1221 Carmia Way, North Chesterfield
(804) 897-8087

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Patrick Lyda

So I’m going to ask a question why is it our fault that you keep getting 100 dollar bills that aren’t real we went here tonight to get my daughter and my son a sub okay we went through the line and they made us a entire sub that we asked for as we went to the cash register the man looked at my husband and said we don’t take 100 dollar bills because people are bringing fake money to your store well that’s not my husband fault my husband had to leave the store without the two footlong subs and my kids dinner was no more. They need to do much better. Maybe they should put a sign on the door right when you walk in saying that they don’t accept 100 dollar bills. I thought this was America. Cash is cash!

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

jonathan bailey

Cold meatballs made my family so ill the health department is on the way .And fire the red head male that has all the earrings in the face people come here to eat

Patrick Knightly

I don't know why this place even considers itself a Subway. They don't honor any Subway promos that get sent in the mail to local houses, and they don't allow use of points nor allow the earning of points or any membership benefits in the Subway App. If you aren't going to honor the terms of the offers being sent to your customers by Subway Corporate, why even bother with the franchise tags and costs? Just come up with your own sub shop. Seriously.

Atmosphere: 2

Food: 2

Service: 3

Itz El

Love this place! So friendly and considerate ? food is amazing as well.

Brenda Rivers

I order my food from places based on consistency of customer service and taste. However it appears that if I order a salad at lunchtime my deli meat is cut in birte size pieces but if I order in the evening the meats are just thrown in whole on top of the shredded lettuce! SMH!☹️

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 4

Service: 3

Recommended dishes: Oven Roasted Turkey

Ace Glass

This is my go to sub shop. Always friendly, always on time. Highly recommend!

JR Blackburn

Bread nit fresh very chewy hard to bite. Steak is dry and flavorless

Candace Laws

Staff is always friendly

Tameeka Smith

Great customer service. I frequent here alot, so they know my face and order. Very clean, and food always fresh. My favorite place by far.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Oven Roasted Turkey

Adelina Teves-Revis

I find this location has had its up and downs but this time was a definite thumbs up. The bread was soft and fresh with fresh ingredients. My sub was tasty! I visited late afternoon and found the place clean, restaurant and food prep area. Two staff members working!!! I hadn't been to a Subway for a couple of years or so, this location restored my faith today. I'd go again.

Matthew Manning

lil slow but i mess wit em

Mary Carp (Mel)

Food is excellent from this location

Candy R.

Been here a couple times. First bad experience here were Doritos that seemed to be way past due and soggy and smelled like a trash can that hadn't been taken out in years. Second bad experience happened today which is why I'm writing this now , I order a six inch club on Italian herbs and cheese and next thing I know the employee has white bread in his hands. He realizes a few moments later and asks me if I wanted italian herb and cheese and of course I say yes. Next I ask if I can get a chocolate chip cookie and while I'm paying he's reaching in the cookie holder like he's getting one so I assumed he did. I realize in my car he did not give me one OR simply say anything about NOT having them. I go back in asking if they can see if I paid for it or not and I get told "it's not that serious." Never will be coming back again.

Cho Soi

They made me a 1 meatball sandwich without bread and it was pretty good. 10/10 would recommend great customer service

Justin Reed

I’ve been eating subs from this location for years. Always great, and the staff is very friendly. Highly recommend!

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