Keevil & Keevil Grocery and Kitchen

703 Hinton Ave, Charlottesville
(434) 989-7648

Recent Reviews

Tj S.

Good food but overpriced and keeps weird hours. Kind of miss Gibson's grocery which it replaced. Not sure what value it provides as must have items things that you can't get at wegmans or Main Street market.

Carpe D.

Had the most delicious breakfast burrito one morning...filled me up for hours!!! Thanks for making my tummy happy. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to come back!

James Morris

I'll start by saying that I have had some delicious cookies and chips from this store in the past. A little pricey but that's expected from a small niche store such as this. My main gripe has been recently when I have dealt with this store regarding collecting my milk share from them. The store hours are pretty scarce 11-4 doesnt give me a good window to come and grab something before or after work. I tried to collect my milk on a Saturday. The hours I was given were 9-4 and found them to be closed when I showed up at just before 3. The week following I called first to make sure of the opening times and was told they would be open 9-3.30 that day. So I made the trip into town, arrived at 2.45 to find the curtains shut and the closed sign up. Pretty disappointing. There were a couple of other cars idling outside, presumably also baffled by the early close. I understand the need for a shopkeeper to step out and do something real quick. But there were no such messages left, just "Closed" despite verbally being told their hours over the phone earlier that day.

G A.

Their biscuits are without comparison. Usually have straight ham, egg & cheese but added tomato today because I was feeling healthy:) A true neighborhood gem.

Mark E.

I just had the best bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit ever. If you are in the mood for an outstanding biscuit, you should try Keevil & Keevil.

Stuart L.

You can tell the minute you walk into a place like this that the people that work there (and in this case own it) love what they do. It's a corner shop with character inside and out. The sandwich was made on fresh bread with fresh deli meats and great ingredients. I was planning only to eat half my sandwich but once I started I could not stop. And I forgot to get a photo of my meal until after I had finished the first half of the sandwich. And as if I was not enamored enough, they had clearly one of the best chocolate chip cookies ever made. Come find this place; you won't regret it!

Ashley V.

I'm a HUGE fan of this place. I came in after tasting Keevil's delicious biscuits from the Iron Chef cookoff during the Tom Tom Festival. The owners are incredibly kind and their food is delicious. The establishment is very cozy and has a refreshing atmosphere. After you finish ordering your food, you can browse around the grocery part of the store as they prepare your food. I fell in love with their breakfast burrito. It was flavorful and huge! I also tried the Jen Pen and that was really tasty as well. You can't really go wrong with this place!

Owen B.

We stopped in over the weekend and the owner/chef served us up some absolutely delicious sandwiches! We had a Jen Pen and a Chef Roast Beef. The meats and cheeses were clearly super high quality (JM Stock I believe) and the sandwich rolls were incredible. So soft and fresh!! Both our sandwiches had a good bit of olives and plenty of lettuce and tomato. Bellaire Market might have found it's match.... Keevil makes a mean sammy!

Greg G.

Harrison is a true chef who served up great food each evening. We tried the lamb and rice tonite and it was perfect serving size maybe even large and delicious. I just had a great meal in my own home. Kudos to Keevil and Keevil

Chris H.

Unbelievable breakfast biscuit sandwich. Very cool neighborhood spot with incredible food. I can't wait for what's next.

Katherine Sigman

I really want to give them a higher rating... stopped in to grab a sandwich on my way to work. It's a very cute little shop and the woman there was very nice. This doesn't really change the fact that the shelves didn't have much to select from and everything is extremely overpriced. I'm so disappointed in the Cuban I picked up. I don't mind a sandwich pre-prepped to put on a panini press, but it didn't make sense for this to be. And if you're going to grill a sandwich, through a little butter on the bread to toast it and make sure you leave it on long enough to melt the cheese. Sandwich was really just quite bland and it was $11! Junction has an amazing Cuban that's $9 and comes with chips. La Taza has a Cuban with chips, also less than $11. Like I said, very very kind customer service, but I was so disappointed in the selection, prices and food.

Daniel Babaian

Wonderful eatery. I stopped in for breakfast once and it has become my go-to place for breakfast. I owner is extremely nice and service is quick. I have had lunch there twice and both times were great. It isn't really much of a grocery store, but I think the goods are more for aesthetics. Has the long lost feeling of a family run joint, with homemade baked items and food made right in front of you. Highly recommended.

