Panera Bread

10059 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Fredericksburg
(540) 710-8993

Recent Reviews

Michael Homendy

Very nice staff with a great selection of food. Nice big space to relax and chat or work while you eat. Plenty of parking.

Michael Lackland

I always enjoy Panera Bread particularly in the mornings where I can bring my laptop, get a little work done, etc, but sometimes like today it gets pretty busy and there always seems to be one person actually at the register. But I'm never in a rush because I enjoy the place

brad sweeney

I had to give up going here. Their espresso machine is broken half the time, so no lattes. Often they wont have brioche for breakfast sandwiches. It is hit and miss if they have souffles. The last straw was they only had decaf coffee today, they ran out of regular beans by 9 in the morning. They are running this place into the ground.

Sandra Aguero

Amazing meal and service. Quick to receive our food with a smile.

Lisa Carneal

Tuesday's special of bakers dozen bagels for 6.99 can't be beat. Love the asiago cheese and the cinnamon crunch bagels.

Jacqueline P.

I made an online order thinking it was from this place and unfortunately put it for the wrong Panera. I was about to undergo a long road trip to MI and did not want to have to go any further out of our way then necessary. This store was very understanding, calling the other store to cancel my order. They quickly made our food and allowed the rewards I had used on the original order to transfer over to this one again. I really appreciated the staffs understanding as willingness to accommodate my mistake.

Dalton Knox

I've only had one issue with this location (recently) with a messed up order. I'm giving 5 stars because not only did I get to keep my messed up order and they gave me my order correct (kinda), but the manager on duty ALSO offered me a free pastry after talking to the staff to make sure they get my order out fast.

Jenny R.

This is the worst Panera I've ever been to. Back in August, I went in for a soufflé and was served one in LIQUID form. When I complained to the kid at the counter, he said it was OK to eat that way because it was pasteurized. If I wanted to eat liquid eggs, I'd order liquid eggs. I made the mistake of going back in September. This time, the soufflés looked like they were cooked. I asked the cashier, Katie (nice but so, so dim), if they were OK to eat now and she smiled and informed me that "we're cooking them all the way now", like I should be impressed or proud of them. That was strike number two. Stupid me, went back this morning. Katie was there as usual, beaming beatifically and vacantly. I should have left, but there was one couple ahead of me. They ordered three regular menu items. It took Katie 10 minutes to ring them up. Have I mentioned Katie's name badge says she's a trainer? After 5 minutes, I was ready to leave but felt invested in seeing how long it would take her to process the transaction and how many more times she would repeat the order back to the couple or screw up the order. 10 minutes. Not once did she acknowledge my presence or the fact that I was waiting for 10 minutes while she rang up 3 regular menu items. No fancy, complicated order; 3 items. My turn to order my item and again, I nearly bolted, but I'd already wasted 10 minutes. It took close to 5 minutes for her to painstakingly explain my order ("a four cheese soufflé to go") back to me. Jesus.

Katrina Ritter

Thanks for this.

Matthew Pulley

Look, the food is tasty. It's clean, good ingredients, etc. And even with a wait, it's usually pretty quick. BUT, there's is no value in the You Pick 2 pricing. It's $12/person for heated up soup and half a salad... If you get a drink and you tip, you're at $15, and depending on what you get you can still leave hungry. Needs bigger portions or a low price.

Tazswife 24

Sorry that you had to walk all the way up front to find out if there was any cranberry walnut bagels left. I get it, it backed up your line horribly, but there is a simple low tech solution maybe your GM could figure out how to put together a list and teach you all to communicate so when a bagel runs out you are notified and it's crossed off the list!!! Wow, so simple. So thanks for the attitude and especially thanks for forgetting my cream cheese, perhaps you didn't her me because you were busy being grumpy about checking!

Linda Rooney

Good food. They really need to serve WARM bacon and not cold and greasy on their food.

Jean Williams

I am a regular customer and visit at least 3 to 4 days within a week. The atmosphere is always positive and helpful. Save as draft!

