Sal's NY Pizza

3304 Taylor Rd, Chesapeake
(757) 673-9000

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Karen Lewis

I bought a Groupon which consisted of an 18" pizza and garlic knots. I've never been to the store before and wanted to check to see if I had to call in my order or order at the store. As I told the guy on the phone what I wanted, he informed me that the Groupon is for a cheese pizza and I had to pay extra for the pepperoni. I was like that's not what the Groupon stated, but you don't argue with people who are preparing your food. So I let him know that was fine, but this would be my last time. Needless to say, when I get there, all three of the men in the back were kind of cutting their eyes at me and one if them had the nerve to be eating while cooking. The garlic knots were kind of hard and appeared to be last night's leftovers. Will I go back? Probably not, but this shouldn't stop anyone from trying the restaurant out for themselves.

jess jageman

Worst pizza ever! We are new to the area and like to try new places. We got a large extra cheese pizza and it was terrible!! It barely had any cheese. Absolutely flavorless. Your better off going to spaghetti Eddie's across the street!

Mike Pie

Awesome food and regular groupons for good deals.

Vanessa Newsome

Pizza was not good! Also purchased 2 Groupon's for this place. Groupon states that 2 can be purchased at a time, so I purchased 2. When I ordered my food I explained over the phone that I would be using my Groupons and they took my order. When I arrived to pick up the pizzas and pay, they said I could only use 1 of the Groupons in a single day and that I had to pay 2.00 per pizza for each topping ( I only got pepperoni and the Groupon advertises pepperoni pizzas in the picture?). They really should have disclosed all of that information over the phone. To be completely honest, I could have gotten past all of the Groupon drama had the pizza been great, however, the the pizza WAS NOT GOOD AT ALL! I've had better pizza at little Ceaser's. Needless to say, I will not be returning and suggest you not waste your money! Spaghetti Eddie's right across the street is phenomenal and has similar pricing.

Areya W.

If I could leave no stars I would. I purchased a Groupon for this location. Nowhere on the voucher does it state that you are not allowed to use it with specials nor did it state that you have to dine in or pick up only on the voucher. However upon calling that is when all this information is stated. I have also filed a complaint with Groupon about this company for false advertisement. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Do not waste your time or money eating here. Trust me there are better pizza places.

Keenan M.

Fantastic Gyros, Eggplant parmesan sandwich, and great fried raviolis. I had all 3 items twice each since they're my favorites, and they did not disappoint. Thankfully I was also in their delivery area, so that was convenient as well.

Aubrey Markham

Very bad experience, delivery person was given wrong address, they called to verify and eventually delivered, took about an hour. Asked for extra sauce but received with minimal sauce, light toppings and cold. Better pizza available from frozen food section at the grocery store at $5 or so vs the $23+ paid for this. Had good experiences in the past and is why we reordered from there. Maybe a off day for the cook and the person taking the orders but have tossed their menu and will not order from them again. Attempted to contact the store manager but was told they were unavailable due to a delivery they were providing. Kudos, but the store, on this night, is failing. This is the Taylor Road store and the first time ordering from there. Other experiences from other locations were positive. Sorry for the negative review but deserved, at least today. Hope this is a one off.

Daniel P.

I ordered two large pizzas, 10 wings, garlic knots, and a soda for delivery. Customer service over the phone was good. The lady I spoke to was courteous and friendly. The delivery time was slightly over 30 minutes, which was ahead of schedule they had quoted me. On to the food. The wings were crispy and I thought the buffalo sauce was on point. Overall the wings were the best item delivered. The pizza was a total let down. It truly was one of the most bland pizzas I've ever had. People who say they like it must be missing taste buds. The sauce has zero flavor. A Digiorno pizza is a million times more flavorful than Sals. In summary, great service, great wings, bland pizza.

James Lewis

Great Italian pizza with a carryout special and something free!

Tyler Lyster

I was greeted by the guy at the register and he was very friendly. It was a great price. 8$ and you get 6 wings and a slice with a drink... can’t beat that. Wings were nicely cooked(not soggy) and the slice had that nice crispy crunch. It was a great lunch.


Love the stromboli & calzones. The pizza is good but can be greasy.

Megan Elizabeth

Got delivery for the first time last night. Ordered two pasta dishes. First we were given someone elses food called back and finally got the right food delivered only to have the lids on both pasta dishes melt and broken off into pieces within the food so $32.00 plus tip basically down the drain bc the food wasn't edible . when I called the girl on the phone only offered to give me a discount on my future order. Like I would waste my money by eating there again our order shouldve been refunded in full. Very disappointed

Annmarie Sposato

This is a fantastic Italian restaurant! They make fantastic strombolis, and pizzas and pasta! We love ordering from them and we are from Pennsylvania LOL we are from Philly LOL and we love good Italian food! And they do a fantastic job! Thank you Sal's!

Dee K

Bacon cheese fries and stromboli are good foods here!

Katie C.

Love Sals BUT this is the second time I have asked for NO CHEESE and told them that my daughter and I are allergic to dairy of ANY kind. Delivery driver was very kind and accommodating but whenever you wait for 45 minutes to eat then your dinner comes with cheese after asking for NO cheese What to do?!?

Aida Dabeet

Got the eggplant pizza, pepperoni pizza, & cheesy garlic knots... yummmmm! Haven’t had pizza that good in a long time.

Joshua Jenkins

Hour delivery took over hour and a half. Forgot spaghetti and salad. Wrong 2 liter. Wings were poor...

Edythe Gabrielle

Needless to say that pizza is delicious here. Very tasty pizza.Ordered a margarita pizza exactly the way I wanted it I wanted garlic on it. Honestly one of my favorite places

Kristina Regluies Do

Greek Pizza oh my God.... very delicious!!! and wings also good. Fast service. Thx

Mohammed Fouadi

great food service quick delivery and delicious food, sub is my fav ;)

Hannah G.

