Champloo Desserts

4344 Electric Rd, Cave Spring
(540) 999-1269

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Justin Rouse

I love this place. Bubble tea is amazing here, best in Roanoke/Blacksburg/Christiansburg. I highly recommend if you can catch them open. But the number of times I've came by during normal business hours and they were closed is crazy. I would call ahead but they don't pick up the phone even when they are open. Even in the middle of the day on a Saturday they have been closed without warning. Much safer to visit the other location in the mall.

Kimberly Cundiff

I called and they said they close at 9 pm well I get there and order my ice cream to eat in and at 803 I go to order my Togo stuff and the women says we stop doing the ice cream a whole hour early !!! Why have a schedule if you close up shop a whole hour early !! Terrible service also said because we tipped as well !! Very very un happy with the laziness .

Christmas miracle

Great customer service Leigh and Hannah were super nice to me and my family we are new to Roanoke and they helped us choose our new favorite dessert!!!! Will we continue to come back for dessert. Favorite place in Roanoke!!!!!

John Hernandez

Great place for dessert!!! Their BOBA is the best in Roanoke always come here and always greeted by Leigh and Hannah great people! Use to go to Salem but they were closed for a while so this became my Favorite place for BOBA and rolled ice cream!!!

Olivia Thacker

Went in there tonight at 9:10, as we’re walking in we’re thinking that it’s closed however, nope just the workers had the lights off with door unlocked! Right behind us came a family of 4, 2 little boys. I ordered luckily got what I wanted! These poor kids couldn’t get ice cream due to the fact and I quote by the girl working (Leigh) “we cut the ice cream off at 8:30 on days we close at 9pm and we cut the ice cream off an hour before we close (9:00) at 10pm. I would really like to know how that even works considering you’re staying open til 10 on weekends when people are out later! Seriously? The dad was so frustrated and even said this isn’t what I was told 3 days ago when i came here at 8:30 and she proceeded to say let me see if my co-worker wants to make the ice creams, so now it’s a choice? These employees who are getting paid are deciding when to do what (back to the lights being off)not the by-standards of pre-closing. I don’t recommend going here! You’ll probably be disappointed considering this little ice shop had so much going for it when 1st came to tangle wood!

Saira Mehmood

I remember when Champloo opened in Tanglewood Mall years ago and was so excited. I was already excited to finally not have to go out of town for boba tea, but then I was able to get it even closer to where I lived. I used to go there as often as I could and enjoyed it a lot. I moved away for school and hadn't been able to go for a few years and went this evening.Unfortunately though, it feels like they have gone down hill at this location over the years, which really saddens me. My brother and I each got boba, I an LMT and him a Boba Fet and they tasted nothing like expected in the worst way. Mine barely had any hint of lavender in it and mostly just tasted like the brown sugar boba, and his was the same for the strawberry portion of the strawberry matcha flavor that frankly tasted quite artificial as a whole. Along with this, I get today may have been a shipment day, but there were boxes piled around the bathroom and it looked quite disorganized. Obviously the small backroom size could have contributed to that too which is something they have little control over, but there is a better way to handle an overflow of supplies.One of the reasons Champloo was a favorite years ago along with the boba was because of the full experience I would get going to get boba and/or rolled ice cream, with the cute atmosphere, the green wall specifically for Instagram, the panda theme everywhere. There were obvious paint chips where black paint used to be, a stained boba plush on the sofa I wanted to do anything but touch, and delicately balanced supplies behind the counter. It no longer felt like I was getting this experience and over paid for drinks that were disappointing. While I loved the massive panda painting on the wall, I still wasn't able to see the entire thing because of the boxes piled up around there. While each individual thing in itself isn't a huge concern to me as we are all humans not robots, all of it together is not a great experience and gave off that the owner may not have cared as much as they once did. It felt more like a glimpse and taste of what once was rather than the true Champloo energy I remembered. :(

Sunny Kim

Got the Gamora drink. Pretty good. A little too sweet but not bad. Definitely will be back.

Lyna L.

I came here once last year, and I remember not being really enthused by it, but there's not really many other boba options in the area. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of ordering from here again. I don't really want to fault the employees for anything because they're just teenagers trying to make money, but for some reason, they didn't fill my cup the entire way which was annoying since I'm already paying over $6 for this. My main complaint is with whatever they use to make the drinks. I ordered the plain milk tea because I remember I didn't like the Thai tea last time. They honestly both tasted the same--sweetened milk with no other real flavor. The boba was also weirdly flavored although it was supposed to be brown sugar, and several of them were harder than the rest. Overall, this place is poorly managed, and I'm sure you could make better boba at home.

Manuel Gutierrez

This place is super cute, and although their selection left some to be desired. I think it's possible for everyone to find something that they will be satisfied with. I had the red roses ice cream, a mix of strawberry and red velvet topped with chocolate syrup and strawberry pocky sticks. The combination of flavors made for something really unique and delicious and I'm not sure if it was the why it was prepared or the sugars from the strawberries but it had a very interesting texture as well. Very much recommend this place!

Suzanne Zolas

Cute food art concept is the draw for this place. The quality of the ice cream however isn't 5 star worthy, and the staff isn't very friendly. My spouse had the cappuccino icecream and I had the chocoberry. The chocolate with strawberry nibs was good flavor, but the cappuccino was lack luster with very little coffee flavor. The ice cream texture is like it has a stabilizer in it to maintain shape. When the ice cream melts, it's not like dairy drip melting, its more like a fudge-cycle melting with those gooey strands. Not worth a repeat visit.

Jamie Smith

We absolutely love Champloo! Not sure his name but he got my daughter hooked on the Cotton Candy Latte with strawberry pearls.

Sabrina K.

Some of the best boba I have ever had. The staff is extremely nice and helpful. I had a lot of questions and I'm a very indecisive person and the whole time he was so patient and understanding. I went with the LMT and WOW it is so delicious. The pearls are so chewy and not overly sweet. It is not too creamy and doesn't just take like straight up milk like some other places. I live far from here but I would honestly make the drive for the drinks and staff! 11/10 would recommend.

stacy T1D Mom

We went at 12pm and they had no cups. We were forced to buy a cup and staff had no idea what was going on. We ordered and than they said they didn't have the ingredients to make it. No very impressive

Teresa Moats

Yummy stuff!! We have this delivered Uber eats frequently. IF there's a mistake with our order, they re-make it and have a driver bring it right back ASAP with no further charge to me. OR they will re-make it and return my money AND send another. IF when/on the occasional mishap they are VERY customer service oriented. And did I say DELICIOUS as well as great pricing for quality foods.

Francesca M

Had high hopes for this place but unfortunately it was so filthy we definitely won’t be going back. We got there 5 minutes after opening and this was what it looked like in the area behind the counter where the food is made.

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