Tamashii Ramen & Sushi

10780 Fairfax Blvd STE 107, Fairfax
(703) 273-2860

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Jennifer Y

This is my third time visiting Tamashii. Tried sashimi, sushi, and rice bowl dish. I didn’t expect much since it is in the grocery store but their fish are very fresh and rice bowel dish was so good. The prices for dishes are so reasonable. This will be my go to place for Japanese food. Wish it is closer to where I live.


Amazing food, loved the sushi and chicken! Cashier was super friendly as well!


Tamsshi ramen noodle and brooth are pretty good, but the pork was tasteless and hard.

Jen Taylor Scheetz

Good for a quick bite, counter service in a large food court, grocery type complex. Very nice and friendly staff.

Ariana M.

Honestly I never expect too much when it comes to food courts because in my opinion, usually the food is just average. The reason for this 2 star rating is because when I ordered this dish, I received the broth on the colder side and the spice was barely spicy. The noddles were a cold as well and overall I didn't enjoy my meal here.

Ken C.

Usually, I don't have high expectation from food court Japanese shop and this place is inside 99 Ranch which is Asian supermarket. It was late afternoon and no line. So, I ordered Tamashi Ramen (as recommend by local coworker) for take out. I am surprise and wasn't bad at all. Again, we cannot comparing to the top ramen shop in DC. However, it is definitely taste above average in that local area. I will to come back to try other item on the menu.

Amy H.

The restaurant is inside of the 99 Ranch supermarket. Ramen tasted great! My bf and I both got Takoyaki to start off with and it was soooo good. The outside was perfect soft and crispy at the same time and it wasn't too soft like some places make it. We both got the volcano ramen - his was as is but for mine, I substituted the pork for shrimp tempura because they had the shrimp tempura ramen as a special that day. The portion size of the ramen was perfect and filling - it wasn't too much noodles/broth and it wasn't too little either. Price was kinda high for a bowl ($13.50) but it was good quality so I guess I can't complain. Seating was sorta limited due to covid restrictions. They did a great job of spacing out the tables so it's at least 6ft apart. I will definitely be coming back!!

Annie P.

Tamashii is probably one of the better food court ramen shops that I've had and it's been a hit or miss whenever we've picked up/ordered delivery from here. Since traveling to Japan, my husband and I have become total ramen snobs and we've only had ramen a handful of times since our trip. My husband and I love spice so we typically get the Tamashii volcano (spice lumped into a ball) or akamaru (spicy oil). The portions are on the smaller side but the amount of noodles are generous and there's no need to purchase a side of extra noodles. In addition to ramen, they also serve several different appetizers such as pork buns, kara age (fried chicken), gyoza, takoyaki as well as sushi. They also have cold noodles as well as donburi (rice bowls). The restaurant itself is located inside 99 Ranch Market in the food court area (which is on the right side of the entrance of the store). Although Tamashii isn't our go-to place in the area, but it's an option for when you're in this area or if you're craving ramen while grocery shopping.

Hugo French

I celebrated my graduation last night in this great restaurant. happy to tell that it was a fantastic evening and the restaurant was surely one of the reasons for that happy celebration. The stuff contributed in a pleasant way, the meals were tasty and my guests were so joyful. We shall surely visit again for more celebrations. thanks very much.

Irene G.

Delicious. I love the katsudon meal. You can ask for it with curry gravy. It includes miso soup. A classic dish that hits the comfort food spot just right! Get a side of sushi also for that added omega-3 brain power. A++ will eat again.

Justine B.

Unfortunately, I haven't eaten here bc the owners/employees lack basic customer service skills. A few weeks ago, I walked up to the counter to look at the menu. The man standing there didn't say hello. I left. Today, I walked up again and the woman standing there glanced at me-- she also didn't say hello. You can't possibly think I'm going to hand over my coins when you can't even greet me?! Walked over the the Filipino place next to this and the owner/employee greeted me warmly and explained the menu. Too bad bc their ramen looks good but the manners are lacking.

Jason M.

The food deserves 3.5 to 4 stars. Decent broth, portions seems smaller than most places and the char-siu was sliced way to thin and was pretty bland in flavor. Now the real reasons why I'm only giving to stars is because while eating there. I saw a rat run out of their kitchen area to the boba place...hopefully they can get that issue resolved soon. Eat at your own risk.

Grace W.

Was very excited to try something new in the 99 Ranch market. Pro- service was fast. Wile waiting, the young lady working at the counter dropped a pile of serving trays on the floor, picked them up and used them to serve and plate food, not hygienic at all. The chicken was dark meat and not cooked thoroughly- can't remember the last time I had undercooked chicken but not acceptable under any circumstances. The salmon was weird- somewhat cooked on top and raw underneath- not a nice sear- off putting and six small pieces. The shrimp tempura and eel roll was decent. The seaweed salad lacked flavor and seasoning. The Unami fries were ok, not crispy at all. Pretty bad first experience and probably won't try anything else. $46 and pretty small servings. Not quality food or worth the price.


Great for a quickie sushi lunch or dinner fix. Portion are a bit small for the rolls. I heard the microwave ding 2x when I was waiting for my food to come out. So I am guessing that was my order being reheated in the microwave. Oh well.

Heidi L.

I would make it short and sweet. This place is located inside of 99 Ranch Market next to Mien Noodle which is the very first place you can see when you enter the market. Food comes as what you would see on the menu. I went during the weekdays daytime so it was pretty quick. Didn't wait more than 10 minutes. The quality of food is pretty decent for a food court. It is pretty pricey for food court inside of the market but I don't think it was that bad. I think I would choose to come again. I liked the meat quality on the katsu. I want to try different entrees if I come by 99 Ranch :)

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