Thai Select

1713 Wilson Blvd, Arlington
(703) 567-7527

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From the tang of steaming Tom Yum soup to the eye-watering, ferociously spicy sensation of wasabi on sashimi, Asian food done right can be a cacophony of new and exciting flavors. That's exactly what I experienced during my first visit to Thai Select, a business well within delivery range of many areas in Washington, D.C. via third party services. The prices were pertty reasonable for the menu items I tried (about $5 for a cup of soup), and the quality was very high. The Tom Yum soup comes with hot lemongrass broth, veggies of all sorts, and a protein choice such as tofu. I found it absolutely delicious. The clam sashimi was a little pricier (around $5 for just two pieces), but obviously very fresh and expertly made. The grated ginger was a nice complement, and made for quite a pleasant bite. Being a fan of Asian food of all sorts, I will almost certainly order from Thai Select again. I recommend it to anyone in the DMV area close enough to enjoy this great food.

Emily Baskin

There was a dead fly in my soup… I have ordered from here before and it has always been a great experience and delicious food but this is absolutely foul and based off the other reviews it doesn’t seem like I’m in the first person finding a bug in my food. Call an exterminator.

Kathryn Jerabek

Great food and great service! Gotta say the food was better when we dined in versus take out. Definitely making this my new go to Thai restaurant.

Diane Ward

Last week I purchased takeout and when I opened my brown paper bag a small roach was crawling on the food. I tossed the food and roach. I did not ask for my money back or call to complain as I mentally had to block the thought out of mind. I eat out often and can only suggest that manage exterminate as certainly they must see the roaches in the building as well. Thank You

Hannah Chase

Yummy drunken noodles and mango sticky rice in generous portions!

Kelly kang

Service is just so so. Dish isn't that good. Nothing special at all(I ordered noodle in soup, fries rice and noodle. ) Recommand Pho 75.

Pink Rain

Food was not bad but this restaurant had absolutely the worst service from the waitress. We came into sit down only to have a rude waitress take our order and seemed very annoyed we wanted to order happy hour because there was only 4 minutes left till happy hour ends (happy hour ends at 7). We arrived there around 6:45 pm and waited for someone to take our order for more than 10 minutes, so I’m not sure why she was so annoyed. While ordering she didn’t even ask us if we wanted to order drinks and kept rushing us on our order which would be the least of the problem if she had not given us such a bad attitude and seemed so annoyed. Since there was so much rush she actually forgot one of the drunken noodles we ordered. Everyone makes mistakes or has bad days but there is no reason to be rude to customers who are coming to have a good time. On top of everything, they charge more than 15% mandatory gratuity for their terrible service. Very disappointed.

Moe Gizzy

Excellent hot Asian food fast. Ordered online. Got there in 10 min. Pickup was ready.

Adam W

Delicious food and generous portions. Orders are always ready quickly and this my go-to place for local Thai Take out.

Phil Hammerstein

VEGAN-FRIENDLY!I rarely use all caps, but that's all you need to know about my review. Vegan-friendly menus are not common in Arlington in my experience. No judgments here, but I would say a lot of restaurants do not know what vegan means exactly. Going into Thai Select, I know that when I ask for something vegan, they're looking out for me. For example, I asked for my Pad Thai to be vegan by requesting the egg was left out. When I looked at my receipt, I noticed that they went the extra step of omitting fish sauce, which I did not even know was in their recipe for this dish.I want to be clear: I do not expect restaurants to be vegan-friendly or have options for my diet. That's not their responsibility. I know it's not the norm and may never be, at least around here. But I will say that, when they make a safe eating space for me, like Thai Select does, I am so happy and will be a loyal customer.P.S. The food is yummy, too :^)

Jennifer Gannon

This place is consistently delicious. Their lunch combos are so big. I always love their soup and the little veggie dumplings you get.

Binh Luc

The family deal was amazing. Not too many restaurants do this. The Family meal for 4 can actually serve 6 and is super tasty.

Mary Rind

Very positive delivery experience! Ordered red curry with chicken and vegetable and a poke bowl. Quality of both was great! I love the vegetable variety for the curry. The order even came with a delicious candy as a thank you. They do their own delivery through their website, which I will definitely be doing again!*they also have gluten free soy sauce which makes ordering for a celiac husband less worrisome!

Kevin Broh-Kahn

Not as good of a selection as other nearby Thai restaurants but their prices are much better! Vegetarian friendly menu and every dish is delicious. Amazing service and quality with all 20+ visits and counting!

nilo nilo

Fresh ingredients in the Thai food. also they have a great Thai Lemonade. Staff is friendly and they came by the table several times to check if everything is ok! They also have nice outdoor covered dining area which will be nice to eat under in warmer weather. We ate inside and it was very comfortable. I recommend this Thai restaurant.

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