Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

6134 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church
(703) 462-8048

Recent Reviews

Donna Davis

Surprised that the chicken was as good as it is. I never would have thought as much from a franchise. Not bad at all.

Margaret Phillips

Been my family's go to since forever.Although while we were in the other day we watched an employee drop a piece of chicken and still put it in the box unacceptable .

nick kuhar

I ordered $40 popeyes family meal. The chicken was old/cold. We didn't even eat it. $40 is a lot to spend on fast food, you would at least expect it to be decent.

Pat Armstrong

Hot and good taste!

Willi Hern

The chicken it is fine, but the service it is terrible, I have visited this place and always the help line are not friendly and do not suggest anything from the menu to considering while ordering.

Ike Edwards

It would get another star or two, if they could get delivery orders correct. Disappointing when having partial meals that you have to improvise to make up for missing items.

James N

The staff here are really incompetent. They don’t speak English very well and neither does the manager.

mustafa Saeed

The best Popeyes in the history of all Popeyes all over the world.


I stopped here for a quick bite. I initially wanted to try the fish sandwich but I couldn't stomach paying $9 for that combo and settled on the shrimp tackle box. I should've sampled it before leaving the location. The food tasted as if it had been sitting too long and overcooked (i.e., very chewy, rubbery). The temperature was sub-par. It's located near shopping trip with other food places and retail places. Parking spaces are very close, which made me rush to get in and out before someone could return to their car and sing my car door.

Robert Pelzer

Popeyes chicken is by far the best fast food restaurant to get chicken. Don't forget to get the best sauce to go with your chicken it both spicy and sweet therefore called Sweet Heat. Many of the restaurants have the new soda machines that give you lots of choices. Try a strawberry coke...they are grrrreat!

Branden Laumann

I am very pleased with this Popeyes location. My food has always been hot, juicy, and crispy. The establishment is clean and the front line employees are super friendly! At many fast food restaurants in the Falls Church/NOVA area the employees are rude AF but not here! Love the free delivery on $20 order!!

sam brewer

A service was okay but don't waste your money a real rip off for the price. Not the same as it was in the past. Little tiny small pieces of chicken from Young chickens. Portions of practically nothing. For value for the dollar.

Charlie milanés

Slow. Garbage. Clearly treats employees terribly and it shows in the chicken.

FatherDavid Sharland

I had a great lunch today at Popeyes. I had not yet had their chicken sandwich and wanted to compare it with another favorite restaurant of mine. I found the classic chicken sandwich to be crunchy on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside. I think it could have used an extra pickle. The fries the company were very good. I also asked for some of the hot and spicy sauce that would have gone on the spicy chicken and tried to dip a little of that with my sandwich. It is a nicely spicy hot sauce. The restaurant was well taken care of, very clean and well set up to deal with covid-19 concerns. I will certainly be back for some more tasty Louisiana kitchen style fried chicken. The wait staff was very helpful and informative with my questions.

Bob Barfield

Onion rings were absolutely delicious ?

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