Draper's Steak & Seafood

3936 Blenheim Blvd, Fairfax
(571) 407-5437

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I took my best friend for a brunch to celebrate her birthday. Food was good and live music was great. Service was decent but I was expecting little bit more from a nice restaurant...such as a little treat for the birthday girl. I would go back because the food was good and they have live music on Thursday and Saturday. But for a special occasion (eg. Birthday, wedding anniversary), I would probably go some place else.


This was our first time to the Restaurant. We were pleasently surprised by the attentivenee of the employees. We even had the pleasure of chatting with the head Chef. The food was excellent as was the ambiance. We will be back soon.


The bar is nice and the bartender was friendly, attentive, and the drinks were very good. The main negative of our experience was we arrived maybe 5 minutes early for a 6:30 reservation and it was about 7:15 before we were seated and then we were given maybe the worst table, the closest to the door. And then it was several minutes before a server showed up. After that things got much better. The server got our orders in and checked on us regularly and our food came quickly. We enjoyed the crab dip with baguette very much. My fried oysters came on a bed or arugula and were a nice size and nicely fried. My grilled oysters, while very tasty, were tiny. A couple were like the size of a nickel which was disappointing. My wife very much liked the chicken marsala. I tried it and also thought it was very good. The asparagus that came with it were big and nicely grilled.


Wonderful meal celebrating graduation. Sea bass was my entree and was so good! Others had eggs benedict, crab cakes, and quiche which were all delicious. Live music made the brunch more festive. We felt relaxed and entertained and enjoyed talking through our meal. Wonderful time and will definitely go again!

I reserved a Saturday brunch for six and then noticed I had chosen an outside reservation via Open Table. So, I called Drapers right away to request a change to inside. I spoke to "Oscar" who said he would have the manager change the reservation no problem - he is here tomorrow (Thursday). On Thursday, I called again just to confirm we would be inside - as my grandmother in a wheelchair chills easily. To my relief, I was told "You are All set!!! It is in the note on the reservation is for INSIDE." I got also an email on Friday asking me to confirm. We arrived on Saturday at 10:45 for am 11am - the restaurant was empty and was told we were OUT ON THE PATIO and there was NO ROOM INSIDE. Did I mention the restaurant inside and outside was empty when I arrived? I mentioned the two calls - the confirmation and asked if they could put a 4top and a two together...No matter, they still refused to place us inside. So, with family arriving dressed up bearing gifts, I asked and they moved heaters around on the EMPTY cold PATIO and we sat outside. Thankfully it warmed up outside eventually. But the restaurant STAYED EMPTY ALL MORNING. Hideous administration after my repeated attempts to confirm - IN ADVANCE. Funny, an aunt arrived to join us on the patio. We attempted to move one chair from the entirely empty set of other tables to add her and this waiter yelled "Woah, woah, woah! You cannot just MOVE a chair. We have a lot of reservations! today!!" I told her to sit any way and join us. We were there from 11am to nearly two pm ALONE on the patio. Tons of empty tables inside and clearly delusional and really anal management. What happened to the tons of reservations?? My well dressed, courteous family lives in Fairfax and did not deserve the illusion of an imaginary stampede of customers...who never came. The food was good. The waitress was nice, the management of guests and groups - run far far away. I will never spend $500 on this empty spot for breakfast again. Try Arties.


This was our first time and we went for our anniversary dinner. It started off a bit rocky as we'd made reservations a couple weeks in advance and ended up seated by the entrance to the restrooms and near the kitchen. When I inquired about another table that was open, I was told it was being held for someone with reservations who were arriving shortly. Our table had a severe wobble, which necessitated us keeping our feet on it constantly. After that, things got better. We started with the tuna tartare, which was outstanding. We order filets, which were really good, and they let you substitute vegetables from their side dish list, which was very accommodating. They also offer sauces on the side so you can try something new if you don't want to have it poured over the steak. The steaks were cooked perfectly. We passed on dessert as dinner was very filling. Overall a solid place and I'd go back. I'd like to try some of their other options as they looked interesting.


Excellent service and very good food. Great interaction with the chef as well! Unfortunately, the ambience was affected because of our table being right in front of the bathroom and the kitchen. Despite the restaurant not being crowded, we were not given another place to sit when politely requested. We assumed that there must be more reservations coming in, but there were not. 


Met friends for dinner and were seated on time. Our server Nick was great, personable and insured some of our changes were handled properly. It was crowded but we could still talk without struggling to hear each other. Nice time and will certainly go back.

The food was mediocre. The music playing was loud metal/rock, not ideal for a steakhouse. The waitress was excellent, and the bartenders were courteous and made a us a cocktail even though they were preparing to close. Overall it was ok, would not return though.

The rib eye was very delicious and cooked to how it is supposed to be. The pasta dish was yummy as well, with lots of seafood. They aren't skimpy with the sides and the portions like other restaurants are doing nowadays. The oysters at happy hour was very good as well.


This was our first time visiting Draper's and it was my daughter's birthday. I had the lobster roll which was very good although I might have preferred a side salad to all those fries. I didn't think to ask about substituting so that is on me. Two folks had the filet mignon and it was very good. The Cioppino was a bit of a surprise since it came on a huge bed of pasta which may have been good for some but my guest ordered it because it is usually more of a stew and he doesn't eat carbs. It does say linguine in the description but I think we thought it would come as a side dish. The roasted chicken was impressive in its size and also good. I was a little disappointed that they didn't do something for the birthday girl - even a little cupcake with a candle would have been nice. She had a very lovely glass of port instead. Oddly, our waiter kept disappearing for long periods of time - we would ask him a question and he would go to find out sometimes as much as 15 minutes later. The decor and ambience is very nice and all in all we had a nice evening.

The service is what made this place a 1000/10! The attention to detail and being personable was top notch and on top of the amazing food and drinks, couldn't have asked for a better dinner spot. Definitely a local feel & a nice place for date night, family dinner, or even just some drinks at the bar.


Had a lovely dinner with friends. They all ordered the chicken Marsala and I had the grilled Caesar and side of fries. Would love if they had a gluten free menu. Our waiter was very attentive and we'll definitely be back.

Daniel Barber

Great service and incredible steak, would definitely

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Tom Foltz

This place opened in our neighborhood a while ago and has gone through several iterations, but I feel it has finally hit its stride. We came here early on a busy Saturday, and they had a table available without a reservation. The food and service were impeccable. Our server, Nick, was fantastic. We'll definitely be back.

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