Crumbl Cookies - Fredericksburg

1460 Central Park Blvd Ste 106, Fredericksburg
(540) 368-6747

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Jee J.

Crumbl Cookie not every week's cookies are made for everyone. I personally go when I see new flavors that look yummy! I have yet to have a bad cookie, however they can be very rich and end up being too sweet. Some people see this as a pro, some as a con. The cookies are in the bigger side and can be shared, which is good especially for the $4-5 price per cookie. It's on the more expensive side, but it makes a really nice treat once in a while. The building itself is accesible and very neat. I like having the option of talking to an employee or using an iPad like device to order. Nice experience every time :)

Theresa Marie

Great customer service and delicious treats.

Arnissa B.

I decided to see what the hype was about. I was disappointed. It's a cake cookie. The basic sugar xookie had way too much icing. The only good one I had was the apple cinnamon even though it had a lot of toppings on it. Definitely not a place that I will go back to.


Sometimes, you are just craving a hot chocolate chip cookie. You could pay $0.50 and get one at McDonald's sure, but these are delicious, bigger cookies that do hit the spot on occasion. They have a rotating cookie list with a few basic cookies offered weekly, I went for the chocolate chip because that was my mood at the time. My boyfriend had the peanut butter chocolate chip which was delicious also.At the price point, it's a treat, and one I maybe will go to every few months, but have enjoyed it both times I've been here. They have really late hours on the weekends as well and I believe are open till midnight. ??

Lindsay Hoehn

Love the curbside option. The staff is always friendly and the cookies have been consistently good. They have new flavors every week that are announced late Sunday.

Caeli O.

The girls working here are soooo nice :) made me feel welcome and helped me pick out my cookies

Codi Ward

DELICIOUS.. see it all over the internet, definitely worth the pit stop. We got the four pack for around $15, specials change weekly! We got the peanut butter chocolate muddy buddy, the fudge brownie, the cookie batter and the strawberry milk ?

Sandra C.

Holly Mother of cookies!! My husband and I are addicted. I mean, I don't even know how to explain how darn good these things are. Just go.

Cellia Acres

I fell in love with these cookies. Probably not a good thing. LOL.. A must if you have one in your area. Love the fact that they change flavors weekly. We cut up the cookies into 4 pieces so we could sample each flavor. They didn’t disappoint!

Matt K.

This was our first time at a Crumbl location and we were VERY pleased with the experience and the cookies! The place smelled amazing upon entering and we received our order of 4 cookies before I was even done paying. The staff all seemed very friendly and nice. The cookies were amazing. Both my wife and I agreed that they are the best cookies we ever had hands down. We will most certainly be back again!

Sheila Love

Love this place recommended it to all my family and friends

Clint Harding

Great cookies and a rotating menu allows for consistent new options. The chocolate chip cookie is good but if you come here you gotta try the more unique flavors. They are very tasty and come out fresh and warm. The cookies also have great shelf life so you do not have to worry about them going stale in a day or two. The prices might seem high but you will not be disappointed in the taste and quality.

Claire H.

First time at Crumbl. I think the place is overhyped. The cookies are pretty, but the dough is typically pretty dry regardless of flavor. You order from a screen and there's only 6 flavors to choose from, 1 of which is always a classic chocolate chip cookie and the other 5 are rotating flavors. This week had fruit pizza, chocolate Oreo crumb, maple glaze, oatmeal, & chocolate mallow cupcake. I the chocolate with marshmallow fluff on top and chocolate ganache. It wasn't bad, but wasn't the best thing I'd ever had. My friend got the fruit cookie with cream cheese frosting and fruit slices on top. Overall not bad.

Pamela Tures

Wow, as much as I love this place, I need to stay far far away. These cookies are absolutely amazing and a complete meal to themselves. Although if you read the small print, each cookie is four servings. I love their selection. The staff is always happy and friendly and the store is always clean. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them.

Amber D.

I ordered a 4 pack of cookies for my pregnant fiancé. She was particularly excited for the apple pie cookie. When receiving the cookies I was very upset to see that it wasn't only assembled poorly but that there was missing ingredients. Typically when I come here I have no issues and this was the first but when I had asked for them to fix it they refused and said the cookie comes like that. It was suppose to have crumble pieces on top which it didn't. And the filling was almost non existent. Very disappointed and will be taking my business to the crumbl cookie opening up on 610.

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