Jersey Mike's Subs

11199 Lee Hwy C, Fairfax
(703) 865-7722

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Elizabeth J.

I love Jersey Mike's - they make delicious sandwiches - but this location consistently messes up to go orders. Wrong bread, missing or wrong condiments, wrong chips. Even when you list that you're allergic to something - hoping they'd take your request more seriously, they still mess it up. I totally get that their job is thankless and I appreciate them making sandwiches, but why bother to ask about customizations if they're going to ignore them and make it their way. It's frustrating - if I paid the wrong amount I bet they'd be upset to. I want to keep patronizing their establishment but if they continue to get my order wrong I'll find somewhere else to spend my money. Order with caution.

Robert Williams

Very disappointed in my last trip. The sandwich wouldn't have compared to a Subway sandwich. No meat all bread, Very sad to say it was a Jersey sub.

Jay P.

Have been here tons of times. Subs are always fresh and taste awesome. Good amount of meat in the subs. I usually get the Italian sub which is the best and the staff is friendly.

Scott G

Worst Jersey Mike's i have ever been to. Tasted like old grease.


New favorite for lunch near office(this week ?). Bread has a slight crust on outside and is super soft inside. Meat and toppings are incredibly fresh and tasty! Haven't had one that wasn't well-made.

Arjun Raja

Amazing place to eat, workers are super nice. My go-to spot after a long day at work.

Ricky Richardson

Love it! Fast convince place to grab a sandwich. Most importantly, it dam good! If you are looking for a quick bite to eat and you are on the go. I strongly recommend this place! Keep up the good work! Love the customer service and great attitude! The wow factor you do not see in fast food industry any more. You guys got it :0)


The good: The sub I ordered was the #13 Italian. It was good, but would have been much better without the pepper mix. That over powered everything on the sub. The brownie was very good! Service was good as well. Now, for the bad: When did sandwich/sub shops start feeling the the need to be tipped? They aren't getting garbage hourly pay like a server in a restaurant does. When the screen popped up that was asking how much of a tip I wanted to leave, I felt like asking the guy " What on Earth am I tipping you for, making the sub, cutting it or putting it in a bag?" I'm PAYING for you to make me a sub. You did nothing extra to earn a tip. Would have been 5 stars, but the tip nonsense cost you.

Raymond Roberts

Just ordered a sub from here and OMG it was good. Staff inside was no nice and friendly. I ordered it using the app and it was ready will before the expected time.I seriously wish I had ordered a larger sub now so I could eat some more!!

briton nystrom

First time I've been to a jersey mikes and been disappointed was at this location. 1 thin slice of roast beef and 2 thin slices of turkey on a regular sub.

Ted Cummings

A great experience tonight ordering 5 sandwiches for my family at Jersey Mike's in Fairfax! The two young men working the counter were fantastic representatives of the company. One was cleaning surfaces when I came in - good first impression. They both wore the appropriate COVID and sanitation precautions. They were both very polite and professional with their customer interactions, and most importantly are sandwich maestros! Everyone enjoyed their dinners tonight because they prepared each order accurately and the food tasted fresh!

Briton N.

By far the weakest j Mike's I've ever been to. 2 thin layers of meat. Might as well go to subway if this is how it is. I love j Mike's for their hearty big subs. This place sadly, is not that. I'm going to rethink about ever going back to jersey mikes again after going to this store.

Look at picture and you'll see I only took the bottom bun off that had nothing on top of it so you can clearly see the barely existent meat

J-Paul J

Not the nicest employees on the planet, but very efficient and the sandwich was very good. I ordered the Italian on wheat bread. Hearty portions

Ashley P.

We had to wait 15 minutes because we came at a rare occasion where the bread wasn't ready yet. The two workers that were working on 12/18/20 at 8PM handled all the customers really well! They gave us a discount, coupon for next time, and a free drink! Great experience and I look forward to coming here again!

Travis M.

The staff is always welcoming and friendly. They took no time getting my orders together. The food prep area looked very clean and the veggies looked fresh. Best service from fast food on Lee highway. Avoid the duckies barbeque next to them.

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