Chimm - Thai & Southeast Asian Restaurant

365 Merchant Walk Square, Charlottesville
(434) 288-1120

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Marilu T.

We ordered the CSA delivery from Chimm tonight for our wedding Anniversary because, during Covid, it has become not only our favorite restaurant, but the highlight of our week.The watermelon salad was spicy but memorably tasty. The fresh rolls with Shrimp are almost a meal by themselves (2 rolls per order). The Eggplant Stir Fry has a copious amount of eggplant and curry dishes have just the right amount of coconut milk and spices. The Pho is superb--best we've had (especially the Satay Pho;) Most of all, the owner and staff are amazingly service oriented, friendly and kind. I happened to mention it was a special night for us and they added a a special dessert and something to toast with. I also help out at The Haven and that Chimm helped with a lunch for the homeless guests there during the Stay at Home time. Proud to have them serving in our town. I hope you order often and enjoy it as much as we do.

Jennie C.

Omg I can't believe how good the food was here. My dining companion and I had the vegan red curry dish, vegetarian panang curry, beef pho, and vegan fresh rolls with peanut sauce. I'm a vegetarian leaning vegan, and she's an omnivore...I tried everything but the pho, and she sampled it all. Our waitstaff, Chad and Darian, were so willing to go above and beyond with our special requests (add brocolli to the red curry, and more peanut sauce, please!) We agreed that driving from Richmond to Charlottesville for dinner was ABSOLUTELY worth it. Strong flavors, fresh ingredients, and plenty to enjoy both for dinner and for a leftover meal to go! I'm excited to come back and enjoy dinner again sometime because it's JUST. THAT. GOOD.!!!!

Shannon Hauschild

The BEST! I love that I can get vegan Thai food and not have to worry about fish/oyster sauce being in my food. Super fresh tasting and always delicious! Chimm has become one of our fav (maybe #1 fav) restaurant in Charlottesville.

Keith Brown

Food is awesome, can’t wait for them to be open to public eating again so I don’t have to wait so long for curbside ordering ?

Katie B.

Wow! That's the only way to describe the meal we got from Chimm during quarantine. First of all, the order arrived fresh, fast and hot-all important when ordering delivery. We got the boat noodle soup and OMG--the broth alone is so flavorful and the dish as a whole is amazing. I will dream about this soup and I am not a soup girl so that is saying something. We also got panang curry and cashew curry. Both were extremely flavorful and really hit the spot. They were also generous portions for the price and quality. We will definitely be ordering from Chimm again!

Kim Martin

There are things on this menu you don't find in other local Thai places, and everything we have tried is delicious. Current favorites are the Kai Soi and Boat Noodles, but that may chance the next time we try something new. Highly recommend.

Russel H.

As a response to the coronavirus, Chimm did a bulk drop at Lake Monticello, 20-25 minutes away. A very creative way to bring good, fresh food to a mostly housebound neighborhood, it was a huge hit in our house. The red curry was superb, while the pork belly was a huge hit. The kids loved the pad thai. The dumplings were a little small, but on the whole it was a great meal brought within reach of us, and we were very thankful for it.

Sanket K.

In these stay-at-home times; Delivery from Chimm made our saturday night! Over this past weekend Chimm organized bulk deliveries to various C'ville neighbourhoods and I hope they continue to do so in the weeks ahead. We tried the penang curry and beef pho; along with some spring rolls to start and the food was delicious and freshly prepared. In fact they even packed the pho noodles separately; to be quickly boiled at home. The food is great; the service is great; and please inquire about their take-out/delivery!

Rachael E.

This is my new favorite restaurant in town! Everything on the menu is both amazing and affordable. The panang curry is the best I've ever had! It tastes hearty, healthy, and homemade. Their wonton soup with fried garlic is also exceptional! The atmosphere is cozy and casual, and everyone who works there is friendly and efficient. Every time I come here, I leave feeling satisfied. And they even offer delivery and carry out!

Mark Whitehead

Consistently good Thai and Vietnamese food with a nice variety of lunch specials. Chimm is my go to place for out of town visitors.


