Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits

9815 Hospital Blvd, Fredericksburg
(540) 376-7158

Recent Reviews

Mikaela Lambert

Excellent customer service, fresh and delicious food, and a clean restaurant! This was the best experience we have ever had at Bojangles (or any fast food restaurant).

Bonnie Bobeck

Fried chicken & biscuits are what they're known for. Kids meals are nice, biscuits are delicious & service was fast & friendly. Only gave 3 stars because it was too salty for my tastes.

Justin Red

Love this place the most grate service very good food costumer service was very helpful ten out of ten for me

chris owens

We went for chicken strips but after seeing the price we went next door to sheets who by the way has really good chicken strips.

Crystal Fowler

Supremes were hot and fresh and good size. Biscuit was also very fresh and hot. Delicious!

Christian Emberton

Great food and finally a location closer to home. The only problem was the wait for something as simple as Bo rounds. It was worth it overall, and I would definitely go back.

Dylan Barber

Great food glad I don't have to go to Richmond to get Bojangles 😁

Dixie Moore Morgan

Only the second time I’ve been here cashier at the window never said anything to me after she gave me my food and I realized they didn’t put gravy on my mashed potatoes so I go back through the drive-through they give them to me and still do not apologize or say anything to me. Poor customer service. Never again.

Christopher Price

great staff the food was awesome and hade a great time

Wendy Villa

Chicken is the best, come here every other week and order the 8 piece tailgate special. Delicious

Zachary Hicks

Gotta love the customer service here. Walker has memorized my name and order; very polite and professional every morning. It is rare to see that kind of attention given to the customers outside of chick-fil-a. Do the reasonable thing and promote people like this!

Nickc031579 09201980

These guys are always so fast and so awesome. Keep up the great work

Dante Thomas

The food was good but, the associate that got my food was rude. I told her that my order was to go and she rolled her eyes and let out a deep sigh. I told her if it was a problem I could put it in a bag myself. The cashier never asked me if it was for here or to go.

Me Zyla

Super clean, super friendly, super tasty!


As a breakfast fanatic, I love that breakfast is available all day long.

Diana Barton

. Poor customer service. Was sitting down to eat listening to things she could've kept to herself ! Had the 2 piece dinner and really enjoyed it. Maybe next time, at another location!

Albert Bellamy

Very friendly and efficient. Staff looks like they love working here and the manager is doing a great job keeping them all focused. Food was fresh and delicious. This place was a breath of fresh air during a difficult road trip.

Cheryl Payne

Chicken spiced just right. Mashed potato with gravy side quite good for fast food. Staff courteous, helpful and speak and understand English.

S B.

I don't want to give this place any stars after the service I received. I was handed a cold food. When I asked for fresh food, the cashier told meto pull forward with an attitude. As I was waiting another employee walked out to inform me that fresh food would take 12 mins. I requested a refund and was told that they do not give refunds. Really??? Cold refund and nasty attitudes. Is what I paid for? I will never visit this store again. Good customer service is worth the drive.

andy2mbs .

How was my experience? Non-existent. Arrived at 6:05 on a Saturday morning, but the restaurant (that is supposed to open at 5:30 according to Google) was not open yet. So instead we drove back to the McDonald's that we went by just to get here. I'd suggest getting the hours straight, either in the store, or on the Google maps listing.

Eric Robert

Delicious Cajun Chicken sandwich! Amazing seasoned fries! Fast drive-thru with friendly workers. I'll be back!

Lisa Lloyd Lookabill

Thank you for letting our team do their fundraiser here today Virginia Stars 13u LeMaster


Stopped for a quick supper after a long day of driving back from PA to N.C. The staff was courteous but there did seem to be some miscommunication about orders. They forgot to cook chicken breasts so I had to get different pieces. This is after they had forgotten to fix my order and two people after me got their food first. Staff needs to go to a N.C. Bojangles and let them show them how to run a chicken joint. Besides my issues I would stop here again if in the area traveling.

Tempie Stepongzi

They greeted us cheerfully however when we started to order - they were out of the items we wanted. Asked for white meat chicken breasts and had none, several sides were empty except for pinto beans. So, we settled for two chicken thighs each with biscuits and beans then manager yelled at server because beans were dished directly onto the plate instead of in plastic cup. So, we also asked for ham biscuits and received one thin piece of ham in biscuits. Not going back. Chic-Fil-A so much better food wise and nicer to employees and customers too!!!

Kevin Anderson

For the comment below on the one slice of ham on the ham biscuit. Traditionally that is all that is on a biscuit. The portion size, while one slice, is generous. Besides that it is the country ham that is salty.

Ed Coleman

I called the the store Ms Walker the Manager explain the specials they having and cost. My friend and I went with 8pc 2sides biscuits and Ice Tea. Her and her stuff nice and professional. Thanks Ed Coleman


Happy to have a Bo Jangles nearby. Very clean, good service and good food.

Gene Philipp

There's just something special about the food, ambience and friendly service at Bojangles. Always something new to try and enjoy.

Rachel Sherman

Seriously the best Bojangles I’ve ever been to. The store is clean, staff friendly, and food incredibly tasty and fresh.

Anita White

Everytime I visit this location my biscuit is never done!! It pisses me off to bite in a doughy biscuit. The chicken is always good on the other hand.

Tina Collins

Very friendly people. Had my order ready fast. Spotless restaurant.

Carlita Ford

Not only was the food good but the customer service was great as well. Not to mention area is nice and clean except this floors were a little bit slippery and no sign

Jessica Amaya

I wanted to shout out to Kaylie from this store, she left my husband and me a friendly note. We really appreciate your comment to us. Keep being so friendly and kind to all.

Mary Rider

Great lunch delicious no berry biscits

Joanna G.

Ok we found this new bojangles on hospital Blvd and went there yesterday for dinner that was a wrong turn there. for a new restaurant they where not very good my mother and little brother got some kind of combo it was so dry throw it out my other little brother got a grilled chicken sandwich he said it was not very good that he had better..My friend got the breakfast sandwich he didn't like it that well and as for me i got the rotisserie chicken salad witch was nothing but lattice and maybe a little bit of carrot the chicken was to surgery and spoungey and for the price of it very skimpy and wasn't worth it and the food wasn't very good at all we will not go back

Karin M.

I wish I could give more stars, my husband loves Bojangles but we've had nothing but bad luck at this location. The past 2 times we've tried to pick something up here after baseball practice they've been out of chicken. I could see if they were close to closing, but they still had 2 hours of operation remaining. The most recent time was last night (8/29).

Nomin D.

It was our first time trying Bojangles. 1) staff was SO friendly, patient, and helpful in deciding what we want and what is good for us. 2) inside was so clean and newly built/renovated. I liked the setting. 3) chicken was good but not that awesome. It was little dry for us but it wasn't horrible. Boberry biscuit was delicious but not WOW...

Matt DasCowboy

horrible food, owner is a bully

katem j

Enjoy visiting as there are none up north. Better than other fast food 'chicken' restaurants. Absolutely love the biscuits!!!

LeAnn W.

This is my second time eating at this location and I haven't been disappointed. The service was incredible and kind, the food was delicious, and the establishment was clean. I highly recommend stopping if you're in the area.

Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits

9815 Hospital Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22408
(540) 376-7158