Mama Chang

3251 Old Lee Hwy, Fairfax
(703) 268-5556

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Alan Z.

Got a whole bunch of dishes for a group of 8. The service was pretty quick for us even with a larger group. The food was also really good, my favorite was the bamboo fish. It was really crispy and was seasoned well. I also really liked the meatball stew and green beans. We also got a spicy hot pot that was also really well seasoned. We ordered a lot from the small plates but the serving sizes weren't especially small which is nice.

Victor H.

Been a while since I've wrote reviews; back in the blogging mode . (From November 2021) One of my aunts recommended this spot. We did a tasting here before we did our family gathering here. I wasn't aware this was a Peter Chang-type restaurant. Of course that means there's gonna be stuff here that will prove why Chinese cuisine is unlike any other. Every dish we had here was straight up . Most memorable items for me was the bubble scallion pancake, stir fry chicken, bean curd roll, sweet/sour ribs, meatball stew, and steamed branzino. Lots of flavor and tastiness from these dishes especially the bean curd roll and stir fry chicken which gets my stamp of approval. The meatball stew (lions head) was a nostalgic dish as it reminded me of my grandfather's and mother's traditional Chinese cooking. Oh the memories! Food comes out pretty quickly and there's all types of dishes to satisfy your Chinese cravings. Cold dishes such as the tofu skin salad are unique and they also have dim sum as well. Not to mention this is done in Fairfax county so you know the asian authenticness will shine through with every bite! It's likely this will be our family Chinese spot whenever we're back in NOVA. And that's perfectly fine with me!

Mary Y.

Be prepared to be spiced and wowed! Everything is freshly made with fresh ingredients and made to order... such a great atmosphere inside the Returaunt. the staff is helpful with informing you on things that you might not want to eat. We are slowly making through the menu and some of our favorites are slat & pepper shrimp, Chive pancakes, shrimp dumplings and barbecue ribs. One item on the small Plates side we suggest the Steamed chili fish with glass noddles, it takes 20mins to make but worth the wait! We will be coming back over and over, such a wonderful restaurant and the taste profile is incredible.

Rebecca A.

I was pleasantly surprised by Mama Changs. The decor is trendy, the customer service is attentive and polite, and the food!!! The food appears at your table so fast, it's like magic. The simple dishes like the green beans were so tender, fried but not mushy inside. The egg yolk egg, for those who love salted egg yolk, is amazing and exploding with Umami. Everything is perfect and delicious. I can't wait to go back and explore more of their dishes.

Danny S.

The first visited Mama Chang during their Grand Opening. I remember the wait being over an hour, but the food was really good. The interior is very big and has tons of seating. I recently visited for a second time and luckily the wait wasn't long as before. We ordered the Roast Duck, stir-fried noodles with chicken, and seafood tofu hot pot. Overall, all the dishes were above average and the service was good. The roast duck did not seem as tasty as my first time; however, is still better than most places.

David B.

I've eaten at Mama Chang dozens of times. When we moved from Arlington out to Fairfax, proximity to Mama Chang was on the list of "pros" for the house we bought. The food is fantastic either dine in or to-go, and it's gotten rave reviews from the various friends/family who've eaten here. My cousin for several months afterwards talked about the dry fried cauliflower, which is my single favorite dish... maybe anywhere? Every small dish I've had has been good. Every family style dish is good. Every small bite is good. The pineapple buns are good. Mana dishes are better than simply good - the farmer's stir fry (eggs, peppers, celery, tofu skins, other things) is a combination of ingredients and flavors that is almost overwhelming. Two tips: 1. Be brave and order things where you're not sure what they are. Trust them! They know what they're doing. 2. Don't order standard american chinese dishes (sesame chicken, etc). That stuff is fine here, but the other stuff is outstanding.

Annie P.

We've been multiple times and their food quality is pretty consistent. Our favorite is definitely the lamb and fish ball soup! Super hearty! I'm a fan of their fish balls- so tender and juicy. You can also order just the fish balls on a small appetizer. Husband's favorite is farmer's pork (fancy name for twice cooked pork). We also got kung pao chicken but it's no good - too sweet and has a super thick glaze of corn starch.

Ryan C.

Came here for a family dinner on a Saturday night. Was told it would be an hour wait but only took about 25-30 minutes. We ordered a good amount of dishes for the table but had to order twice. One of the biggest disappointments was being told that they ran out of Peking Duck and then that they ran out of duck spring rolls too after we ordered that separately. We got the pork/shrimp spring roll, pan fried pork dumplings, baked bbq pastry, stir fried rice noodle with beef, fried chicken, crispy pork belly, salt and pepper shrimp, chicken wonton soup, whole steamed branzino, and stir fried beef tenderloin. My favorites were the spring rolls, dumplings, baked bbq pastry, fried chicken, and the pork belly. The shrimp was kind of salty for my taste. The noodles, branzino, and the tenderloin were ok, nothing crazy. The chicken and pork belly were super crispy but not oily. The dumplings were ok, wish the sauce was spicier. Service was a little rough, we order some wine but it never came to the table and our server was gone for big chunks of time but it was very busy that day, she was working a party as well. I'd definitely try coming back since we liked the takeout we got and the food is decent. Just need to come back when they have Peking duck.