Dillon Franks

Fabulous meal alternative! Pickup or deliver a meal prepared by an accomplished chef any night of the week!

Lyle T.

Where to begin?? I was especially impressed with that down home, trailer trash, junk yard feel that is everywhere present. The filth was so thoughtfully arranged. Take a peek into the walk in cooler and you're instantly transported back through history to a 15th century slaughter house. Again, the attention to detail is touching. "La pièce de résistance" is the latrine - (the words 'bathroom' or 'restroom' fall far short in describing the experience) - where you will climb a dirt encrusted step stool into a carefully designed replica of the count's cell at the château d'if. Why bother with soap or hand towels, the employees preparing you food don't need them why should the customers require them. On balance, as the talking heads love to say, if you want to pay a lot of money for the experience of eating in a filthy World War I trench, then, "this be the place".

Daniel E.

I have only been here for breakfast but everything I have ordered was top notch. Tons of choices, all delicious and everyone working there is super nice.

Rupert C Ryker

The owners are a kind family, but their grocery/kitchen has been declining in quality. When they opened, they had a decent selection of groceries and a collection of delicious sandwiches and other food. Now, a year later, they serve slim, school cafeteria type of subs that have no elegance or love. Plus, they try to bring people in by having events such as lobster-mac day but can't provide enough food to last half of the event. Let's call it amateurism but if you are going to cut corners, you might as well serve each other at home. Disappointed.

michael luby

Just a quick random visit after walking by rewarded me the best chocolate chip cookie ever

Wade Cotten

Harrison and Jennifer are serving up hospitality and good food in equal portions! All of our visits have been an engaging and delicious foray in Virginia sourced dining. From beverages for adults to sandwiches for the kids, they have you covered! You won't be disappointed.....

John LeMasney

A beautiful neighborhood shop complete with cooked goods on site. It lays in the cleft of the valley of Belmont in Charlottesville. Great people in charge with a smile on their face and great food in their hands. SOmething for everyone here: snacks, baked goods, beverages, and your other needs for right now. More shops like this, please.

Tommy Tigert

I used to frequent Gibson's daily, (the name of the business before), before the takeover of Keevil & Keevil. The shelves of the Gibson's shop were scarce compared to other small convenience stores but not useless junk. Now there's literally nothing. Although all Gibson's had to offer were a few cold deli subs and hot dogs, the selection of drinks, chips, beer, lotto, wine, etc. was by far superior. Now, the shop Keevil & Keevil, has mediocre deli food, an assortment of drinks I can count on one hand, and that's about all folks.

Zoe Tuck

Absolutely, fantastic! They didn't have the chip flavor I ordered so they threw in a free cookie and hand written note! Be Still, my heart! :)

Sean C.

Keevil & Keevil is a great addition to the neighborhood. Excellent sandwiches. The Cubano is particularly good. Harrison provided lobster rolls for my wife's birthday party (they were her big present) and our guests LOVED them, a big hit! They're also really nice, which makes it a pleasure to deal with them.

Kathryn St Peter

Biscuits flakey, crunchy, buttery without being too flour heavy and gummy.

Kat S.

I'll admit I've been generous with reviews before; I've worked in the industry and know the struggles personally. This however is not a generous review; it's a freaking fact the mac and cheese - possibly the best non Mom made baked in my life, the hot dog with chili - the bun, light and doesn't compete with the killer flavors and oh my gosh the BISCUITS!!!! Flaky and fluffy not overly flour-y, a great crunch on the top and finally the Chef, kind and pleasant. If you haven't eaten their food yet - go RUN!

Camille Price

Great people and the best biscuits IN THE WORLD! Seriously. You must have them. My Saturday addiction.

Gwen L.

The best meatloaf I've ever had hands down! The mashed potatoes are divine also. I highly recommend Keevil & Keevil for a take out meal. I look forward to trying more menu items as soon as possible.

Katie Nicodemus Van Liew

We just ate the most delicious roast chicken I have ever tasted! Wonderful food, kid friendly and you don't have to cook? Heaven.

Teri Beasley

had the breakfast burrito this morning and it is amazing....even after an hour of sitting in my lunch box.... It is yummmmmmmmmmy

Aaron Bernard

Great selection of fresh made sandwiches, tasty desserts and general/specialty grocery items. It is s apparent that the super-local "Brookville" philosophy is still running strong at K&K!

Keevil & Keevil Grocery and Kitchen

703 Hinton Ave, Charlottesville, VA 22902
(434) 989-7648