5420 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Fredericksburg
(540) 891-0142

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Kimberly Long



On our drive to Myrtle Beach, we took a quick detour off I-95 to grab some coffee. My husband went in - he had to jump around the guy power washing the entrance to the restaurant. He said that entrance vestibule was flooded with water. The staff was friendly, and he got his coffee easily. As he came out, they were putting up caution tape to let everyone know not to use that entrance. Would have been great if they did that before they started power washing!

Tiara Smartt

Terrible terrible terrible. I don?t know why I keep going back when there is another one right down the road. They harass people to get the app. I download it. Why? They didn?t have my order ready 3 cars behind me left before me. Jesus people get some functioning people working there!!!!

Brenda Miller

Fast in an out never got bad food just cold fries

Donny Mock

Just the same food over again. Still eating Mcdoubles after all these years. Their French fries are addictive. Wish this place's drink dispensers worked as good as the fries.

quincy jackson

Customer sevice was horrible food was cold employee was not even

Joseph Clatterbuck

Fairly typical McDonald's food, consistent with other locations. Everything looked and felt cleaner than typical. Decorated for the season, so management cares about presentation. Service was average.

Chennelle Thompson

Hot fries and apple pies! They should really think about selling their sweet tea by the gallon.

Carl H

3:30 in the morning and I got to sit in the Drive-Thru for around 15 minutes Circle the building saw five people inside No One acknowledged me at all what are you in there smoking k2 on break what's going on why can't I get any food why can't I make an order that would be nice you guys are a joke

Carlton Hilliard

Surprisingly the meal was not very good. I had the Big Mac meal. Big Mac was literally cold. We'll leave it, at that

Ava Day

Wish I could give it zero stars. Lady in back window tried to tell me the sandwich I was ordering didnâ??t exist. Trust me, I know it does. The lady presenting told me she has no idea why the woman in back window said that

Shannon segura

Food was super salty. Disgustingly so. However, some of the employees are very kind. Fairly clean inside


Stopped here on a Tuesday at 12:15pm. Employees are super friendly! Placed our order and then received our order before I even put my change back in my purse. How refreshing also to actually be able to get my smoothie when wanted va being told that the machine is down which has happened at other locations regularly! Food was hot and fresh!

roberto gonzalez

Very slow drive through service. They need to plan for peak hours. Over 25 minutes waiting in drive through doesn't exactly meet the definition of fast food.

First Name Last Name

They gave us free French fries. Most likely by accident, but we appreciated it! I hope, but doubt this will happens again.


I sat in the drive through for 10minutes and nobody said a word. I finally went inside and ordered. If I was very hungry I would have left.

Renee Corbin

Very nice girl that took our order. Very pleasant.

Maria Neff

cheeseburgers were

Lee K.

Yes, it is McDonald's and yes, it is convenient for travelers. Most won't write a review and we know management won't look at the reviews to better themselves. Anyhow, I do periodically stop here on the way home from work and it is always the same poor service. They have two places to order, but only take one order, then the next. So what is the point of having two order stations? Anyhow, they don't acknowledge you with "be with you in just a minute" or anything to that affect. Many times they take the car in the lane over from you first, even though you were there before them. And this is after me saying "hello". They don't show your order on the screen nor do they tell you the total until you get to the payment window. Now let's get to the pick up window, lol. They look at you like what do you want and most times get the order wrong. Take a few extra minutes and go to Sonic, better food, better service and better price.


We were in Fredericksburg, Va looking at trucks and on the way home, we stopped at this McDonalds location and were very satisfied. They were very busy, but the line went quick and the food came out fast and fresh. I love their quarter pounder with cheese, cant beat it. Great job to the crew.

Donna Giordano

McDonald's is a family favorite! Nuggets, fries, and McFlurries for the kids. Chicken sandwich and Quarter Pounder for the grownups. Great place for families!

Edward Homendy

Mcd is McDonald's. Since they improved the quarter pounder, it taste like a hamburger. The place was clean and the order time was rather short.

john franklin

Great place, however no BR Ice Cream.

