresh vegetables, tasty sauces. Friendly staff.

Dan C.

This used to be my favorite Chinese restaurant in the area. Ate here every Saturday for over a decade. Sadly, the food has gotten worse and it's no longer special.

Jimmy M.

This restaurant never fails to impress me. Whether I eat inside or take out the food is always on point. Generous helpings, free white rice and very authentic food. The only downside is that it's expensive but the food is well worth it!

Liz U.

This is probably my favorite Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood. I always get the hot and sour soup and the General Tsos chicken which they make with white meat so it feels a little healthier. The women who have helped me are always friendly.

Bill Ford

Good food and very nice service!

Brian Elsevier

Great food, cozy place

Mary Papadopoulos

Very well done food, love the General Tso and crab rangoons!

Stephen Hawald

This is very solid small old school Chinese style restaurant. Most of the orders are carryout.

Theresa Harlan

The food was really good.

Tom R.

One of our favorite local Chinese restaurants, a true neighborhood hangout. We enjoy both the Hunan lamb and the roast duck, along with others. Small, friendly, and quiet, a nice place for a quiet meal.

Samantha K.

This place has the best chinese food! No other place even compares in ranking!! Over 3 generations of my family have been going here for over 20 years. When my grandma moved away from this area she hoped to find a place this good but every time we visit she says she misses their food! I definitely recommend. I have NEVER had a bad experience here!

Gregg Caldwell

This visit was just ok. Hot sour soup was crazy salty. So salty we did not finish eating it. The three of us that had the soup, all said the same thing. I am guessing that this is not usual.

Spencer Craig

THE FOOD IS BBBBUUSSSSIIIINNNNN. Here visiting and let me tell yâ??all the food here is great. The water.. bro... they water mustâ??ve came from mount Olympus.. the warm tea with a little sugar make me smile with every sip.. THE FORTUNE COOKIE ISNT DRIED OUT ITS FREASH!!!! If you need some chinsene food go here. Whenever Iâ??m back in DC Iâ??m coming here for sure. Everything was wonderful . Definitely a happy camper.

Peter K.

Been going for 25 years here, they have amazing food and the nicest staff. The food is even great for pickup and always quick!

Victoria R.

We LOVE Peking Pavilion. My family and I have been going to this restaurant for over 20 years! I love their hot and sour soup and freshly made pan fried dumplings. The dumplings taste like home and made freshly everyday, the dough is perfect! The Peking Panfried Noodles and Chicken Basil is a go to each time we order. You cannot go wrong. Ann and the staff are amazing and you can see all the TLC that they give to their customers in their customer service and food. You won't be disappointed, I always recommend this place for Chinese food for those who are looking to find their go to Chinese restaurant.

C. A.

Reliable Chinese take-out with friendly owners that my family has been going to for over a decade. Good staples of American Chinese cuisine including particularly nice sesame chicken with light batter and, unlike other places, excellent meat-to-batter ratio. Solid hot and sour soup, though if you like it extra spicy make sure to ask since they understandably cater to less stalwart clientele who cannot handle real heat. You can also add some hot pepper flakes or oil yourself & be good to go. Depending on how busy they are the wait times are also not bad, as few as 15 to 20 minutes.

George Kirschbaum

Great Chinese food. If you are looking for 100% authentic this isn't it... If you are wanting comfort food that is tasty and served by incredibly nice people you've found your place. A long time family favorite.

candice n

New to the area and went for my husband's birthday lunch.\nService was all over the place and the food was below average.\nI don't think I would return in a hurry.

Pankaj Bhattacharya

Neat and clean restaurant. Prompt service. Very tasty food, sufficient in quantity of quality food. I'm very happy having dinner here.

Robert Fleischer

Food is great. Staff is very nice. Come here every time I do side work in Arlington.

Jeffrey W

Enjoyed a late lunch with my granddaughter last Wednesday here. They showed her that her baby picture was still on their wall if â??family.â? (Now sheâ??s grown to a fine young lady.) The food was so good, it left us almost speechless! Tasting their steamed dumpling is sublime!

