El Patron

10040 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Fredericksburg
(540) 898-6173

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Kid Omi

fajitas were great! but make sure to ask for extra tortillas cuz they only give you 3 (definitely not enough) and the guacamole was sooo good! i will come back

Kari Campbell

Service is excellent. One of the few places I can find tacos de lengua. Accomodating for my large family (7). Lunch fajitas are fantastic and you get a large portion size for great price. Kids love it.

Josie S.

I come back to this place cause of the enchiladas! Rice and beans are great too! I don't think I got a dish I didn't like so far. The only thing is that they got a bit greedy on the rice and beans! Maybe cause of COVID going on but hopefully they put a good portion again! I love the chips and salsa which by the way are warm chips now, yay! I like the tea too! I do base a Mexican restaurant on a good plate of enchiladas and we'll it's good for me!

Nickc031579 09201980

Went back 2 times because food was gross. Picked up first time guy said I will bring out to you. 30 mins went by. No food. Then went in and asked and was told it just came out. Got home food was cold, gross, and falling apart. So called placed my order again and went back and missing food. So had to wait. What happens my other food gets gross waiting. So at this point so many mistakes asked for refund got haggled about the refund and waited over 10 mins for that! This place sucked!

Stephanie Capehart

Food was ice cold when we got it home (ordered in store, waited 44min, drove 3min home). Tacos were completely soggy. Called up and had them remake it. Food was hot, but tacos completely mush again. Called back, was told to bring the food back for a refund only to be haggled and refusing to do a refund. We have ordered several times before for take out and never had a hot or soggy issue. Sorry guys, but you dropped the ball tonight and then to be refused a refund, you left 2 hungry kids waiting for food at the end of the hour and half debacle. I normally would attach pictures as I often do when I write reviews (but here’s your visual: take your shells, soak them in water about an inch deep, and then pick up your taco to eat as all of its stuffings fall out of the inedible shell on to the plate).

Richard Verbel

Great food and great service, take out because of virus.

Steve Wonderly

Good food here! I enjoyed shrimp& chicken fajitas (though I thought the chicken was a tad bit dry), served steaming hot in a skillet, as is usual.Because of the Corona Virus restrictions they were short-staffed, so the service was understandably slower, but the food was worth the wait.

Anji Reynolds Anderson

Great margaritas and the staff us amazing! They deserve "The Best in the Burg" award!

Shanon Jackson

The staff was so friendly, the food is amazing, and the Margareta was to die for!!!

Cara W

My favorite Mexican restaurant. Everything has good flavor. Nice staff. My kids love it too. That always makes things easier.

Danielle Martin

This is by far my favorite place to dine. The service is excellent as well as the food

Lerian Stringer

Service was great, we ate our to go order outside- they still helped serve us, and were so great to come to our car while we were looking at the menu to take our order. Food was great! Came out quickly. Everything was clean. Staff was friendly and welcoming

Steve Bressette

Pleasantly surprised with the good quality food. There are not many good Mexican places in the area but El Patron is in the top 3 for Fredericksburg. Highly recommend visiting and I'll be back for more.

Jerry Walker

Great margaritas and great food


Came here for the first time and will be coming again. You're greeted very nicely and feel welcomed. The area was clean and felt authentic. My family ordered the supreme nachos, seafood burrito, and pick 2 plate. All the food was bomb and tasted fresh. Prices fit the food portions and quality, so you're not hassled. Bring an appetite because you will get great authentic mex food.

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