This is one of my go-to places for Thai food. They’ve let me down a couple of times, once being when the main chef was out of town. When it gets busy the wait staff can tend to take a little longer because they have an interesting point of sale system (PoS). Sometimes they check you out at your table and sometimes they ask you to check out at the host(ess) stand. The good news is that the flavors and the food are consistently good and well cooked. Some standouts for me are the red curry, eggplant stir fry and basil fried rice. Pho is also notable. They do not do “spice” levels but they do offer sriracha and a spice tray on request. Nothing is served overly hot so I usually end up adding some heat to it. With the missteps in the kitchen a couple of times it would have been a 4.5 but that’s not an option so it gets rounded up to a 5.

Andi C.

I went here tonight and ordered the special. I received the following: a mountain of rice topped with several pieces of bland chicken (no sauce), a tiny bowl with a tablespoon or two of something like ginger dressing, and a small bowl of chicken broth. I looked around me to try to figure out how I was supposed to eat these things together, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how this is a unified dish.

Alex L.

They have improved since we first went here. I've probably eaten here 15 times in the last year. It's become one of my favorite restaurants in town. In the last 5 visits, everything has been impeccably prepared and the service has been excellent t.

John K.

This is flat out the best Thai food I have ever had. I tried everything at the table with my family and it was all spectacular. I will definitely be returning. Best restaurant in Charlottesville in my opinion.

Elena Gillis

I like their Pho and Curry, they have a secret ingredient for Pho that you can ask upon request and it’s Vietnamese meatballs. Their appetizer skewers are good and Pad Tai is also good. Highly recommend this restaurant

Alison W.

Chimm is clean but has a seemingly cold ambiance. We came here for a casual date night dinner, and ordered a few Thai dishes (papaya salad, summer rolls, duck red curry, pad kee mao). All were tasty, but were not the most authentic in my opinion. Serving size for the entrees also seemed small compared to other Thai restaurants in Charlottesville.

Pam W.

My husband and I were in Charlottesville for the weekend and I recently binge watched Mark Weins on YouTube. He's based is Bangkok Thailand so lots of Thai food, which got me craving Thai food. A quick Yelp search netted Chimm. The decor is really understated and Zen. Plants across the ceiling and clean lines everywhere else. I like it! It does feel a little like a quick service restaurant but that doesn't bug me. We selected two Sapporo, Laab and grilled shrimp for appetizers. You have to know that the portions here are tiny for the price. The Laab was tasty, the shrimp were boring and plain...I wouldn't order it again. For entrees my hubby got the Tom yum soup and I got stir-fried basil and chicken. I don't love that everything is made with ground or minced meat. I'd prefer to have an actual piece of chicken vs the ground meat that was in my meal, but I get that it is their thing. While everything was okay, it wasn't crave-worthy at all. I don't know that I'd eat here again.

Damia B.

We have been lamenting the lack of a decent bowl of Pho in Charlottesville for years. We both had the Pho at Chimm , and it was delicious! Finally, good Pho in Charlottesville. The flavor of the broth was exquisite and the meat was tender and lovely.

A H.

In all ways, this spot exceeded my every expectation. I haven't been as familiar with Thai and Asian cuisine as some, yet I can say with confidence that this is a stand-out in comparison to the other Thai restaurants I have been to. I have not had such expectational service with great food in awhile, and this place definitely met that and more. I highly recommend those to come in and try either dining or ordering to-go, as both have been very great experiences.

S. C.

Meh. Too bad. They need to do something with the ambiance. It's a very cold atmosphere, industrial feeling, no special touches. The lunch Pad Thai was basically a bunch of greasy noodles. Tooooo bad! The friend Spring Rolls were tasty. An ok place to run in for a quick bite but choose wisely. The lunch menu items are very skimpy on substance.


All the dishes I tried were delicious. Highly recommend the Crispy Duck Basil Stir-fry!

William B.

Great Food, large menu, service very polite, delicious and presentation to good to eat,.. but I DID!!

Brianne Heisel

I stopped in for a lunch special and was not disappointed. I had a tasty Thai tea and the eggplant stir fry was delicious. I also tried the Pad Thai, which was awesome. The wait staff were attentive and super nice. I really appreciate the effort Chimm puts in to reduce waste and explain why they do things the way they do. We will be back!

