Basilico New York Deli

2577 Cowan Blvd, Fredericksburg
(540) 370-0355

Recent Reviews

liam wade

I ate here every day for a week, almost every meal, while my grandfather was in the hospital. That was the hardest week of my life up to his passing. The food was great, it was good quality, everything was made to order. But more so it was comforting. It would pick up your spirits in those hard times. The staff was usually cheery and seemed genuinely happy. I'm thankful we found this place.

Aaron Rayford

Great Food! Super slow service. Prefer the one on Harrison Road.

Conor Terry

Came here for a family dinner and glad we did.

Richard Pennington

This place is great. We especially enjoy breakfast here on Saturday mornings. The meals are excellent and it's not crowded like Cracker barrel, Metro Diner or IHOPs. I really enjoy the 60's music also.

Mike Lim

Excellent food and desserts. The pizza is just as good as Castiglia's brick oven pizza but thicker and maybe even better. If you get a pizza with prosciutto, I've noticed a huge difference in terms of quantity and quality.

Chris Lamirata

Great food. The calzones are great! The service is fast and friendly. The chicken salad sandwich is also delicious.

Lynn Caldwell

Very delicious, very authentic Italian pastries. Pricey though. A piece of pastry will cost you $5.

Kate M.

I had a wonderful meal with my family at this Italian restaurant and bakery. My chicken Parmesan and pasta was pretty good. My husband loved his French dip sandwich. Daughter loved her fettuccini Alfredo. We chose the Oreo cake, strawberry shortcake, and tiramisu for dessert. I loved the Oreo cake with the rich chocolate cake and whipped frosting. Kid said the strawberry shortcake was delicious. The staff was friendly and attentive. We will stop here again on our next trip down 95

Debra B.

Always loved coming here for lunch when I was close by. Two weeks ago, I finally convinced my husband to have the Italian pork sandwich with me. The last time I had it I thought I had died and gone to juicy and tender...amazing. This time, I was so disappointed and he thought I was nuts for liking it. It was so dry, we were choking it down. Hardly any flavor of the onions, greens or cheese. It was as if it was leftover from the week prior. Don't think we'll be back for quite awhile.

Mary Ann S.

I love their pastas and they have an awesome dessert selection. I like that you can create your own mac and cheese. Would definitely recommend.

Sari S.

Great clean eating. The grilled chicken with rice and vegetables was fantastic. Staff is fantastic. Lemon cake is fantastic. Absolutely great!

Jeri B.

Holy Smokes! This place was awesome! Little noisy, but a lot of families. Food was fabulous. Check out the Gelato, they make it. Yum!

Scott D.

Basilico is delicious and I have been to both of their locations. Everything always tastes fresh and has great flavor.

Mary S.

This is my favorite go to spot for lunch when I was working in an Obgyn office. Definitely, recommend the lobster bisque soup absolutely delicious and amazing. I had the French dip sandwich with lobster bisque soup and it was delicious . Also, stop for dessert, everything made from scratch and it super fresh. The cakes and gelato is delicious, a definite stop here for lunch.


I had heard about this restaurant from friends. We decided to have lunch here and loved it. The food was delicious, fresh, and a variety of dishes.\nThey also have a wonderful freshly made bakery with large size desserts. Plus ice cream,Yum!\nStaff was very friendly too. We will definitely come back.

Craig M.

Let me start by saying the desert items are good, especially the carrot cake. Also, the employees are incredibly helpful and personable. However, the food is just not great. Really bland and flavorless. I got the gnocchi and it was really mealy and tasteless. Also, the chicken on top tasted like it was frozen and had some kind of char flavoring added to it to simulate grilling. Also, the bread for the subs was pretty flavorless, almost stale tasting. Unfortunately, won't be back.

Patrica S.

Ordered the vegetable pizza and very disappointed with the lack of Vegas tables. I counted 10 slices of squash and zucinni. Sprinkle of onion and mushroom, All cheese..... The NY sandwich is also very small. The restaurant is clean and staff very pleasant and the cheesecake is great! Not sure if will return.

