Yeshi Kitfo Ethiopian Restaurant

3400 Washington Dr unit d, Falls Church
(240) 476-3753

Recent Reviews

Selam Mathewos

Yeshi Kitfo has the best Kitfo and hospitality in the DMV area. Andy has always been consistent and treats his customers as family. Great servers and customer service.

Alexandra Heinstein

We were looking for an Ethiopian restaurant in the area, but we hesitated to go here based on the reviews. I am so glad we went because the food was really tasty. The service is slow, but it seemed to be a family owned restaurant, so I didnt expect anything better. Overall, great food.

Lelise Gemeda

me and my friend we went there last night from the beginning that a waitress was very rude and the food we ordered was Cold waitress refused to give us a tea after we ordered two times but she bring out tea for another customers so they refuse a for us and they didn’t even apologize Or check on us have a nasty attitude and the place is overpriced horrible customer service and it’s very sad we will never be back in here

Mesfin Seyoum

First time for everything...what an atmosphere..very tasty food. I like how the menu is straightforward and simple...great service and would recommend for every one....I will come by and try something else on the menu...stay healthy and keep feeding your neighborhood fingers crunching food...came back again 12/16/21...just like I expected....service was above and beyond.. waitress feven was unbelievably welcoming and on point with her skills. Food OMG consistency A++++ I tried yeshi tibs and it was so tasty I ate my fingers ?...DEFINITELY COMING BACK FOR MORE....For great service and authentic kitfo I would pay more and give 30% tip.

Benyam A

I ordered one Kitfo to go and was charged $20 for the Kitfo and $8 for two pieces of Ethio imported injera. So one Kitfo was $28. Four small pieces of kocho were $9. The Kitfo was tasteless and oily. I wouldn’t go back.

Yedu G

We ordered one special kitfo. It came as a kind of cold. After we ate for much of the portion, the coordinator came and asked us about our experience. I told him that it was a bit cold. He asked us if we want it to be heated. They did heat it. Still they added butter to it but was not hot enough.Again, the way the waitress treat us seems as if we make a mistake of asking them to heat the cold kitfo. As a result we were uncomfortable.

Yohannes N

Service is impeccable. Management was amazing. Food was Fire. Coffee was on Point. Dare I say the best Kitfo in the Eastern USA!! Follow @ethio_joe for more food reviews

Frehiwot Feleke

The food at first was a cold which we weren’t so happy about. The second time was way better it came hot. It was also a little hard getting there attention when we wanted stuff. I would suggest hiring more employees for better service for everyone because there were only 2 people and a lot of customers. Overall thank you it was great!

Yoseph G. Zeru

One of the best kitfo I ever had in my life. The dish Yetashe Kitfo is to die for. The five star belongs to Feven for her costumer service of going above and beyond the call of duty. She was able to get me my Yetash kitfo when they were short of Togo box. Thank you!

Yémi A

Great food HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SERVICE! Not a single day where they have given a good service. They literally act like their doing you a favor by you PURCHASING the food. For $20/per dish you would think they would provide a decent enough service. Just sad no one cares about this aspect of business in the community.

Dawit Leyew

We ordered Special kitifo and Gomen besiga! The kitifo was awesome but the gomen besiga …. No single meat on it.


The food is overpriced and the customer service is horrible. Owner had an attitude and the vegetarian dish we ordered was bad. Would not recommend this place to anyone and will not be a returning customer.

adonay amare

The best Kitfo ( Ethiopian Dish) you could ever get in the US!

Mariamawit Tilahun

Their kitfo is really good, it reminded me of home. I would love it if y'all delivered.


The waitress was nice, the food was overpriced. I was charged for something I did not order and also what the price said on the menu and what I was charged was different.

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