The Jefferson Theater

110 E Main St, Charlottesville
(434) 245-4980

Recent Reviews

Daniel Mason

Great medium sized venue. Historic and generally more relaxed than larger venues(a refreshing experience).

james bradford

The bands was wonderful henna places beautiful I had a great time first time there it will not be my last

Leah Jones

Seriously one of the best venues. As a short person, the sloped floor ensures that I can almost always see over the people in front of me!

Mike T.

Nice intimate place to see a show. Beer selection is very good as well.

Diane Hicks

We went to see Jordan Davis.. Beautiful theater.. And Great Concert. We sat Comfortably upstairs in the Balcony❤

Tim Wion

The music, the friends, the accessibility, and 6th Lord from Basic City Brewing on tap!

Tim King

One of the best places in Charlottesville to catch a band. The Guys working the door /security are very cool. Do their jobs, but still nice.

alan clouse

Juat left the legwarmers shows it was great, and the Jefferson theater was a great place for it!.. good amount of standing room, and seats up top for a break

Logan McKinley

It is a good place to see music. The crowd can be annoyingly talky, but I think that might be everywhere. Check out the two balconies for seats and a chiller vibe

Terri Tatarka

Smaller, intimate venue. Get there early if you want a seat during a show. No coat check. Leave stuff in your car, so you can jam at the front of the stage and not hold jackets and purses, just your ?

LaQuinn Gilmore

One of my favorite venues.

Lori Koch

Beautiful, historic venue with a great setup. Awesome place to see a show

Jaclyn Holsinger

Went to see Coheed and Cambria here in October and it was AMAZING! The sloped floor is a little hard on the knees for people with leg and back issues but makes for better viewing. The street outside has a lot of little shops and restaurants, which was nice to walk around in before the show. Nice venue, I had a lot of fun.

Gwynne Moore

The Jefferson is in a wonderful location, with a small authentic Mexican taqueria next door, that stays open until the show is over, and is attached for quick, easy access from the theater.

Dana B.

I recently went to see a concert, Interpol here in Charlottesville. Everybody at the door was very friendly, and I felt like the sound and Acoustics were very good. Of course Interpol put on an amazing show. I had been a little bit concerned because it's been awhile since I've seen a concert at a smaller venue, however there was nothing to worry about. There is a balcony with excellent seating, we had amazing views of the band and the sound was not compromised at all. Location wise, The Jefferson Theater, it is located in the Downtown Mall, a convenient short walk from the Water Street parking garage. There are many eateries and shops to see before going to a show. I wouldn't hesitate to go there again for a concert.

Darren Upton

I can here for the Kishi Bashi concert, and it was a lovely venue. The staff is friendly and the building is absolutely gorgeous as well as functional. I highly recommend coming to one of the events!

Charles Freeman

Well...I loved the architecture of the old theater building. We saw (and heard) two musical groups on Friday night Nov. first.

Bill Davidson

Had a great time at the @carbonleaf show. Can't wait for the next show!

Stuart Hutter

Perfectly compact venue where you are oh so close to the band!

Scott Jones

Intimate, great performers come here. Anywhere is the best seat in the house.

Blade Relic

awesome venue to catch a live performance of your favorite artists!

Christopher Barker

Either the bar is very poorly run, or they are running a scam.

Daniel Mills

Great acoustics and easy to get to the bar. Nice venue.

Ben Lang

This is a great venue! I've been here as both audience and performer and it's been great all around. When you go be sure to get some tacos at cinema taco!!

Ryan Wilsey

Went to see a show here this past weekend! The theater was clean, the staff was friendly and best of all it was extremely affordable! Will return if I’m in Virginia again!

Tabitha Pitts

Loved the venue. Was pretty happy they had seating upstairs too.

Owen B.

Really solid place to see a show. Great little venue, killer acoustics, seated or standing area options, clean bathrooms, lotsa great draft and tallboy options for decent price, low ticket prices, easy security, convenient location. Only complaint would be that they struggle to consistently book decent gigs. But overall, great spot.


Great spot for catching a fun band! We saw MarchFourth. Could use more seating on the upper level. But reasonably priced drinks and great sound quality in a centrally located venue. Will be back!

Brent Dryden

Probably one of my favorite venues of all time...always a great place to see a favorite act. The sound is great and the space is fun.

Will French

What an excellent music venue! I saw Big Business with Sleep as my first time here. The sloped floor is awesome since you dont have to worry about getting stuck behind tall people, or blocking someone's view behind you, the bar is expensive, but not grossly overpriced like some other venues, and the acoustics inside are really good. Quite a variety of acts that come through too. And being right in the middle of the mall is perfect for before and after show festivities

Gill Moore

Great spot!!! Waiting on local acts like Modern Medication , LaQuinn and a couple more to do a show there. Caught all kinds of mesmerizing acts there. Love Groove Train, Tania Ray n more

Bobby Wilbert

Great venue on the mall in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia. The Jefferson is a good size venue that still feels intimate and allows fans to catch decent-sized acts in a smaller venue. The acoustics in this hall are great. There are bars and bathrooms on both floors of the venue, which makes it very convenient. Located to the side of the theater is a grill that allows you to get tacos and burritos before the show, without having to leave the venue.

Skip Rowland

First time in the venue, fun times seeing Caamp. Sat up un the balcony. Very cramped, uncomfortable seats. Not the best acoustics, but it didn't ruin the show.

Crystal Johnson

This is an amazing venue. I attended a party here. The music was great, the bartender made great drinks. You should definitely try to catch your favorite band or party at the Jefferson.

Dominic Swayne

We participated in a Tom Tom festival event at the Jefferson - it was interesting to see chairs on the main floor. The place is always looking good, and the history is incredible. Great venue.


Great venue...been there for so many shows...sound is always great.

Go Hernández

I came here for a couple of shows. This is a big theater for life music concerts. They have two areas: a lounge close to the bar with tables and stools. The other one in front of the stage. The sound is great. Restrooms are clean. I found very friendly people here and the beers are reasonable.

Jason Capelle

Great place to see any live music. Acoustics are great. Floor is sloped so most get a good view. Double balcony seating as well.

Brian Kirby

Awesome concert venue, very comfy feel and multiple bathrooms on multiple levels for ease of use and viewing the shows. Reasonable beer pricing and food nearby. Been going for years and will continue for as many as i can.

Elle Wood

I’ve been to many shows here over the past 5 years or so. Always a great venue, both intimate and full of energy. Drinks aren’t too incredibly overpriced and staff, including the bouncers, have always been friendly.