Pho 75

1721 Wilson Blvd, Arlington
(703) 525-7355

Recent Reviews

Robert Conway

I've been there numerous times, and the food (Pho soups) are delicious.The food is served quickly, and with it's delicious taste, it makes for their Pho soups being consumed quickly as well.The location where the restaurant is located at, has about 5-6 various restaurants in a row, and most of them are as popular as well.Finding a parking space is at times rather difficult, but depending on the time and day, you can usually find a space next to or very close to the restaurant.My wife (who is Vietnamese) considers the Rosslyn Pho 75 her most favorite Pho establishment as well.

David Hui

The best PHO in the DMV

Hunter Jackman

If you’re looking for a fatty beefy base this is where you want to go. Pho 75 is cash only and serves a very traditional pho. You will be feeling very comforted especially on a fall day.

Long Pham

Pho 75 is the best pho in DC!!! Everytime I visit DC, I have to eat pho here. Great customer services as well.

Abraham Moller

Unbelievably amazing pho at Pho 75 in Rosslyn!! Yummy yummy healthy $9 lunch!

Jess H.

so glad we went here, it hit the spot! Generous amount of meat, authentic Vietnamese joint, fast service and cash only!

Jung L.

The pho from this place was exactly what I needed after a long flight. We walked in and was immediately seated. I ordered #1 and the food was brought out very quickly. I'd definitely come back if I was in the area again!

Eggie Bold

Best Pho place in Arlington. If you are meat lover should take extra beef fat like me??

Ahmad G.

One of the gems in the town. Probably the best Pho place in dmv area. This place is not fancy and it doesn't try to be fancy. About 10 items in the menu, very professional staff and cash only restaurant. The staff are very on point and they don't try to be nice (stress on the try part). They get the order and they bring the food in a very fast manner. You walk in and wait to be seated. You order and you pay at the cashier. There is an ATM machine for people who might not have cash. Every item on the menu is good even though I wouldn't recommend chicken pho. They just don't work very well together, pho and chicken. My favorites are fatty brisket and eye-round steak. I also always order my food with young coconut drink. If you are in the area it is a place not to miss.


Best Pho in DMV area! Worth mentioning that they only accept cash

John L.

This restaurant sets a standard for pho broth. My first taste of pho was here, nearly 30 years ago and it was delicious. Since then, I have been comparing everyone else's pho to the one here. My wife and I have come here frequently over the years. On this visit, we ordered our usual pho, #4 Tái, Chín, Nạm, Gân, Sách. It had eye-round steak, well-done brisket, well-done flank, soft tendon, beef tripe, rice noodles, cilantro and chopped scallions. It came with bean sprouts, basil leaves, lime and slices of jalapeños. The vegetables, noodles and meat were fresh. The meat was tender and flavorful. The amount of meat was good even for a small bowl. A large bowl with meat was only $9.95. The broth was well-balanced, well-rounded and savory. It had a rich beefy flavor with a complex balanced blend of herb and spices. This exquisite broth has been this way since I first tried it. There's nothing better than consistency when it's great. This business is a staple of this community. The service was incredibly quick. The food came out five minutes after ordering. That's their normal. The dining room was clean. The restrooms are old, but relatively clean. They only take cash which helps to keep prices down. Other than pho, they have some drinks and desserts. Come here for the pho and find out why they've been open for so long! Pho 75 co-owner and president, Thiep Le is a part-owner in six Pho 75 franchises--five in the D.C. area and one in Philadelphia. The Arlington Pho 75 was his first restaurant. It opened in 1985. The locations in the D.C. area are in Langley Park, 301-434-7844; Rockville, 301-309-8873; Arlington, 703-525-7355; Falls Church, 703-204-1490 and Herndon, 703-471-4115.

Jonathan French

First off, this is a cash only restaurant. Just be prepared as the ATM may not be working.With that aside, this is some of the best pho in town. It’s straightforward and comes out quickly. The flavors are rich and there are a few sauces like Sriracha and the brown sauce that you can use. It also comes with limes, peppers and sprouts.Very authentic and at a great price.There is also a lot of seating and when we went, quite a lot of pick up too, in case you don’t want to sit and eat.After living in Asia for 6 years and visiting Vietnam countless times, I can say that this pho was on par. Definitely going back again.

Wander the World

My favorite pho in Nova. Love the depth of flavor in the broth and since all they do is pho, it has to be good. Got pick up for the first time since the pandemic so just beware that it’s difficult to find parking as the lot was cut in half to make room for outdoor dining. Just make sure you take a left onto N Quinn St from Wilson and there should be plenty of parking on Clarendon. The walk is less than a minute and much less stressful. As of today, their ATM was broken but there’s a 7-11 across the street.

Lisa L.

Wow, spacious efficient place! I ordered the Viet coffee and the pho...don't remember which one I got but it doesn't matter bc look at all that scallion and cilantro! It already looks so appetizing! And yes, it was amazing.

Jacob C.

Still my favorite place for pho (but only pho) in the area. Simple, no frills delicious pho and cafe sua da. Only down side is they only take cash (and I don't feel as comfortable with communal seating at long tables during the pandemic). But, I'll definitely return for carryout and dining in in the future. I had some very bad (read: tasteless) carryout pho the other day from another place recently, and it really showcased how good and consistent this place is.

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