Changan Taste

9623 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax
(703) 385-8100

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Michelle S.

As someone being from Xian, I think the food at Changan is pretty mediocre. My review and judgement is based on the three items I ordered: roujiamo Chinese burger, and both versions of the cold steamed noodles. Roujiamo Chinese burger - meat was good, reminds me of how it would be prepared in Xian. The bun itself was very disappointing. It's too hard with no tenderness/fluffiness to it. A perfect, authentic bun should be crunchy initially when you bite in with an airy inside. This bun was just too hard to chew. The cold steamed noodles (both versions) - way too spicy. The hot chili oil overpowered all other sauces. You should be able to taste a hint of spice with the garlic sauce and sesame sauce. All I tasted was the chili and it was VERY spicy for me, and I can eat really spicy food. The cucumber and 面筋 to noodle ratio was also off, there should've been more of that. Overall it was unimpressive and not as authentic and I hoped it would be. It would be more of a 2.5 star rating for me.

Yaran S.

Terrible terrible cold steamed noodles. Avoid by all means. 2 stars for the friendly staff but the food wasn't good at all. Oh it's actually beef in the lamb soup :/

Richard Hang

So glad I tried this place out! Had been looking for biang biang noodles in the area and this place delivers on the biang biang noodles. Also gotta try their “Chinese burger.” It was such an unexpected dish and so exciting to eat!


They didn't have half their menu available. Why bother going if that's the case?

Ben Huang

Half of the menu was unavailable and what's offered is bland and unimpressive. Save your money and go elsewhere.

Tina L.

Sorry to give a bad review but this place was a disappointment. I was really hoping that it could potentially be like a Xian Famous Foods type of joint, but there's no comparison. It doesn't even seem like they tried at all to impress. The food was underwhelming to say the least and I could probably make better stuff at home than what they served. I had low expectations given the current Yelp reviews but still wanted to try this place as I love Xian food. I ordered via HungryPanda app when they had a one day only half off promotion. The total came out to be about $25 with the promotion and even then I felt like it wasn't worth it. I think they have a main/sister restaurant in Rockville and thought they have to be doing well to open a second outlet in Fairfax... Roujiamo Burger: The meat was bland and the buns were hard. Mount Qi Noodles: Noodles looked like the typical store bought kind and the portion was small. Sauce was just plain vinegary/sour. Potato and carrot cubes were meh. Hot Chili Oil Seared Noodles: Underwhelming. The hot chilly oil was neither spicy nor fragrant nor bold. Lamb Pita Soup: Bland soup. 1-2 chunk of lamb meat which the guy at the front had to carefully measure/portion on the scale. The soaked pita was nothing special and tasted just like eating soggy bread/bun. Liangpi: Really wanted to try it but they were out.

Billy Mak

Dined in; ordered the noddles and the burger. All the bowls and utensils were all disposables... Very little meat in the noodles. The restaurant doesn't have forks... Noodles were poor. The burger was surprisingly good. But it tastes like carnitas in a chinese toasted bun. Probably won't come back again...

Andy L.

Delicious authentic Xi'an food! Had the 肉夹馍 (pork stuffed bread) and the 羊肉泡沫 (Lamb soup with bread) and both tasted exactly how I remembered from Xi'an. The food tasted very similar to what you would get from the street food shops in 回民街 (Muslim quarter) in Xi'an. Definitely would recommend.

L Z.

Same as others' comments. The portion is so small. Not worth it. Try some other places

Perry S.

Drove 20 mins to pick up my Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb soup羊肉泡馍. Didn’t expect that I had to cook it myself. I was told to boil my soup and noodles for 6-7 minutes. I suppose the chef wants to ensure the flavor and tenderness of the food. But they might forget that for Chinese food takeout, people are looking for convenience. The lamb was frozen. And the worst part, the lid of soup container wasn’t fully closed. 3 stars for supporting this new restaurant but for a takeout food, it is a disaster.

jamie sineath

Rougamo / Pickled Garlic _ Perfect

Emma Yang

I am from XI'an and I am so happy to find a restaurant from my city. I've tried the cold noodles, meat burger, and the Qishan noodles. I like all of them, but the meat burger especially is my favorite. It was a lot of juicy delicious meat and definitely filled all my stomach! The boss was super friendly as well. Looking forward to try other dishes in the future. Recommend it!

Eva Zhang

I’m impressed by the restaurant for its courage to sell such unpalatable noodles. LOL.

Alan Tran

smells very authentic lamb smell walking in.

Wei W.

Vey authentic Chinese food. Taste great. Love the Pork burger and spicy noodle. The place is simple, but very clean. You can sit in or take out.

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