Peking Pavilion

2912 N Sycamore St, Arlington
(703) 237-6868

Recent Reviews

Daxton Jordan

One of my favorite places to eat. very good location, well kept, and great service. Keep it up!

Luke R

I regularly arrive grabbing some food in this spot. I like the prompt service and well prepared food. They never disappoint.

Connie Mitchell

Great place with fair prices. Peking Lo Mein, Sesame Beef, and Peking Pork were delicious and the portions were large.


Excellent food! Chicken chow mein was best I have ever had, fantastic crispy noodles!! My wife had shrimp/brocholli....shrimp was large & great quality....not small frozen stuff you see at other places! I wish i lived closer!!

Nina L.

Our new local favorite! Mostly get take out (crispy beef, chicken with broccoli are our standards). Excellent quality, friendly service. Have eaten there once- not much atmosphere but very attentive service and generous quantities. Hot & sour soup is delicious!

Robert Dresser

Nice neighborhood place. A little bit showing its age.

John Christovassilis

I placed a takeout order for #102 Peking Gourmet Duck ("sliced roast duck & spring onions toss-fried in plum sauce") for $17.50 and Barbecue Spare Ribs (4) for $8.95. The order was ready on time and the staff were very friendly and chatty on a very cold night. The ribs looked, smelled, and tasted amazing, although 1 or 2 of them had a very slight odor of overcooked or burned oil (perhaps they were on a baking tray with oil from a previous meal that had burned on?), but this didn't detract from how yummy they were!

Joann Levine

I have been going to Peking Pavilion for many years. The food is consistently good and service is good. It's a nice, friendly local place and you never are rushed to leave.

London Leblanc

This place is worth a try. They serve big portions for affordable prices. Regularly clean and with good vibes. Highly recommended.

Daisy Rivera

Good food. Very popular with the locales.

Lee Lam

The menu and service were above my expectations. I really enjoyed the ambience of this place. Awesome restaurant to take the family out for dinner.

Nick D

Delicious food and very friendly service. It was really nice to have orange chicken that wasn't coated in breading and ACTUALLY tasted like oranges. My husband's shrimp fried rice was FULL of shrimp unlike other places where you can count them on one hand. Everything was fresh and you could taste that in the food. Visited from out of town but will definitely return if we are ever back in this area.

Pei C.

I've gotten takeout a couple of times from this restaurant. The food was very average both times. The general tso's chicken was very mushy, and overall, the food was too sweet and not spicy enough.

Carl Mack

The food I ordered for takeout was excellent. I loved the Peking Chicken as well as the noodles. The people working there were friendly and also nice to talk to.

Sunil S.

First time going there this weekend. Sadly I have to be honest and say I will never go back. The food is mediocre at best. Not sure why they're such good reviews. I would give the food 3/5 stars at best. Your typical Americanized Chinese food that is just not that good. The reason I give this place 0/5 stars is the service. The service was so bad it was comical. I really didn't know what else to do but laugh. We got there at 3:05 PM on Saturday afternoon. Restaurant was basically empty. Took them quite a while to even acknowledge us and then seat us. By the time someone came over to talk to us it was about 3:15 PM. I asked if we can get the lunch menu. This is when the angry older Asian owner really showed her claws. She reluctantly agreed to give us the lunch menu but scolded us for not being on time. She said "next time make sure you come on time". I've never actually been scolded by a person at a restaurant before. It was an interesting but certainly unwelcome experience. But I guess next time I'll make sure to plan my entire weekend around her lunch schedule so I can "show up on time". Then she came back after five minutes and took our order. Again she was very angry and almost laughed sarcastically at me every time I said some as I was ordering my food. I'm not sure what the point is in owning a restaurant if you're bitter and angry. Perhaps sell the restaurant and find yourself a nice assisted living facility. Just remember if you do choose to go here and if you don't show up on time according to their schedule there's a high chance they will yell at you :)

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