Adeel Uz Zaman Jutt

I parked my truck around 2 in morning and I went to buy some food because I was hungry after long drive. Drive-through was open and I went there and I told them I need some food they said we do not give because you are not in the car after I called them they answered my call twice but they refused me and I slept without food and then I realize that I am homeless even I earned so much money


Food was hot. Drive thru was busy, but we didn't have a long wait. The person working at the drive thru window was very friendly.

Erik B

The international menu items are pretty good. I'm a big fan of the Spanish burger and the Holland McFlurry. The Canadian chicken sandwich was ok; however, the lettuce was a bit wilted. I haven't tried the Aussie fries.

Chris Brazil

It was a nice clean place with helpful people, but the last few times it has been terrible. Went the other night no customers, trash over flowing from all cans, wet and sticky floor by drink dispenser tables were nasty. The employees weren't to helpful, at all. One employee came out while I was waiting asked if he could do anything for me, I asked if they had been busy with a bus or something, he asked why and I showed him how nasty the place was. He went straight to cleaning things up by himself. None of the other help not even the manager. If it doesn't get better I will just start eating somewhere else.

JamieDylan Lingus

What another disappointment. I went there this morning before work , I wanted a eggwhite delight BISCUIT sub bacon no cheese a hash brown and a LARGE sprite LIGHT ice! What I received was a delight muffin, a medium what may be a sprite Idk it didn't look like it with no ice. But they had the hash brown correct. I couldn't go back and get it corrected as I had to be at work so thanks for starting my day off wrong.

Andrea Thompson

3 out of 5 of the breakfast sandwiches I ordered were wrong, steak bagel means steak I got sausage which I am allergic to. The mistake was not seen till I got home ten miles away so I just tossed the sandwiches into the trash. This McDonald's is constantly making errors like this and calls to management do not change the situation. I only go there once in awhile because it is the closest to home. I guess I will have to drive the extra miles to the one in Southpoint to get the order right!

Ryon Davis

Went through the drive through, got a Sprite. It was good, mainly because I was super thirsty. So, all in all, it was a great visit.

Nick Notgrass

Itâ??s another McDonaldâ??s I mean what else do you expect honestly ð???. Overall very clean and nice staff and in a nice location but hey these places are everywhere.


Stop here for lunch and a little break from I-95 traffic. Easy on and off if you are Northbound. Spacious seating and the food is typical McDonalds. Had a playground.


had breakfast sandwichs there,and were very good ,serverd hot and were very good.the wait staff were fast and helpful.all very friendly..

Johnathan Johnson

I guess I'm not the most liked person around for whatever reason. I know a lot of employees there and they make it known that they're unsatisfied being in my presence. Like come on, have some professionalism at work. Then my orders come with sauce all over the outside of the packaging every time I get any type of sandwich. The food is still that great McDonald's taste but the customer service is despicable.

karen Rowe

Ya can't wrong with McDonald's when you are in a hurry. At least you know that you'll get good French fries, and a good fountain coke.

Sean lacey

Good fast food when your on the road traveling. Quick in and out also has drive view.

David Duncan

Good for breakfast, but go early cause this McDonald's is busy. Service is good, ladys getting the food out.

Courtney Mullins

I came in and placed my order at 11:39 right before a large bus of people came in. I took my number and sat in the kids area with my son. At 11:55 I went to the counter to see where my food was. A girl behind the counter rudely said what did you order. After telling her she said I called that already and shoved the food at me. When I asked for my son's chocolate milk she rolled her eyes and went to get it. As I sat down to eat my now cold food I looked at my quarter pounder delux. I took a picture of the wilted lettuce, soggy tomatoes and burnt Patty. The bus people where still ordering and it was very crowded so I just ate what I could and threw the rest away. Needless to say I will never return to this location. This is now the 2nd time I've had issues. Won't be back for a third issue.


Always friendly staff. Convenient location. Can't give 5 stars because at least half the time, the only drink I ever order from here is wrong.

Taylor Paul

Efficient, well oiled machine. Was in and out quickly.