9907 Southpoint Pkwy, Fredericksburg
(540) 898-9243

Recent Reviews

Yam S

Worst customer service I’ve ever experience. Would not recommend this Location! William employee who took my order at the drive thru is a douche ! I asked if I could get the pumpkin cold brew simply just replied “No”! And then moments later another employee told me that promotion didn’t start till tomorrow this guy doesn’t even try to empathize or apologize that he forgot something for my order as well and replied “well you should have said that in the intercom.” He lacks in costumer service and obviously doesn’t care how he carries himself. Would not be returning to this location.

Denise Allen

Too political...won't go back

Tami Franklin

Even during this pandemic, one could feel the spirit of community!

Ryan Hylton

Service at the location is excellent,very polite and professional staff. I am not happy that my guava passion fruit drink was not made correctly however my wife got over it.

Jean Pratt

It is off tje chain and itos soooooo good

Andrew Kassouf

When we visit we usually go to this store. They are always super friendly and helpful. The only issue is that they are not quite set up for the demand on the drive thru during the COVID-19 shutdown. I waited in the drive thru for over 25 minutes the last coffee I bought there.

Kimberly Slater

I love Starbucks in general, but this is just hands down my favorite store! They are always pushing out orders so quick, and they never mess mine up. They always have a smile on their face. On more than one occasion I've pulled up to the speaker having a bad day, and they came over the speaker so peppy and sometimes even tell a joke. They have honestly turned some bad days into good ones just by being nice!

Ms. Anderson

everything was nice and easy to read to stay back 6 feet and even wearing a mask the barista greeted me with a smile and friendly attitude. The iced coffee was delicious.

Laleh Nader

Love the service, great people there. Drive thru is open for fast and safe service!

Jaime Morris

Their coffee is great, but the drive thru lane seemed to move slower than I would expect.

Taylor Sterne

I love this place as everyone is so friendly! I have gotten to know the employees and they are the nicest people. Another perk of this place is they are open 24/7. Well they used to be before the pandemic anyways!

M. W.

Fast, ACCURATE, and friendly service. Love the mobile app, so I dont have to pull out my cc. so easy!

Renee Bordlemay

Staff was nice and efficient. Drinks made to perfection!

nature c

Drink wasn't made very good but they were fairly busy. Staff was nice and they got through the line pretty fast.

Marriah Justeen

Worst Starbucks in town. I order the same drink everyday, you’d think you’d know by now. When I come through and say “Venti Dragon Drink with EIGHT scoops of dragon fruit. Not EXTRA, EIGHT.” I’ve learned NOT to say EXTRA because they give me a one extra berry. Thanks, DON’T overdo it or anything, sweetheart. Y’all even READ my order back to me and make it very clear I want my drink made correctly. THE ONLY TIME MY DRINK IS EVER RIGHT IS IF I ORDER ON THE APP AND EVEN THEN IT’S 50/50! Can y’all not read? You’re a BARISTA, not a ROCKET SCIENTIST. If you don’t know basic math, can’t read, or prepare a drink properly, find a new calling, boo boo. Clearly making coffee is too hard for you.

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