David H.

These people are great. Great support for the community. Dedicated clientele. Great food too.

Debora C.

I just tried their General tsos chicken. Rice was really dry and the chicken was spongy with no flavor. I don't recommend it. As I'm writing this I'm about to throw the rest of the $15 I wasted on this into the trash.

Kerri Rassa

Love their egg drop soup!!

Kevin S.

Food is high quality. We got vegetable lo mein. Kung Pao beef. Spring rolls. Chicken with vegetables. Everything was awesome and so tasty. White meat is mainly used and is indicated on the menu. So hard to find high quality Chinese in DMV area but this is a diamond in the rough.

Mark Thornton

Pretty good Chinese food, really enjoyed it. Place gets busy but is efficient and quick. Prices are pretty reasonable, and easy parking.

Victoria R.

My family and I have been to countless Chinese restaurants. No matter how many places we go to, none can compare to this place. It is the only place we ever go to for delicious Chinese food. They have the absolute best General Tso Chicken. It is so incredibly delicious. I've recommended this place to so many people and it's become their favorite too! The fried rice, beef and broccoli, spring roll, and etc are just perfectly made. Don't get me started on the duck. We order the duck all the time for special occasions. It is simply divine. By far the best duck we've had. This place is simply wonderful and I recommend it to anyone that enjoys Chinese cuisine.


We went there with another couple. My steamed pork dumplings were tasteless with wrappers that were appallingly thick. The innards were tasteless lumps â?? no fresh ginger or scallions or any other vegetable. Mu shu pork was equally bland. The only taste was the plum sauce on the pancake.And while we were eating the cleaning crew went to work. Their cleaning fluid stank so bad that we fled the dinner.Friendly folks, but they need a real chef and some real ingredients.Bad restaurant.They have no website, though the menu is available on the internet. The menu is very limited. Strip mall Chinese.

Olivia Willis

It's worth the drive if you live in the city.

Manuela Costescu

My husband's family ate here since forever. He introduced me to this Yummy food, and now I can't live without it. Come and try the eggplant- it is delish

Gregg G.

It's Christmas and this non-gentile needed his traditional meal of Chinese. For those of you who don't know, December 25th is the night when all American Jews eat Chinese food. I had heard good things from neighbors about P.P. since the local hotspot was bought out by Peter Chang. P.P.'s food was meh, and although the restaurant was about 30% full (admittedly there were a number of people waiting to pick up their carry out orders), the service was abysmal. It might be the price you pay for dining alone, but it took over 10min to take my order, over 10 more to get an OK cup of egg drop soup, another 10 to get the single spring roll I ordered, and then another 30 to get the single main I had ordered (beef & scallops in a brown sauce). As for getting the main course, when I was finally able to track down a member of the wait staff (staff were buzzing around and waiting on other customers--just not the single guy placed at the 2-top in the corner) I was told that they were still cooking it. Miraculously it came out less than 5min later. I might have *possibly* ordered a desert (or at least asked about what they offered), but about 10min after I finished my meal (leaving nothing on the plate) the waitress came back, dropped my check off and took away my plates. Christmas or not, I honestly can't remember the last time it took me over an hour to eat alone at a Chinese restaurant that, frankly, wasn't that busy. As for the quality of the food, as I said above, it was pretty ordinary/generic. The egg drop soup was a bit cold, the spring roll's shell was mushy and pretty much tasteless, and the beef & scallops was pretty tasteless as well. I can't imagine returning. There are plenty of other generic Chinese restaurants around me and many of them even deliver in the time took this place to simply take an order.


My wife and I have dined in this restaurant many times, most recently this past week. It serves good Chinese food and the portions are generous. We ordered two dishes Moo Sho Pork and Chicken Chow Mein. They both were good and we had a lot of take home. One minor complaint is that the egg roll was a little under-cooked.