The Blacksburg Tavern

103 S Main St, Blacksburg
(540) 552-8876

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Bevanne Pember

We moved to the New River Valley area at the beginning of the year and have been trying new restaurants weekly. The Blacksburg Tavern was by far the BEST place we've tried. We happened to stumble upon the Tavern when walking around trying to find somewhere to eat. The best fried chicken, sides and drinks at amazing prices. The owner & staff were so pleasant. I highly recommend The Blacksburg Tavern for your next dinner outing, and I will definitely be returning!

Melissa Myers

The best place around to have a sit down family style dinner. We tried a little of everything with there family style dishes and it was all wonderful. The price is great! The food is delicious and the atmosphere is wonderful with some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Definitely try it out. Our new favorite!

Evi Euripides

I went here back in October with my life group and everything was perfect! the atmosphere was very warm and welcoming, it felt like going over to a family member's house for dinner. The food was warm and bursting with flavor, I had so much on my plate that I had to take most of it home! I can't wait to go back again soon!

Jamie B.

If we hold Warhol to the same standards as Raphael, our bellies would be distended, and bursting with disappointment. One cannot judge a fish on it's ability to climb mountains.  The Blacksburg Tavern can't perform like The Gramercy Tavern. It's humble. Makes their old fashions with glow-in-the-dark cherries.

My time in Blacksburg is funny. The Tavern, the town... I've wanted country fare so I told Lauren to bring me here. I sit across from her and her thick winter sweater. She's clearly a country girl, despite the Southeast Asian skin. From Raleigh. You can feel it in her gentle manner. The owner of the Tavern, Dan, is also kind and attentive. Perhaps because we're charming and let's not forget: I'm handsome. I'm the world's greatest painter whether the magazines understand it or not! I waft talent and genius. I am no mediocre mac and cheese. I'm a hand crafted biscuit. A fried chicken with good crust. Only I can sit across from a gorgeous woman and be indignant and upset while eating fried chicken! While beaming excellence! I want to tell Lauren that despite what anyone in New York or LA say about me, I won't escape their memories. I won't go away. Even as I eat country fare in this small college town. I know what they feel and how they think.

I drink a beer. We each order a plate. We order wine. We've drunk at the hotel before getting here. We're full and happy in the candlelight. A charming redone house. The ceilings are low. My esteem is high. I have paint pulsating in my arms and I can't remember that I'm here, at The Blacksburg Tavern. I want to swallow the bones on my plate and crush them with the diamonds inside me. I want to get back to my studio and paint.

But I'm in Blacksburg on holiday. Away from New York. And the restaurant is so quiet, there's barely audible folk music from somewhere. We're in a quiet little house. A tiny den with one nice owner. One waiter. I'm sure there's a little old lady in the kitchen heating cornbread. Not sure who else is here... So, what does one do with the universe's energy when there's no one to listen?

Daddy Dearest

From beginning to end the experience was the best I could have asked for. The owner greeted us at the door. His friendly and upbeat vibe gave a sense of being at home. The cleanliness and setting was by far the best I have had in a very long time. The wait staff was attentive and friendly. The food reminded me of being a child at my grandma's dining room table. The Virginia bourbon flight completed the meal perfectly. Just as we entered we left with the owner thanking us for our visit and compliments. I recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting the Blacksburg.

Shea Francisco

The Blacksburg Tavern is amazing! Better than the Homeplace. We had the Fried Chicken and Beef Brisket. Hands down the best food I've had in a while!

Elizabeth P.

I went here for dinner this week and had a wonderful time. Upon entering the building, Dan was quick to hold the door open for us and kindly greet us. He brought us to our table, where our waitress Ally was extremely kind and helpful. Both Dan and Ally check up on us multiple times to make sure everything was perfect.
In addition to the outstanding service, the food was delicious too. I am not a fan of "southern food", but absolutely loved the Meatloaf entree with the green beans and baked apple sides. The 'Hokie Bowl' was equally as good. Everything tastes like a home-cooked meal!
I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for wonderful food and service!

Rudy M.

I'm sure the in person experience is better but the delivery version is terrible. The chicken and brisket salad was terrible. Half an ounce of dressing was supplied for 2lbs of salad. That would make sense if the chicken and brisket was juicy. However it was extremely dry and there were chicken bones in all three salads. Consider using the point instead of the flat for salads if there is a shortage of dressing. The brisket was flavorless. Tasted like old meat that has been under a heating lamp for too long. Portions were massive. The fried chicken was very good though. We should have just ordered that and left the salads alone. There is more than enough meat on the salad to justify the price but it was too dry. Seasonal vegetables came in the form of Lima beans and canned corn. Seriously?? I spent $30 on salads no one ate. Glad this is the first and only time we will eat this food.

Monica H.

I stopped in to Blacksburg Tavern tonight with my parents and my husband. I have to take a second to rave about the food and the service. We were greeted by the owner, Daniel, upon our arrival and this BEAUTIFUL & homey venue. The work Daniel put into renovating this house into this amazing restaurant was truly a labor of love! From the gorgeous tables, to the murals & photos on the wall, this place was truly a gem and made you feel like you were having dinner with your family at home! The food was exceptional. We chose family style with fried chicken, brisket, pinto mac & cheese, mashed potatoes & gravy, and coleslaw. It was out of this world down home southern cooking! The service provided by Daniel & his staff was excellent to boot. 15/10 would recommend this place to all. Can't wait to come back soon!

cary floyd

Without a doubt the best food I have had in a long, long time. Grant was amazing, just a super friendly and awesome person, and service was top notch. The owner greeted us immediately at the door and was instantly a joy to talk with. This restaurant deserves every single positive review they get. Thank you all for a great night.

larry blank

Absolutely Amazing!!! Best food I've had in a long time! Awesome portions and very reasonable prices! Owner was fantastic and extremely friendly! Grant the waiter was amazing as well! Definitely recommend!

Ty J.

Excellent food! Cornbread from heaven and meatloaf of the gods. Mac and cheese is straight from the devil!

Shawn Wildman

The fried chicken is some of the best I've had. The service was great and the owner is extremely nice! Can't wait to go back!

Edwin Fallin

Great food and the best service ever! The Fried Chicken is unbelievable! The Owner went out of his way to greet us at the door upon arriving, checked on us during our meal, and came outside as we were leaving to thank us for coming....... Wow! A great experience in this awesome landmark and look forward to coming back on our next trip to Blacksburg.

Tracy Cramer

Quick trip through Blacksburg this past Friday and found this gem! This place gets a 10 all around. Staff was amazing - friendly, fun a d gave us great suggestions! Cocktails were amazing. Food was by far some of the most delicious, home cooked, comfort food ever! Do yourself a favor and go! I live in TN and I know I am already searching for a reason to go through Virginia again!

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