Pho 3 Pho

315 Rivanna Plaza Dr #100, Charlottesville
(434) 422-8975

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Robert Barber

The server didn't speak good English so she could not explain the menu very well but all I wanted was some soup but she kept trying to get me to order other items I ask for a small bowl of soup and she kept saying medium. The bowl was pretty large and she brought me a plate with raw meat, cooked meat and what looked like some sorta sausage, when I ask her what kind of meat it was she did not answer just walked away . Half way thru the bowl of soup she brought me a small bowl with onions, cilantro and some other vegetables, she said I forgot this do you still want it and set it down on the table and walked away . The soup was good but the hassle of ordering it ruined the meal.

Laura G.

Pho 3 Pho is the one place in Charlottesville where you can get pho, which is in itself a crime... However this place is not bad. I would give it 3.5 stars if I could because the broth is flavorful, the noodles delicious, but the protein is lacking in quality. I have probably tried most of their pho options and they are all similar flavor profile wise. Their "healthy" juices are not actually fresh juices unfortunately and the Thai tea is lacking. We mostly order takeout from here and their service has always been great. The food is prepared in time and well packed so that the broth can be reheated at home if necessary.

Yan Oei

Still looking for a decent Pho place in Charlottesville. My B1 vermicelli was skimpy, didn't have shrimp, and had a store-bought egg roll. My wife's combination pho was rather tasteless. Then the perfect ending- their card machine didn't have connection. Was not a good first impression from Faux3Faux

Lina J.

I really wanted to like this restaurant - Cville deserves a good pho spot - but this is *not* it. Came here for lunch and I must say I was really underwhelmed and disappointed with the whole experience. My SO got the B1 which says it comes with chicken and shrimp but they left out the shrimp. When we tried to ask about it the waitress was confused and tried to tell us it's a choice between chicken and shrimp (but looking at the menu it's not). And we just figured we'd forget about it since we didn't want to wait longer. I got the combo pho - also very confusing to order looking at the menu. Is it a combo of the different phos available? Do you choose your own combo? It's neither, just a tiny option for more than one type of meat (which is what most pho places offer). It wasn't very tasty, the vermicelli was too al dente and the meat was tough and chewy. The broth, the soul of the pho, was just meh too. And they only gave two little stems of basil. Finally, the service was lacking. Their internet was down so were unable to process any credit cards. My SO was carrying cash but if he wasn't, I don't know what we would've even done. They did apologize and said this was their mistake but a lot of time was wasted. I've never had that happen at a restaurant before. We won't be back and I wouldn't recommend it. Looks like we'll continue making the trek to Richmond for good pho.

Aileen McKernan

Fresh ingredients thoughtfully prepared and presented makes for a delicious experience. Had it twice in 4days! Shrimp pho both times, once to go. Yeah its 100 degrees out and I'm slurping on spicy soup but hey thats what central AC is for. I added an avocado I had laying around, a tasty addition.

Andrea Bank

The best soup I ever had in my entire life‼️

Cathy Phan

Coffee is terrible, full of grinds . Ask the waiter for a replacement and he didn’t want to… he says “ you ordered it! “ food is not that good either. I asked the 2nd waiter he also argued that it was fine to drink and other people have enjoyed it! I don’t believe his statement. Who would drum coffee with black grinds in it!

Tiffany Taylor

Today was a poor choice of a food experience. Our meal was cold with not so tasty flavors including inconsistent portions with our brisket, and beef phos. As well, as the shrimp spring rolls were rolled nicely but the lettuce was not edible due to it being old. We spend 40 plus dollars and for us it was not worth what we ate today. This was our first and last time trying Pho 3 Pho.

Emma E.

Pretty good spot for Vietnamese food! Can't speak on if it's authentic or not, I'm admittedly not well versed in Vietnamese food and there's not much in Charlottesville, but the portions were giant and the food was fresh. There was a lot of cilantro in both entrees which (again Im no Vietnamese food buff) I would assume is normal, but if you're sensitive to cilantro it'll probably be in there or at least a garnish. Food was great, the noodle soup was definitely the winner. Thai tea was kind of a rip off, it's definitely more bland than most other spots in cville and more ice than tea. Portion sizes for the food made up for it I was shocked how big the bowls were. Very clean inside the restaurant and the server was fast and polite.


The new owner is Burmese from Mayanmar and he induced their flavor in so called Vietnamese dishes. Either change the restaurant name to your country dishes or keep the name and hire Vietnamese cooks. I ordered spring rolls with shrimps and pork. 10 out of 10 Vietnamese restaurant you eat at will have both shrimps and pork in the same roll. But not this place, they have 1 roll with just shrimps and 1 roll with pork. My main course was rice with grilled pork. Once again, it is not your typical Vietnamese com suong (rice grilled pork). How can you name your dish grilled pork if it is not grilled? The pork appears to be oven cooked, dry and overload with lemon grass with Myanmar flavor. Very disappointing, it is like going to a Mexican restaurant and get Taco Bell results.

Debajyoti Datta

Very satisfying meal and extremely friendly staff! Highly recommended.

Wenzhao Emily Zhang

Pros: broth is great, brisket is also tender and overall does scratch the itch when I’m craving pho. Smoothies are also very delicious.Suggestions for improvements: could use some more authentic cuts of beef on the menu. I’m simply comparing experiences-the best in the area I’d say is Pho So 1 in Richmond, and they have at least 5 different cuts of beef on the menu including flank, brisket, tendon, tripe, round eye steak and pho3pho’s meat selection is a bit slim. No pun intended.Overall I think it’s legit and I’m very grateful that we have a pho restaurant in the Charlottesville area!

Viv F.

Excellent service , great taste . Glad we just happened to come across this establishment . Thank you pho3pho


This is a brand new restaurant with DELICIOUS food. They have nice booths, warm, friendly service, and a wide selection of Vietnamese offerings. The pho chicken noodle soup was tasty and the veggies with Tofu and noodles fantastic. Healthy and delightful.

Taylor C.

Great and speedy delivery. Definitely hits the spot if you're craving pho. A good price to amount of food ratio. I couldn't finish all of my chicken pho.

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