Trisha Fritts

Paid 20$ for two "U pick 2 meals", fine. But the sandwich was insanely small. Like why in the world is this sandwich so small, for that price. Besides that, the baguettes were burnt, they were out of the bread I wanted for my sandwich, and the register staff consistently has the "can't be bothered attitude" when I come in. I'm always the one asking "how are you". Never going back again and I've loved Panera and used to work there. Very disappointed.

Ashley Graham

Ordered a turkey bacon bravo no cheese extra bacon extra mayo extra tomato light spinach, with chips a blood orange lemonade, and a chocolate chunk cookie.

John Becker

I don't typically write reviews on any items or services unless they are astonishingly bad or astonishingly good. In the case of this Panera, they were so incredibly bad through and through.

Derrick Nabors

Good service as usual, can get really busy at time and location is in a ideal area. Overall have had great service many times at the location and food has been too panera standard.

Jan Grubic

Another delicious and flavorful meal... thanks... served fresh and timely..

Marian McCabe

Wanted to have lunch between appointments. Panera was a good choice because they offer a great variety of sandwiches, soups, salads, baked goods. The food is always fresh, served quickly, and reasonably priced.

Mary S.

I usually love Panera bread but I was definitely disappointed My soup was cold when I picked it up and bread my burnt The restaurant was not appealing or clean. The drink station was really sticky and I was just disappointed overall

Rebecca R.

I always visit this Panera and always enjoy it. Until today's visit. I came her with my mother and we ordered our usual on the kiosk. I always get the turkey sandwich customized to only turkey, grated Parmesan, and lettuce on a French baguette. As I was ordering the French baguette did not pop up on the kiosk so I ordered the regular bread and on the special instructions area I put that I find the want that bread and that I only wanted the French baguette as my bread. I found it strange that the French baguette didn't pop up because it always does and so I left it at that. And my mother ordered a chicken salad. So we sat down and waited for our food and they bring my mom her salad and the bring me a bowl with only lettuce and turkey. And I asked for the side of chips and they brought me that but I asked politely if they could take it back and put it on bread. And so they did and they came back and they didn't put the grated Parmesan that I asked for and at this point I was like "ok whatever let me just enjoy the sandwich" and then I notice that they didn't bring me the chips I asked for so then I was like "well I'm just gonna write a yelp review" and then my mother realized that they forgot to put the chicken on her CHICKEN salad!!!! So she went up to the cooks,told them about the chicken, and got her chicken. We left unsatisfied with our lunch. I do recommend Panera to everyone but I didn't appreciate this experience and I definitely just want them to improve their mistakes that way no one else has to go through what my mother and I did.

Amber Melton

Ive been a big fan of panera for years! I really like the self order kiosks and my order is always quickly delivered by polite servers. Food is always consistent and tasty. One of my favorite things to get is the tomato soup.

furteberstein .highergey

Went to Panera yesterday and ordered food to hold over before dinner, but before swim practice. I stopped drinking soda 4 years ago, and drink 99% water. I don't drink bottled water. I asked one of the employees if I could fill up my giant 64oz, water bottle. Surprisingly I was told it was fine. Thanks for letting me do this Panera.

Thelma Lee

Great service ,and delicious fresh food.

Becky Troster

Poor layout in restaurant. Access to restrooms is blocked by access to self-serve cold drinks. Worker was doing her job adding artisan teas, but her work and cart blocked access to drinks and bathrooms at the same time. Same worker was also attending to trash area across from drinks later. Also blocking drinks, access to dining room, and bathrooms. Portion control is also an issue here. I know all Panera supposed to follow strict recipe and measurements, but this location uses same bowls and plates that are noticeably less full. I had Green Goddess salad and vegetable soup. It was good. Dining room was crowded. A person seated at table next to my two- top sat with her purse on her lap, making it impossible to use the chair on the other side of the small table I occupied. Should not be so tight.