Noel Lane

Absolutely awesome! I do Home care, we had to take our client to visit the ear doctor and my friend and colleague who is also Home care for our lady, suggested to have lunch here. We got Evelyn child's spaghetti and Mac and cheese. I and my co worker split a Cobb salad wrap, OH how delicious!!! Staff wonderful! Service, food was worth it. Homemade even to ice cream. Coming back Monday night, glass of wine 😊. We also bought dessert to bring home!!


Had corned beef sandwich. It wasn't true NY style kosher Corned Beef. It was OK, but probably, wouldn't get again. They should add Coney Island style potato knish to the menu.


Great pastries and ice cream.\nGood food.\nAlways clean and relaxing atmosphere.\nA little pricey, though. \nWould recommend.

Julie S.

Ordered a delicious gluten-free grilled bbq chicken pizza and this did not disappoint. The size was big, considering it was GF. Chewy crust, yummy toppings. I was also impressed their menu includes gelato and gelato shakes, sadly, I did not partake.


My husband and I ate here before a concert. I had calzone, which was, perhaps, the best I’ve ever had! My husband had the Reuben and deemed it a good choice. We were unable to resist trying desert from the large selection in the dessert case. Of the two we tried, the Hoho cake was our favorite. I sure wish we had a place like this closer to home!!! There are so many things I’d love to try!

Morgan Griffith

Wonderful! I came here with my boyfriend for dessert and coffee. There seemed to be a gelato options. I cannoli imagine a latte work is put into each and every dessert. They all looked so good! I decided on a slice of plain cheesecake and a mocha cappuccino. They both were very delicious. This places takes the cheesecake for desserts! I plan to creme back here again some time soon.

Patricia Whiteside

Our first time here and we absolutely loved it! Went for dessert and could not decide on what to get because they had so many yummy looking treats on display. The food looked and smelled so good!


This place has a fantastic menu and the food doesn't disappoint either. The people are great and willing to assist at any time. And, oh yeah, did I mention the food?

Jamie Arr

Food smelled great! The Pepsi machine was nice (c'mon how many Pepsi multi drinks have YOU seen?). The coffee was tasty and the dessert I had was lovely...I wish I had brought my appetite when I went but it was a cool place to hang out that was close to everything until you got inside. I actually forgot that I was near Mary Wash, near the mall, near route 1, and so far away from any of them. I will return and have food instead of words to pass the time. Highly suggest this place and I will probably add a star once I dug in a little deeper!

Lauren Stewart

Sandwiches and sides are perfection. The bakery has treats and pastries that taste as good as they look. Check out the gelato display for a refreshing sweet to fight the heat. The employees are super friendly too!


This is a very casual restaurant. There is no ambience - it’s just a big room with tables. There are a few outdoor tables too. You place your order at the counter and they deliver to your table. Service was passable. My sister ordered the chicken soup but it was so salty she sent it back. I ordered the chicken piccata. It was served in a large bowl and was mostly noodles – way too soft noodles. The chicken pieces tasted steamed and almost melted in your mouth. They had no seasoning and no flavor. The sauce, on the other hand, was tasty with capers, tomatoes, and artichokes. I also ordered a not so good cabernet that was served in a very small glass. It was pricey at $20 for a very mediocre meal. I most likely will not return again.


Food is always delicious. Staff is always friendly. Desserts are divine. We've dined in got takeout multiple times and I've never been disappointed.

Ashley H.

I tried to suprise my boyfriend this past weekend by finding an italian bakery close to home that had his cannolis so we could stop driving to this mom and pop bakery in lorton all the time lol. Initially you walk itln and it is a very clean place and even 30 mins before closing was still busy. We made our way to the dessert side that had the huge displays of pastries on one side and ice cream on the other while we drooled and waited our turn to make our selections. I got major bonus points from my boyfriend since he was also craving cheesecake. The young lady behind the counter offered no smile and had nothing but attitude while taking our order which i can only asdume was a teenager ready to be off from work. However her male coworker jumped in to assist her and we got a cannoli and strawberry cheesecake for him and i got a srawberry shortcake and another cream filled pastry. We decided to save the ice cream for next time. We paid and left and couldnt wait to get home to eat our pastries as we watches a movie. We both ate our cream filled pastries first. The cannoli was burned on the bottom and the cream feeling was not authentic tasting at all. The one i had tasted ok but could put cut with a fork i had to pick up the whole slice and bite it which i though was a little out the ordinary but tasted ok. Now the cheecake and shortcake were absolutely delicious. Light and fluffy and melted in your mouth. I wantee to love this place so bad not just for the dessert but to also try the food but it leaves me wondering about their customer service and cooking if they are serving burnt items. I may give tjem another try but we will just have to see.

