Los Martinez Bakery

3544 Plank Rd, Fredericksburg
(540) 786-6749

Recent Reviews

ned flanders

the flan and tres leche cake are sooooo good

Maricarmen R.

They are so sweet and kind, loved the service they give here! Will definitely come back again! Get your bakery goods here!! 100% recommend!

Tony J.

In a word Los Martinez Bakery is PHENOMENAL! It's my new favorite place to visit in Fredericksburg. Great breads, rolls, pastries, Saltaneas, and on weekends tamales. The pastries are light, fluffy and not overly sweet. The pineapple turnover and cookies are my favorites. The rolls I got have a light crust on the outside and are soft and airy inside. They were great for the BBQ beef tortas we made. And the tamales were as good, maybe better, as anything I ever had while living in San Antonio.

Cecia Zavala

The bread is so soft and delicious. As soon as you enter you get the amazing smell of sweet bread hit you. I definitely will come back when I’m back in town.Muy rico pan y el local es bien bonito y arreglado. El pan es suave y delicioso.

Nicholas Bucholdt

Great bakery!! Very nice to support some local business before walmart and Wegmans take over the town!

Lorna Hernandez

My husband and I are so happy to have found this bakery. We are fairly new to Fredericksburg, and he needed his fix of Pan Frances. Of all the Latino bakeries in Northern VA and surrounding areas, we absolutely love their bread. He states it’s the most authentic bread to how they make it in El Salvador. It’s also very hard to find Nicaraguan Picos…but my search is over! The best panadería! The owners are so wonderful. Great place for fresh baked goods.

David Vita

I had noticed Los Martinez Bakery while driving to and from work. It is on route 3 next to Origins Mattress outlet and Valero. On a whim, I stopped to see what they offer. The menu board was mostly Spanish and the attendant very graciously described what they had to offer in English (I don't read Spanish). They had a wide variety of yummy Bakery treats! To sample their goods, I bought an apple turnover for myself and a pineapple turnover for my wife.They were fantastic! It was light and "pillowy" with just the right doughy quality and a savory sweetness! I noticed they also make cakes to special order.I'm definitely going back. I want to buy some treats to share at work!


My wife and I love the tamales!

Carmen L.

If you grew up drinking coffee and dunking sweet bread and pastries in said coffee, this place is for you. I finally tried this place and it reminded me a lot of the panaderías (bakeries) you find in Latino neighborhoods in California. This is definitely a smaller operation but it had some essentials: conchas, pineapple filled pastries, apple filled pastries, etc. The bakery also sells atol de elote (a warm corn drink); it was okay, as it was too runny for my taste. Friday - Sunday they sell different types of tamales until they run out. Los Martínez Bakery is owned and run by a wife-husband team. She's from Nicaragua and he's from El Salvador. Nice people running the operation. Support this local business!

Stephany Reyes

I don’t know where to start off, but this bakery is AMAZING !!!! I personally am a bread lover thanks to my grandma ❤️ The tres leches cakes are delicious and i love that they are not soggy or mushy!! All my family loves the bread and everything else they sell!! I love how the ladies are always welcoming to everyone, I wish them nothing but the best

Carla Ocampo

I have been looking for a place that makes good pan dulce (sweet bread) and this is it!! Their conchas are the best in Fred for sure. Will be going there regularly!

Laura F.

We saw the new bakery and decided to stop and try it to support a local business.What a disappointment.The bread we bought was old and stale, and way overpriced compared to other hispanic bakeries (Panadería Emanuel Bakery and Cafe in Stafford, Sonia’s Bakery and Pupusería in Culpeper).I’m sorry to say it was the first and last time we buy there.

Leila D.

Really good assortment of pastries and cookies, but the bread -- only one type -- is uninspiring.

Rodney Hopkins

Don't judge the Bakery from the inside the store! The level of LOVE they put into their craft outweighs the first impressions. I ordered a birthday cake for my wife and both of us stared at each other in amazement!! They even went out of their way to get it made since I ordered late and they had it ready for pick up this morning at 10am even though they don't open on Mondays until 4pm. "Fantastic Job Los Martinez Bakery"!!

Randy Woodcock

Happen to see them popup in my Google maps. Glad I chose to stop by. The owner was very friendly and you can tell she cares about what she does. I’m so happy to be able to support a small business like this! Everything I got was delicious!

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