205 Carmichael Way, Chesapeake
(757) 421-3586

Recent Reviews

Amanda Wilson

Great cfa! We eat here at least once a week. Friendly staff and they have done a great job with getting people through the drive thru line quickly during these uncertain times. Would highly recommend stopping by!

Ed Dearing

The servers are very polite oh, I got a chicken biscuit it was delicious.

Brian Lachniet

Great service and food. Everything you would expect from Chic-fil-A.

Charlie C

Everyone knows Chick-fil-A is awesome and always fast. Even now during the Covid-19 pandemic as they are operating as drive through only they keep the line moving fast by staying organized and efficient.

Eric Bowles

staff friendly food great.

Ruth Ballance

Wow ! Went there today and man was I impressed!! Very polite and Enthusiastic young adults! Excellent attitudes and very efficient service!! Wat to go Chic fila!!

Terri Welch Sawyer

Always the best eats. quick and friendly

Albert venn

Awesome as always. Had a nice tailgate lunch with my Daughter's.

jade C Kerns

CHIC FIL A is the best date food restaurant known to man kind. And the employee are amazing. So eat Moore chicken

Kara D.

I'm going to start this review by saying I love chick-fil-a so much. It is unsurpassed in every way. Lennon was an awesome cashier. The food was absolutely phenomenal. My only complaint was there was a feather in my moms sandwich. I loved it. I just took it as confirmation that it is indeed real chicken. She still ate, and enjoyed, the sandwich.

Heather Cater

Friendly staff and great nuggets! Crazy busy at lunch so be prepared for a line, but they move you quickly.

Kesha Wilkey-Prim

If only everyone could have customer service like this place we would all be happy! Way to go Chick-Fil-A! Always will come back regardless of the prices because of how you treat us!

Ana Velez

I know all chock-fil-A are supposed to be the same. But this one is special. The fast service and cordiality of the staff is incomparable. Their market salad is better than other localities.

william buchanan

Better tasting, very prompt service and great selections- as well as treating every employee to the day off on Sundays

inez hockaday

Food was great and the cashier was wonderful. She assisted me with obtaining my rewards from the app in spite of the line growing!

Skip Leezer

Yes, the church if Chick-fil-A is a great place to eat chicken. The downside is that it is often so busy that it may be hard to find seats. Bit staff are always friendly, helpful, and do a very good job moving people along and getting orders out to you.

Wild Child

My favorite restaurant out there, never bad service and never bad food, all of the employees are so nice

Brianne J.

I love Chick-fil-A! What's not to love! You can sit down and order from your app and they bring everything to your table. The kids can play while you enjoy a nice hot meal. It's always made right and they pay attention to your order. I wouldn't consider them fast food because they are nicer! eating here just makes you happy and being told "my pleasure!" Instead of nothing or you're welcome just makes you feel good. My kids love it here and it is a nice place for a Mom to eat a hot meal while the kids play!

Chris Allen

Welllll, Siri spell checks it correctly, so Chick-fil-A is a winner in my book. The mass manufactured sauce is fantastic at this location; it always comes sealed and room temperature! The germ incubator always entertains my kids even though it smells of tots. Toddlers that is, not tater tots, if that were the case, perhaps I’d be crawling around inside there.


Like the chicken nuggets 8 or 12 piece, but I could l-o-v-e them if I could get them fresh from the fryer nice and Hot. When I asked about " hot from the fryer" a young manager answer to me was they are held for only 15 minutes at temperature before discarding them. If you want them hot, then they could microwave them. WOW....With an answer like that I guess I won't ever Love them....

Lis Garza

good food.and great costumer service

Amanda Bennett

Always the best food, fastest and most friendly service EVER!

Nanette Meadows

Always pleasant and fast service . Definitely our favorite place for fast food .

Sarah H.

Just stopped by this CFA during my drive down to Corolla. The parking lot has a weird layout. I arrived right at their busiest time of day. I went inside and the service was fantastic. The restaurant itself is super clean. Jennifer was super efficient at the register and my food arrived very quickly. Really clean inside and even though it was packed inside and the drive thru the employees are calm and efficient. Also I went the day after Christmas so I'm sure that added to the crowd size during lunch.

Brian Rod

Always good the absolute best fast food restaurant. Employees clean and polite

Cathrine Y.

This is probably one of the prettiest Chick-fil-A's that I've ever been to. The service was awesome, as always, and the line in the drive-thru moved quickly.

Andrew Hillman

Very good service and great food

Carolyn Warner

Best chick-fil-A location I have been to. Great workers. The restaurant is immaculate all the time and the young workers are well mannered and happy to help you.

Jonathan Edwards

Always the best service. I accidentally threw my wallet away today and realized after I left. Came back 15 minutes later and the lady dug through the trash can and found it for me. She even sanitized it for me. PS the food was amazing.

Tony Risi

This location was not participating in the Veterans day special. Very surprising and as I've been a regular customer and fan of the company for years it will be my last visit to a Chick- fil-a.


The best customer service!! Very nice and polite when I placed an order

Vickie Johnson

Great service, fresh flowers, kid friendly play place, nice people!

heath price

This is a great place to eat. Fast service, friendly staff amd the food is always right

Jasmine R.

I just left here my biscuit was hard and when i called back they kept hanging up on me.

dante angelo doit

Great people and great, fresh food! Parking is well organized and service is quick. They also have a small children's play place indoor. We would return.

Chris Hodge

Been here an few different times and the service is always fast. Employees are so nice and polite along with being helpful. Nice to see the drive thru is just like the other locations which is of course why they are so popular because them being mainly an chick joint.

Aaron Johnson

These was a woman who was clearly in charge of the seating area tonight ...she was doing an incredible job. SHE made my visit amazing

Madison H.

Ordering process was very complicated because there was a long line and too many people and they started taking orders from the line and everything got mixed up. Then patty, who I think was the manager, got a bitchy attitude with me just for asking for a refill on my sweet tea that wasn't even good #disappointed. Patty can take my "sweet" tea and shove it up there.

Nathan Pannell

Usually very busy. They do a good job of staying clean and efficient.

Snarky Opposum

Its Chick fil A you know their food and customer service are hands down the best for fast food. Been to the hickory va location every time I pass it probably 20+ times. Never a bad experience never a miscue on the order always fantastic!!