Michael G.

Came here as a lunch-over on our trip south. Two out of three of us was very pleased with our meal. We chose Basilico due to your Yelp reviews, and they were pretty spot on. Thanks!!! The place has a "restaurant" side where you order at the register and then sit down at a table or booth where the waitstaff will deliver your order to you. The other half of the facility is an Italian pastry/bakery and gelato station. Although all the pastries looked really good, we did not spend the money for the extra calories. My She-Crab soup could have had more crab, but it was one of the best tasting and creamiest soups I've had in a long time. Very enjoyable. I also had a lunch special fried chicken wrap which had lettuce, raw onion, cheddar cheese, bacon, and a dressing. This was also very tasty but skimped on the size of the chicken. Probably less than four ounces. The choice side of Mac and Cheese was good, but too creamy for me and not really a hit. It stayed mostly in the bowl. Wife had a chicken pesto panini which made her say that we'd come back to the restaurant if we were in the area again. She also really liked her side of potato salad with chunks of peppers and other stuff with the potatoes. Kid ordered what looked like it would be a great sandwich of roast pork based on the picture above the register. But, unfortunately, although piled high with roast pork, he felt it was very dry and unseasoned. It definitely needed bbq sauce which may have been on the condiment table, but we did not notice it until after he finished. He also wasn't happy with his bag of kettle chips...just not a fan. Service was quick in the crowded restaurant and friendly. $38 for three including two drinks.

Shari M.

My family was visiting here from out of town and my husband found this little restaurant. I'm not much of a deli sandwich person but I went. We walked in and it smelled delicious just walking in the door. We ordered the Italian Hero hot- what a delicious sandwich. We loved this place so much, we came back the next day (brought more people with us), and ate there again. We will definitely be back next time we are in town.

Bianca D.

So far, so good. I've been to this deli twice and have enjoyed most of what I ordered (Pesto chicken pizza, Chicken Salad Sandwich, and Cannolis have all been really good). But the last time I was there had a girl at the checkout was a little snooty, like she didn't even want to ring up my order. But I let it go since I was really hungry, and the food is actually really good there. Hopefully the next time I won't have to encounter that type of service again.


Everything tasted was good. A kind of nyc vibe runs through the place. Pizz,pasta,sandwiches all very good. Desserts are a welcome Italian treat.

Matt Brown

Wonderful spot for any kind of sandwich you could want. Make sure to save room for homemade gelato or one of their awesome cakes.

Jonathan H.

Epic while unassuming!!! Had the chicken cacciatore. The sauce and peppers were epic! Chicken was moist and delicious. Salad was fresh and the dressing was perfect on it and the garlic bread had a delicious garlic scent without an overpowering taste and an exceptional marinara served with it. Our only regret that we had to travel and couldn't take the epic array of desserts with us. Definitely our new stopping place for lunch when passing through Fredericksburg!!!

Wilson Greenlaw

One of my go to lunch spots. The owners are great people. Genuine Italian. I really like the Greek salad add grilled chicken. The tomato orzo soup is great. Good paninis. And they have ridiculous cakes and cheesecake. We get them for my wife for Mother's day.

Jello Yall

I LOVE Basilico! If I could I would give this place a 10/10 if possible! To be honest, this restaurant is my overall favorite place to eat. The food is great! Not to mention the Gelato is like the better version of any other ice cream! Over all AWESOME experience!

William H.

Two things that make this place amazing, the Lobster Bisque and the dessert selection.

Laura Ivey Ellis

Consistently good food and good service!