Perini Pizza

308 N Main St, Farmville
(434) 315-8809

Recent Reviews


Great Pizza! Great price! Great location! Tony is the best pizza maker around. I started out on Tony's pizza when I was a kid in the 70's. So glad he opened another resturant!

Selena Jones

Stopped in for lunch while shopping along Main Street in Farmville, great little place with good food, we had cheese steak subs. Prices we?re good, along with service and quickness. Recommend.

john fontana

Our first time here and it was awesome had pizza and fried ravioli amazing would recommend to all service also very good

Tabitha Pitts

Delicious food. Quick service.

DeQuana Moore

I love that they give you fresh popcorn before your food. Very nice people!

Lisa Schroedel

The food is okay.. average not great but not bad . I like my meatball sub.

Sherry Taylor

Excellent service and awesome food!!!

Kevin Price

We stopped here on our bike ride on the High Bridge Trail. The pizza is as good as you?ll get anywhere and the people are super friendly! Including the owner who came out to see how we enjoyed our lunch. Love this place.

Paul Masselin

Tony has always had the best thin crust pizza

Bubba Clark

Love this place great food and friendly service.

Cynthia Foley

Best pizza around! Great popcorn, atmosphere and service.

Susan Smith

Awesome pizza, friendly staff. Much better than the chain pizza restaurants.

Michelle Tenny

Great food, wonderful staff and a personable owner who mans the stove and oven along side others who work and dine. And they're not just another pizza joint they have a generous menu that will suit most diners. Ithe best burger and fries that was in a class that no fast food joint would ever beat

Jonathan Hubert

Tended to our order the way we wanted it. Hot and fresh delicious. Great staff members. Awesome brownie sundaes.


We had a delicious meal at Perini. We are in town on vacation and felt like locals. Tony came out to meet us and ask how our meal was. He even answered question about the trail and biking. We will definitely stop by again. As ypu can see not one bite left!

Paul Davies

What a great pizza! With all the pizza joints around which one do you go to? This one!! I drive 40 minutes to this place as I know I am never dissapointed. Recommended this place without hesitation.

Conan Magruder

Most places produce pizza that is based more on science than art. This pizza is crafted by hand so might be different than any you ever had before.

Wesley Atkins

By far the best pizza in the area.

hollyandgavin13 .

We had a delicious meal at Perini. We are in town on vacation and felt like locals. Tony came out to meet us and ask how our meal was. He even answered question about the trail and biking. We will definitely stop by again. As ypu can see not one bite left!


We had heard several years ago that Tony was going to reopen a restaurant - fast forward to last Saturday we finally got there and wow, we were not let down. Ordered our usual pizza for which we compare all others - cheese with banana peppers, onions and tomato - large- hey, we like pizza. When the pizza was delivered to our table we both saw it actually was large by anyoneâ??s definition. The crust was not too thick, not too thin- perfect. The sauce was spot on specifically for pizza (and not made for spaghetti as is sometimes typical at Italian restaurants), it was not smothered by cheese - you could actually see and taste the toppings. The pizza was made to perfection and was what we remember good pizza tasted like during grad school. We plan to go again soon - you come too!


We have eaten here on multiple occasions and have always found the pizza to be exceptional! The service is great and the staff friendly. The only downfall we have seen is that the Ranch dressing is not very good. Love the popcorn!


Perinis Pizza is the best pizza Iâ??ve ever had!!Where else does the owner actually make your pizza in front of you. Iâ??m sooo glad they are back in FarmVille again!!!I went to Perinis in 1984 and now 2019!!!How awesome is that!!

Diane H.

We went and had dinner there service was great food is wonderful, prices are really good


Pretty nice place. Held a little birthday party for a friend there and it went nicely. The pizza was kinda messy but tasted amazing. The people there are really nice too.

Dawn SMarshall

Back in town for a visit. Perini's was around when I was in high school. Pizza was better than I remembered and now I can share it with my son's. Order was perfect and ready when I came to pick it up. Coming back for more pizza next time I'm in town.

Jana Kiss of Ink

Servers need to pay attention to who came in first and ask all the tables how theyre doing not just one

myra easter

Excellent place to eat. Tony has the best pizza in town

Prince C

Ordered Pizza and Mozzarella sticks...they were perfect. Brought me back to CT!!!!

Matt Botset

Good food in a family atmosphere. The owner even came over himself to chat us up. Highly recommend this place bbn if you are in Farmville.


Nice location, clean, friendly helpful staff and great thin crust pizza just wish he could have mussels in a spicy red sauce and fried calamari

Tonya C.

I don't see where these bad reviews are coming from. The owner is very nice. Inside had a romantic feeling and it was very clean! The food is really good too. My husband loves the pizza! I took a slice and loved it. I really enjoy the spaghetti too. I'll be back.

michael cissel

Great pizza. Awesome service. The owner Tony is super nice and comes out to say hello. Would recommend it to everyone who loves pizza. Wish it was the only pizza place you can go too. Makes all others sad in comparison.

Bea Critzer

The pizza was some of the best I have ever eaten. Very flavorful. Delicious! And reasonable prices.

Leilana Townsend

I'm giving it two stars simply because of the waitress that is good at her job and did our servers job for her.

Robin F.

Very bland reheated pizza. Toppings slightly reheated. Stay away. Better food anywhere else.

Tim A.

Good food again now that owner bought it back and went more authentic and got rid of the Mexican cook staff that Rosa had working there.