Kevin T.

Hole-in-the-wall quality food coming out of a very much not hole-in-the-wall place. I did not expect a place that looked so clean and modern to be pumping out food that went this hard. I decided to take my family here for a casual dinner after getting recommendations from a few different friends. Now I understand why it's a reliable recommendation that would make it onto anyone's list. For a party of 5, 5 small plates / appetizers, 2 family style entrees and 2 desserts was enough volume for us to be walking out of there with significantly more gravity assist. Our dish selection biased meat and spicy-heavy since those looked the most intriguing. While I don't quite get the extraordinary hype around the dry fried cauliflower, I thought it was tasty and gave the biggest dose of sichuan peppercorn. The spice levels across the board were on point. They won't burn your eyebrows off, but they won't leave you wheeze-free either. Despite all being similarly drenched or sprinkled with red chili oil / chilis, I was impressed that each dish still maintained distinctly delicious flavor profiles. Some items were just okay, like the beef jerky and glutinous rice cake / mochi desserts, but I don't think you can really order wrong. Personally I'd recommend Mama's pig feet for gelatinous cumin-infused goodness to gnaw on and some form of their hot chili stew to warm the soul. Overall I can definitely see myself coming back to explore some more.

Jason Zhu

Driving 20 miles to Fairfax while on a trip in Virginia and staying at Pentagon city. It was worth to find best Chinese/Asian restaurant in Great DC area. Large area, the restaurant seemed taking half of the building (if not the whole), with bar and a couple group rooms. Some web info told its cuisine was from Hunan/Hubei (provinces in south of Yangzi river in China). It was definitely hot spicy and had a unique way to cook pork trotters - highly recommend to try it. Authentic Chinese food would always deal with pork at different portion.

Da-Wang Wu

We enjoyed our dining experiences here! The service was really good, and the environment was also very bright and relaxing. We ordered cauliflower, golden mountain beef, sweet & sour ribs, bubble scallion pancake, duck spring roll and steamed custard buns, and each of these dishes was delicious! Will definitely come back in the future!

Hannah Mulato

Definitely one of the best restaurants around! I've been here more than 4 times in the past month because I couldn't forget their food. Bubble scallion pancake is something fun to get as an appetizer and you definitely have to get their seafood tofu hotpot! You can never go wrong with anything that's on their menu! Good place to eat, especially with large groups.

Brittany N.

This past weekend I tried Mama Chang for the first time. I've definitely seen a lot of people post about this restaurant and wanted to give it a try. I gave three stars simply because our server was really amazing . He was very knowledgeable about all of the different dishes and just created a very pleasant experience overall which sort of makes me sad to only leave 3 stars . If it was just in regards to the food it would only be 2 stars. A lot of the dishes did not have much flavor and were just so so . It also didn't help that the restaurant used frozen shrimp... I will not be going back and I wouldn't use them for to go orders either. The inside of the restaurant is very nice and clean giving a more modern feel, if only they could avoid using frozen shrimp and come up with better recipes. Duck was terrible.

Mia Y.

Decent place. Price was reasonable. Food was good quality. The only reason I'm giving it a 4 instead of 5 is because all the dishes were kinda bland and taste similar in my opinion, especially the beef jerky. It was only spicy and nothing else. Couldn't even taste the salt. But it was still good. Pig feet seemed like a popular dish according to the reviews, but honestly it tasted exact the same as the beef jerky. Try to avoid the same type of dishes when you go cuz them may taste the same.

Melissa G.

Ever since my husband moved here from California he's been asking to find more authentic Chinese cuisine, and this did not disappoint. The food was all incredibly flavorful and well done. We ordered many dishes to try a wide variety of the menu. For this first trip we did keep it to some of the more familiar dishes and didn't get too adventurous on our first visit. We ordered the stir fry vegetables (bok choy), crispy pork belly, roasted duck, hunan chicken chow mein, braised pork belly w/ tea egg, whole steamed branzino, and mapo tofu. It was all very good. Some better than others. My personal favorite was the chow mein... the seasoning was just amazing. My husband said the mapo tofu is the BEST he has ever had, he ate the entire (very large) dish by himself. Unfortunately I did not care for the steamed fish. It was raw in the middle. I don't mind raw fish, I regularly eat a variety of sashimi, but unfortunately branzino has almost no flavor when it's raw and it didn't allow the fish to absorb any of the delicious chili mix they cook it with. I think it was the most expensive item we ordered and unfortunately I would not order it again. The food was also all very oily. Full admission that I have not been to very many real Chinese food restaurants, so that may just be a natural part of the cuisine. All in all, very flavorful! Very generous portions and not overpriced for the quality. We will definitely try it out again! Ps- my phone is spell checking all the food names! So apologies for any typos.

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