Momo Rao

All the dishes I tried were delicious. Highly recommend the Crispy Duck Basil Stir-fry!

Pauline B.

Place is cute. I've only been here during lunch and have always been seated immediately. Lunch portions are good and the food is delicious and spicy (if you love spicy). Normally when you ask for 5star spice, you barely get a kick, this place is very generous with spicy, which I LOVE.

Wendy Cassera

Probably one of the best meals I have ever eaten. Clean and fresh food. Delicious and just the right spice. Highly recommend and I will be back!! Smiles

Daniel Michaelson

Quality food. I can tell because I felt good during and after eating. Plus the ambiance is nice and so is the wait staff. Lots of subtle flavors that I have not experienced with other thai food. For example, the sweet sticky rice dessert with mango had this green sauce that is apparently made with panang leaf which is delicious and totally unique. Definitely coming back.

Shannon G

Service was excellent, extremely fast and our waitress was very personable. The food was wonderful and fairly priced. Leftovers were just as good the next day. Wish this restaurant was local to my hometown— I would eat here a lot!

Steve Fox

What a nice find! Food was excellent and spicy. Service was prompt and friendly. Spring rolls were fantastic. Thought it was going to be noisy with concrete floor, exposed HVAC, and Muzak, but not bad at all. Definitely will go back.

Sherry McCarty

Delicious! Healthy options, awesome fresh veggies and at good prices. We've been more times than I will admit and they've never disappointed. We like to arrive around 5:30 to make sure we are seated quickly. Service is friendly and timely.

Troy I.

I don't what I ordered, (at servers suggestion), but it had outstanding flavor. I'll be back. No doubt about it.

SR Reynard

What a nice find! Food was excellent and spicy. Service was prompt and friendly. Spring rolls were fantastic. Thought it was going to be noisy with concrete floor, exposed HVAC, and Muzak, but not bad at all. Definitely will go back.

Linda D.

One of the best places for Pho soup. A little sweet but excellent taste with lots of rice noodles and chicken. I stop by a couple times a week just to have this soup. Keep up the great tast

Jenna Rose

Food is aaaaaamazing! Service is good. Management is poor! They have silly rules and there is so much wasted space that could be used to seat hungry paying customers. Last visit we offered to sit outside and were told by the manager that we couldn’t because they were understaffed. I would love to buy this restaurant just to manage it correctly. The owner is sitting on a gold mine and not taking advantage.

Bryan Holmes

Chimm offers delicious Asian cuisine, quickly, affordability, and from a courteous wait staff, all of whom seem to be blessed with a pleasant disposition. The atmosphere is a bit industrial and cafeteria-like, but if you let that stop you, you'll be missing out on a delicious meal.

Margot Diaz

Excellent experience! Awesome food and great service! We will definitely be back!

Colin Whitehouse

Taste euphoria. Total food high. Love the music, the hanging garden, the service.... Every dish is aesthetically pleasing and delicious. I try something different each time I come, and each one is better than the last. Tried the crispy duck. It blew my mind. If you eat here once, you will come back again.

zombienaterr .

Too cool. It's 5 stars but tries too hard

Rebecca Calhoun

While sitting in Chimm, I noticed two women sitting across from each other crying through their entire meal. They didn't appear embarrassed or uncomfortable doing so, and I could see their interaction taking place at each others kitchen table just as easily. Soon after they left an elderly man came in with presumably his grandchildren and without a second thought changed that same tables configuration so that they could sit next to each other. The food was very good, albeit a bit pricey for me just picking up a quick meal and the garlic chicken wasn't very garlicky that night, but it was because of the experiences I saw that I would go back in a heartbeat. An atmosphere which facilitates genuine human interaction is a commodity very few restaurants can achieve.

Cammie Kingrea

Food is excellent!! Thai tea with coconut milk.....yum!!! My sons love the Crispy Duck red Curry and all Curry bowls. The owner and staff are very friendly...they truly seem to care about your experience with the food! Come try it!

Chimm - Thai & Southeast Asian Restaurant

365 Merchant Walk Square, Charlottesville, VA 22902
(434) 288-1120