Chipotle Mexican Grill

5420 Southpoint Plaza Way, Fredericksburg
(540) 710-6040

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Cedric Nole

I don’t know who I need to talk too but I came to this location last night and order a bowl with white rice, pinto beans, chicken, cheese and sour cream. First I don’t think the rice was done all the way because it was crunchy and the chicken tasted a little off. I woke up the next morning puking and on the toilet every 15 to 20 minutes. My body is still sore to were it hurts to even walk or to even sit in a chair. Something needs to be done about this. Maybe like a quality c

Debbie Elaine

The food is great

yolonda sayles

Rude customer service. Me and another customer complained about the social distancing in the line and the manager told us thats why they have online ordering. So I guess they are excluded from guidelines and don't care about keeping customers safe

Ashley Thornton

I love Chipotle, but this location is disgusting. Their floors look like they haven’t been mopped in months and they still had their temporarily closed sign crumpled up in the corner of their store despite being open for months. There were bugs flying around everywhere. I placed an online order and waited for 10 minutes after it was supposed to be ready in a line of people that were also waiting for their online orders that should have been ready. I will not be returning to this location.

Wayne H

First time ordering from this location. I ordered two bags of chips with my food and when I picked up my food there were hardly any chips in both bags, the chips barely covered the bottom of the bag and the chips were the chips were a little stale ??.

Jerome Bell

I ordered an extra meat burrito and got what amounts to the size of a breakfast Burrito from Mc Donalds.

Emma Parker

I love Chioptle and have enjoyed their bowls for years. However, I just visited the Massaponax shop and even as I was very happy to see a sign on the front door declaring "No mask no service", once inside there were not only customers wearing masks incorrectly, at least half of the staff behind the counter were also wearing their masks either below their nose or completely on their chins which renders even wearing a mask in public completely ineffective. I will not be back to that shop any time soon.

Julianna Garay

Had Chipotle on Thursday of last week, it is now Tuesday and i’ve been battling with food poisoning since! Had to visit the ER last night to get fluids due to dehydration! Not worth eating here.

Layton R. Fairchild III

Chicken was dry, they forgot two of our meals out of 6. After i drove back up to receive the missing items that door dash didn't recieve. My burrito was smaller than my hand. My womans veggie bowl had a metallic taste, and the two kids order were made wrong. also 3 bags of chips were not received on delivery and on my return.

Brooke D.

Horrible, second time ordering delivery and they messed up all three meals.. also didn't give us all the food we paid for and the response was "well we were out and are closing soon, you'll have to come back tomorrow for more or a refund"

Rose Cheng

My god the mild salsa I ordered had at Jalapeño seeds at the bottom! And the chips that came with it were extremely salty at the bottom! The combination made me really sick.

Shawn Wimbush

It looks so dead inside because of no one able to eat in due to safety.

Erin Franklin Cline

Lady helping us was amazing! We waited 5 minutes for someone to come take our card to pay. He didn’t realize we had 3 in our order. Charged us for 2 then we said that’s our also so I paid again. During the conversation he is holding my bowl sideways while juice steadily running out onto counter. You can just imagine what the salad looks like now


I ordered two burrito bowls (steak and chicken) online. Went to the store at the pickup time, order was ready on the rack. Took them home, and they made them just like we ordered. Very easy, very org amused and very tasty! Thanks to the crew that put them together!

Angel Carter

I show up to pick up a catering order and the place was closed. I had already paid for the order and even got a confirmation that said to pick it up! (the order was placed last week). Not one phone call. Not one notice. I had a lot of upset employees because you as a company could not fulfill my order at this location.

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