Cameron's Coffee and Chocolates

9639 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax
(703) 278-2627

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Sabrina D.

I love the milk chocolate caramel squares. 5 stars But, the pretzel sticks come in a mix of dark, milk, and white chocolate. I wish there was solely milk chocolate pretzel sticks.

Marie Matthews

Very impressive and make excellent gifts

Chantilly Virginia

Friendly , enjoy coming here for the treats and leaving with a smile ?


Appreciate what they are doing here but the coffee is really disappointing. I really wish they made coffee in house rather than using a latte machine. I’ve only tried the lavender latte and honestly couldn’t finish it because it was just hot milk, with barely any coffee. Was also wayyy too sweet. I like the mission, just wish the coffee was better.

Angel DarkDuck

Awesome customer service , they guided me through their options , Amanda and Mohammed were awesome and made my drink with love , I really hope you check this place out.

Daniel Nelson

Looking forward to going back to this wonderful chance find! The setting is welcoming, clean and delightful with fun chocolates, sweets and signs. Noticed the ice in my iced coffee was "iced coffee" - perfect on a hot day. My only regret is I gave away the chocolates as a gift. Thank you to the team for working with team members with intellectual disabilities.


Dropped by this chance find on a way to an appointment - excellent luck! The service and setting were nice with plenty of choices.

Colleen Fiocca Rizzone

I placed an online order after hearing about Cameron’s through Roll with Cole and Charisma. I just received my goodies. Not only are they delicious, they were packed beautifully and with care! I will be sharing your info and ordering again! Thank you!!

K Min

Coffee and the takeout cup quality should be improved.... Bought hot americano for takeout but their lid doesn’t fit in their to-go cup, (the lid pops out of the cup as you grab it) and the coffee spilt everywhere in the car while driving. Got light burns on fingers/hands and it would have been more dangerous.Moreover coffee tasted disappointing despite of other reviews..

Ivo Mekolle

The staff and service was world class. They took great care of my BFF who was visiting from out of town, and we were very happy.

Kimberly Mercer

Stopped by there this morning and picked up some goodies for my husband and I including: cookies & cream fudge, truffles, carrot cake mini cupcakes and a vegan brownie. All delicious! I was delightfully surprised with how good the vegan brownie was! Everything tasted so good!! Definitely recommend

Yvonne Hernandez

This is 100% a beautiful small business to purchase from and support ❤ They do wonderful things for the community and have delicious food and treats!


I recently received a package of Cameron’s chocolate goodies in the mail for my birthday from one of my best friends. I love all the treats! The handmade chocolates reminded me of the belgian chocolate shops we visited in Brussels a couple of years ago, so much flavor, marshmellow cream with notes of rose, strawberry, all so original and actually very delicious! I am also having the granola with pecans and all my favorite nuts the past few mornings. And writing this review as I am taking a delicious bite from my coffee cake pop, yummm!! ?

Mary Ann Mitchell

I wish I could recommend. I had a problem because I went for the vegan chocolate but was told all the chocolate’s were cross contaminated so unfortunately I couldn’t buy the bulk of what I went for. I did buy chocolate pretzels for my other daughter and she liked them, salted caramel for myself and it was yummy. The coffees that I bought were very bitter wonder if maybe they had been around for a while. So if you want vegan or coffee I would not recommend. But their other chocolates were very yummy.

Julia M.

I LOVE their products and focus on employing people with intellectual challenges. This cafe encourages understanding and compassion. Their chocolate is made with high quality ingredients and love. Go local!

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Cameron's Coffee and Chocolates

9639 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 278-2627