Got a 18" half pepperoni half cheese for delivery. Great flavor! More than what I expected from some of these reviews. Perfect amount of sauce. Definitely cheesy ooey gooey goodness and the crust was perfect. Even the center of the pizza for such a large pizza!! Their slices are nice and big and foldable.

gordon bynum

Saturday, I told my wife, that it would be a good idea to try Sal's NY Pizza, for the first time. Wow....was I wrong. I ordered the regular Stromboli, and she had the Calzone Deluxe. Neither order was done, and I'm saying, that the cheese was not melted, all the way. Disgusting to attempt to eat, but I knew, it would serve no purpose, have them make us two more meals. I just will never eat their food again. YNOT or Atlas' Strombolis are better, just that the drive wasn't worth it......then again...

Evelena Smith

I’m sitting in Sals in Taylor rd Chesapeake Virginia, waiting for my order and my 15 year old daughter walks in to throw away her trash, at the time I didn’t know because my back was to the door. And the owner/employee idk who he was but seemed like he had stake in the business. Anyway she threw her trash away and he asked her if she was a customer, she said No, he then told her don’t you think that’s very rude for you to come in here and throw trash away and you’re not even a customer? So I told him, that’s my daughter and she is only a child! And regardless, everybody is a potential customer, and would t you rather she or anybody put the trash in the trash vs in front of your business door or sidewalk? I mean how important was that for you to come from

Guy E.

Service was fine, but stromboli was cold inside. Cheese inside never melted, perhaps had been frozen when the dish was made. It looked good on the plate, but very disatisfying. Weird lunch special: fries with a stromboli and drink. Fries were fine and plentiful but an odd pairing.

Lauren G.

Sal's NY Pizza had no flavor and wasn't done in the center. Not like any NY pizza I've ever experienced.

Mark M.

Sal's has been a staple of my diet ever since I started receiving a paycheck. These huge slices of juicy deliciousness fold like only a NY style pizza can. I ordered this cheesy/pepperoni covered monstrosity at a very modest price and we were able to snack on it for several meals. The fiancé is from Chicago so she felt as if she was sleeping with the enemy. I was shocked when she put her ego aside and said "it doesn't suck" which is a direct translation to "this is good"! Only reason I'm posting a 4 star instead of 5 was at the disappointment of the jalapeí±o poppers. It's extremely rare to find a spot that has fresh jalapeí±o poppers, sorry you won't find them at Sal's. I'm excited to give this place another try and potentially try something other than the pizza. Weather ordering delivery or dropping by, give em a try! Pro Tip: These pies are huge and if you are hosting a party, they even have a mammoth 40 incher!!!!!

Gaming with Joe

First off I ordered a chicked philly and got steak. I had to eat it due to a time crunch. I got a combo with a drink yet there fountian was broke so they offered me a small can of soda. The philly had some weird tast. Not sure if it was bad but my stomach was destoried after eating it. On top of it all I got up to go to the bathroom. I come back and they threw all my dang food away. What the heck. I was so angry I just walked out. I didnt have time to figure it out due to it being my lunch break. So poor service horriable food and dont dare get up and use the bathroom if u wanna keep eating.

Evangelist Toni Gulledge

Every delicious item we purchased was excellent in preparation as well as taste. We enjoyed the Meat Lovers Calzone, 3 Lamb Gyros, and a Chicken Wrap. I was so pleased, when my Husband came home because, the aroma made my mouth water.

IRD 79

Cool place but needs cleaning maintenance, better service, and actual silverware for enjoying the food when dining in. I believe we had the wrong garlic knots, they looked like lasagna, too much sauce and cheese on them, not what we wanted. Not so thrilled by the pizza.


ordered a two slice, drink lunch special on doordash. pizza was basically glued to the bottom of the box. tasted funny. looked like something out a high school cafeteria rather than NY style. won't buy from this sal's again.


We ordered a Greek Pizza and family Stromboli. Everything was perfect. The staff was very friendly and the interaction between the Kitchen and the customers was perfect.


We ordered a Greek Pizza and family Stromboli. Everything was perfect. The staff was very friendly and the interaction between the Kitchen and the customers was perfect.

Gloria Lewis

Worse pizza I ever had! Will not go back. Not N Y style. I am from New England and I know N Y style pizza. This isn't it!

roll moris

I've come here a few times and their New York style pizza is one of the best, I simply love this pizza !

Tiffany Arney

This has been my husbands favorite pizza joint close to home for the past 1 1/2 years. The pizzas are always cooked to perfection. The onion rings are a hit with the kids and comes with big portions. Tonight, I decided to get something new; BBQ chicken and cheese sub/melt. It was good, maybe a little less bbq sauce and cheese melted a tad bit more, but it was still good. We have never had a bad experience here. The staff is always polite and friendly. Clean atmosphere.

Skylar Castaneda

Fantastic pizza, I really like this place.


I’ve ordered from Sal’s quite a few times and the delivery times can be a little slow but they always express if something (like Alfredo sauce) is cooked to order. Tonight I ordered and it was quicker than the time they said and I don’t think I’ve ever had take out food that was so delicious. Everything was piping HOT, and do yourself a favor and order the cheesy garlic knots. I don’t think I’ve ever had better Italian food, much less garlic knots taste so good. BY FAR the best I’ve ever had.

Cristian Onate

Best food in the delivery business. Their ads don’t lie when they say they are voted the best pizza on Hampton roads. Not only in pizza are they phenomenal but the rest of their menu is just as good if not better.

ed smith

I’m from New England they make a great pie!

Ronnie Lindsay

Great pizza and wings, i will definitely be coming back to try more. Great service and nice people