Donny Mock

Great food and service leads to a crowded restaurant where it's hard to find parking. Quality deserves being pricey. Get your latte, soup and delicious sandwich on fresh baked bread and enjoy the rest of your day.

jared slizofski

Never had a bad meal here, even to-go orders. Soups are super good, perfect on a cold day or when youâ??re feeling sick. Breakfast bagel sandwiches are mostly bagel, not a lot else. Why skimp on bacon???

Ovidiu Bota

Same quality food same great service overall cleanliness like every other Panera

Ms. Anderson

The pumpkin muffin was delicious. I was wondering about their limited coffee after 2:00 sign but was relieved when the manager said I could request coffee to be brewed at any time.

Fayth C.

Panera at Cosner Corners could not even make a grilled cheese sandwich. I wanted grilled cheese and tomato sandwich but instead was given two pieces of bread loaded with uncooked bacon (of which I'm allergic) a half piece of cheese and blackened pieces of rotten tomato. I reordered and got two pieces of bread with the blackened rotten tomato pieces and a half piece of cheese. They can't even make a grilled cheese right! Stay clear of this poor excuse of a restaurant


We stopped by for some soup and a sandwich. We used the drive thru and I was impressed how quickly we received our order. As for the food the Turkey Bravo, Cream of Chicken and the Chicken Noodle soup were all Very delicious! My mother commented that it was the best chicken noodle soup she has ever had. You can't go wrong eating here. Do many choices and they all are hot and delicious. We have eaten here often and the staff is always friendly and provide impeccable service.

Scott Weiss

Always like Panera, really like the 10 vegetable soup

A. F.

I have never eaten here before. I wanted to try somewhere new. I went through the drive thru and ordered the Cuban Panini. I took it home to eat and when I opened it, I looked at it thinking it did not look like any panini I've had before. It had real tough French bread that I couldn't bite through. Then opened the sandwich up to find that it didn't have much meat. The pork and ham were sooo dry. I closed that sandwich right up and took it back immediately. For that pitiful sandwich being $10.00, I was highly disappointed.

Pixie Gurly

Efficient location who always make delicious coffee and great staff. Particularly, Kara, who served me in a professional and friendly manner. My body needed the caffeine boost, but Kara gave my weary soul one with her sunny demeanor. Thanks!

Noel H.

I was NOT impressed. I visited this location for the first time and jeez, this is probably the worst one I've ever been to. My salad was wilted and just nasty. I waited in the drive-through line forever and they didn't record my phone number so the points didn't even get registered for the visit. I gave the place 2 stars because it has a drive-through and my green tea was pretty good. I'd say if you have other options, use them!


This Panera is consistently very quick with the service and has friendly staff who work hard to keep it clean and inviting. It's a great place to meet someone for a cup of coffee. No one will rush you and the restaurant space is very inviting. They have drive in, rapid pick up, and kiosk ordering as well.

Maria B.

Sorry to say that Panera has gone downhill since it opened. We used to order every Saturday night but the quality and quantity started to suffer. It was a hit and miss that we couldn't take our chances anymore. Twice I ordered a sandwich that included a tough piece of meat that was so dry and hard to bite on...wish that Panera can shake off the bad luck and rehire people that can oversee quality control before the food is sent out especially when it's a pick up order bc many people won't drive back to correct the order.

Jordan Tackett

The staff is kind and courteous. The tables make ordering a lot easier. Excellent food and coffee as well.

Darlene Gray

One of my favorite places to eat. Great salads, soups and sandwiches. Everything is fresh and delicious.

Martha C.

I just left this location after ordering about $160 worth of catering/rabbit pick up. First of all you cannot order drinks on rapid pick up and so I had to wait like 15 minutes for them to give me 2 gallons of tea, really? The worst part is is as I'm leaving with all these bags no one offered to help me carry them out or even open the door. Even other patrons were looking at me like oh you need some help? Shame on them. I'm a medical rep and I order catering all the time and food to go and I will never be coming back here again. It's called common courtesy and unfortunately this place does not have any.