Panera Bread

10059 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Fredericksburg
(540) 710-8993

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Rene Lazo

I ordered my food for curbside pick and checked in when I arrived. The app says they will bring it to you when you arrive and so does the huge sign in the front of the building. I waited for 20 minutes and then went inside to find my food was just sitting on the counter. Waking in to get my food isn’t an issue but when your company explains a process very specially I expect for the staff to follow their own process.

Franklin Kleckner

Very nice staff, but as a primarily drive thru customer, it feels like my order is incorrect every other time.

Johnté H.

I frequent this location a lot and hardly and issues ever. Once or twice an order is incorrect or something missing they recoup it on the next visit or have delivery driver come back out. Consistent food quality with little wait time.

BlytheButterfly R.

I obviously haven't eaten there in a long time but something told me to ask for extra dressing and they put as much in the container for a extra small ketchup. Thanks for price gauging on the full size salad and 3 pumps of dressing. I won't be back, your quality control is not the best.

Ed Seibold

First delivery today, small problem, fixed almost before the phone was hung up. Has been a favorite location and are working hard in difficult times. Thanks

Rachel Johnson

The second time I’ve been in here and not had a good experience. I visited today 22nd February 2020 around 4:40pm and the cashier Claire was VERY unwelcoming and quite frankly rude! I’m not sure if she’s not a fan of black people or if she just simple has no manners. Either way, it’s not acceptable. Not even a crack of a little smile and even thought it was appropriate to talk about me to her colleague. It’s completely unacceptable to receive this type of customer service....especially from a chain. Please train your staff on etiquette, manners and just a simple smile. I will not be returning!

Britni Wilson

Worse Panera I ever ordered from. It’s normally my go to. Sandwich very dry both of them and then brought me a kid sized smoothie. It was horrible just horrible. Save yourself some trouble from this location. I don’t ever right reviews but I couldn’t pass this one by.

Steve H.

We stopped in to get a sandwich for our daughter who was at home, and I decided to get one too. I saw the two for one price, and decided on a half sandwich and salad to go. What they dont tell you is that it's two items but EACH is ONE price...separately! What a dipsh!t way to advertise. Anyway, the portions are ridiculously small for the cost, and the sandwich they prepared for my daughter was insulting!

Valerie Boyce

Great food, not always the best service but tasty

william correa

Another prime example of a good fast food chain. Sandwiches are always delicious. I’ve only ever had one issue with a pickup order which was resolved quickly. Would get five stars if the staff made the food with a little more care so it doesn’t look like it was thrown together by a disgruntled 5 year old.

Brandy Weedon

Polite staff. Healthy, good food. Great selection. Love the broccoli soup.

Carrie B.

I was home sick when my daughter picked up a bowl of soup, a 1/2 sandwich and a mitten cookie. The restaurant was sold out of pumpkin muffins and muffies. After eating my dinner, I looked through the bags and couldn't find my mitten cookie! As well, she didn't give my daughter a receipt! I tried calling the restaurant after 7pm, as suggested on the voicemail. The voicemail then said the store was having technical difficulties and my call was transferred to corporate. After a ten minute wait on this line, I hung up. I called the restaurant again at 8:15 and after several rings, the call was disconnected. This is so disappointing, hopefully a Mgr will contact me!

Debbie S.

Aside from not listening to my order, General confusion , inability to place order correctly and no customer service.... sub par at best. Won't be back.

Michael Homendy

Very nice staff with a great selection of food. Nice big space to relax and chat or work while you eat. Plenty of parking.

Lena L.

Well- I didn't get the correct receipt. I ised a credit card. The worker at window didn't know what to do. I called a manager - he printed the new one. Really Panera? You have me wait- and nothing done as promised when you all make a mistake? Wow. The male manager on duty at 9:00 AM in 11/24/2019 made this decision. Panera at 10059 Jefferson Davis Hwy

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