5420 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Fredericksburg
(540) 891-0142

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Charles Wills

Worst mcdonalds I've ever been too. Horrible service. Lazy workers. Closes whenever they want even though it's a 24/7 store. Mangers there are the worst with customer service. They act like it's a hassle to take somones order. First time I've ever want to call corporate on a restaurant( I didn't)

Patrick Kilbourne

if i could put a 0 i would how dare you act like you have Authority to demand a mask and not provide one for someone instead charge $1 for one then have the nerve to walk around without your mask on if you don't understand the law then don't enforce it bottom line northam clearly states for medical conditions masks are not required but no McDonald's knows better. Rude and hypocrites

Araceli Sanchez

They are lucky we can’t put 0 Starts. Services was horrible rude workers.I work in the restaurant business and understand people can make you mad but being rude sense the start of my order to the end I don’t approve of that I have came to this location for the longest and never received this type of service . Not coming back Chick-Fil-a is down the street

Dwayne R

Used the drive through which was quick and my order wss correct which is what matters...

jose m nunez

is not place is a one person the doll pop see me in the drive-truth and she surprise because don’t permit walk-ing (according to her) I buy before there in the same way. the only thing I want to say to the lady is that Macdonald have truck parking ( how in your stupid mind we buy for the drive-truth).

Brandon L.

Crew doesn't listen nor care. I got a simple order with my burger having no mustard. The burger had mustard on it. Pulled through again to tell them of the mistake, and the woman who gives out orders was very rude with a big attitude on her shoulder. Thank goodness we are passing through.

Karen B

Nasty looking and nasty attitude female manager tall with braids

Andrew Taylor

Cashier just walked away when I was next in line....sad thing is my doordash order was just sitting there getting cold but it didn't have a label on it so I wasn't sure if it my order or not to just take it...when she came back she ignored me again....JUST ANOTHER MCDONALDS EMPLOYEE THAT DOESNT DESERVE A PENNY OVER MINIMUM WAGE

Lorisa G.

They never pay attention to requests for plain burgers. Every single time. Stop and check your order before you leave.

Shawn S

This McDonald’s will not serve truck drivers in the drive thru. Lobby does not open until 7am and would not serve me in the drive thru at 6:30am. Several drive thru customers in cars offered to get my food for me after they saw me being refused but by then I’m not willing to give them my money. I was delivering fresh produce to the distribution center a couple miles away at that exit.

Shaina R.

Absolutely lazy employees! Sat in a long line in the drive thru and when we got our food we realized that they forgot to charge up for something but instead of fixing it at the window, they told us to go back through the line. The LONG line. Very lazy people that didn't want to fix their mistake.

Daniel Dengler

Absolutely the worst morale of any McDonalds in the country..... dont waste your time coming here.... go to burger king

Kimberly Delisle

Good service, food is always hot. Only complaint is they never put the sauce in the bag.

Franchesca Y.

Every time I come here the food is always fresh! Breakfast, lunch and late night! I'm so happy that I found a McDonalds that's always on point. By far this is the best location in the area!

Valerie Jones

Just left. Went through drive thru, girl had attitude to start with, got food, no fries. Got out of car went in to get fries. Got home, the sausage McMuffin with egg was an English muffin a piece of sausage, nothing else. So, the receipt was right. What can’t read?

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