Lucita's Pupuseria

1107 S Military Hwy suite g, Chesapeake
(757) 937-2885

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Luz Sosa Hanks

Very good food... love the Pupusas and the Horchata is so good! Your have to try the Carne Asada and the Breakfast Platter with chorizo. My family loves it and we can’t wait to go back.

Steve Davis

Really good pupusas. I had some pupusas in San Diego a few years ago and now I'm hooked. Definitely going back. Friendly staff too.


Two ? because i didn't like the pupusas and horchata is so nasty sorry but is the truth

Melissa N.

My first time here but not my first time eating pupusas. It was Delicious!!! Great service as well. Will definitely be coming here more often.

China B.

This was my first time eating here. I was super excited because all the reviews look good. I ordered on grubhub and everything was done by the time they said it would be. The lady at the counter was nice. I got hard tacos with chicken, empanadas, a pork, chicken, and shrimp pupusa. I paid $31 for everything. When i got home the food was still hot. That was great. I am a little dissapointed though because as good as everything looked, it tasted bland. So bland that everything tasted the same. Ugh. I sincerely don't like giving bad reviews, but i just have to be honest. The tacos didn't have much meat and they were dry. The salad was good though and i enjoyed the radish. The empanada had a crunchy shell which i enjoyed but it was the same dry bland chicken, it was stuffed pretty good with meat though. The pupusa's are what i went for. They were mostly bread, there wasn't much meat or cheese inside. I don't think i saw one shrimp. The sauce should've helped but that was tasteless also. I guess it just wasn't for me. But maybe thats just my taste buds... To each his own but i was underwhelmed. I don't think I'll go back. But if they season the meat some maybe I'd consider it. I guess stop by and give them a try. There may be something you'd enjoy.

Ana M.

If there were half stars I'd definitely give this place 4.5. I have visited them on two separate occasions and they just don't disappoint. I've tried most of their pupusas and I can tell they are fresh. The taste is on point. Mind you, I'm Salvadoran so I would know if this place has good pupusas or not. I also tried their Yucca con Chicharrón and it was probably one of the best I've had and I don't usually like yucca! The only reason they would lose half a star is because their red sauce which is poured on their cabbage salad isn't really good or up to par. I will definitely be back multiple times!

Mike Adame

The pupusas are very good and so is the rest of their menu! It would be nice though to see the lady behind the counter wear a mask just like all the customers that walk in. It would be considerate of herself in this though times, after all, we are trying to support them too.

Emily H.

This place is DELICIOUS! Refused to eat tacos after living in California it's just not the same but let me say these chicken tacos are up there with the best. The steak or chicken burritos/quesadillas are also amazing. Cheesy on the inside and the perfect lightly crispy outside. I will say that neither of us are huge fans of the beans but the rice makes up for it. Do them a favor and order directly over the phone from the restaurant!

May B.

I moved here from Cali 5 years ago and haven't had these since. Wow these pupusas are super good. If you are ever in the area you need to stop by and try these. You won't regret it.

Maria Cummings

I just ordered for the first time. I got 3 pupusas: 1 spinach and cheese, 1 chicken and cheese, and 1 revuelta (chiccaron, beans, and cheese). They were all AMAZING!! The slaw and sauce is the perfect flavor to top it off. This was the best meal I have had in a long time and I still have so much of it left!! I will definitely be becoming a regular now and look forward to trying all of it!


We ordered this to-go and boy what a delicious meal. I had the tacos and I think we ordered one of each of the papusas and everything was extraordinary.

Kelly B.

Can't wait to go back! The hot sauce is killer! The chicken tacos were my favorite! Can't wait to go back!

Sarah Cook

Had the best steak tacos today! Everything was sooo good! Will definitely be a regular now!

Zach Neumann

The pupusas are amazing! First time ordering from them today. Just finished eating and it was so good!!! Definitely will return.

E L.

Ordered for to go pick up via the Yelp app. Ordered the Chicken, Chicharron, and Rivuelta pupusas; and a second entrees of the three tacos. The pupusas were a bit smaller and thinner than I expected but they were tasty. And would have preferred more onions and cilantro on the tacos but they were good with the rice and beans.

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