9785 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Fredericksburg
(540) 834-1440

Recent Reviews

Barbara Ulrich

Great location. Great coffee also,great selections to order, many sizes !!

Jennifer King Saul

Terrible wait time. Everyday is the same !

Sean lacey

Everyone knows Starbucks. Fancy coffee at a fancy price. Good quality coffee and yes you can get just normal coffee here.

Jessica J

I can't speak for all staff but this one man in particular was extremely pleasant and kind! And my coffee was perfect! Better than ever before. Definitely coming back next time I'm around!

Mario David Moradel

The drive through guy was so funny! First time here!

Mario David Moradel

The drive through guy was so funny! First time here!

Brian Smith

It is a lot sweeter than Peetâ??s. If you want true coffee taste, you canâ??t beat Peetâ??s. Otherwise, Starbucks is what you want.

Alex Talberg

Nice, clean and friendly. Very expedient service.


The guy taking orders at the register was great. Thumbs up to him but downhill from there. No one could understand the guy calling names when orders were ready. Customers were looking at each other asking â??what did he say?â? A customer actually read the name on my first beverage and repeated loudly. Thatâ??s the only reason I knew it was ready. The lady sat out the next 2 drinks with no name called at all. My wife asked her if they were hot chocolate and she said,â? just read the labels itâ??s written on thereâ?. The hot chocolates tasted like hot water. Very little chocolate flavor at all. Pumpkin spice was good. I wish I had drank the free hotel coffee. I already feel stupid for paying this much for coffee so add in the hateful woman and the horrible hot chocolate and this was a $15 experience that I would have rather dine without. Maybe being from the south where people are polite and care, Iâ??m just expecting too much. Donâ??t go here.

Candace N

Their coffee use to taste burnt and the cider drink was not good, but now I have had great drinks consistently. Iâ??m a gold member and go there regularly now. Itâ??s awesome that they are open 24/7. I recommend this location.

Melissa Couture

Great place to get great coffee or other drinks.

Mary Meadows

Out of the only two things I asked for.... Not sure how a coffee shop runs out of coffee and heavy cream.....

Cathy Henry

Very Berry Refresher & Skim Carmel Macchiato

JA Snow

I can't speak for all staff but this one man in particular was extremely pleasant and kind! And my coffee was perfect! Better than ever before. Definitely coming back next time I'm around!

Jessica Justus

I can't speak for all staff but this one man in particular was extremely pleasant and kind! And my coffee was perfect! Better than ever before. Definitely coming back next time I'm around!

D A.

Normal Starbucks in a Target. Only complaint is one Starbucks worker on a Saturday morning at 9am...very slow with long line.

Mel Mic

Great drinks, usually fairly speedy service

Memo Munoz

Good coffee but service sucks.

Ann Griffin

I am liking the seasonal selections!

Valerie Boyce

Always get my order right. Always ask if it's ok and if they're not convinced it is they make a new one. Very sweet to my kids and even when they have a line, they are helpful, informative, don't rush the order and make sure to give suggestions. Love this place

Terry C

Newer Starbucks with a drive thru

John P.

First time coming inside. Could be more friendlier. Always good coffee. Construction going on.


I visit regularly, and I always order a certain coffee drink, 75% of the time it is wrong, most times I am in a hurry, so I do not say anything, I do notice that if you go thru the drive thru, you get your order much faster, they prioritize the drive thru...also, I have to correct the person many times because they do not know not to charge me more for only 2oz of milk. I only request 2 oz, because if you ask for more than 2 oz, they will charge more. I have noticed that when they are busy, they make mistakes and appear not to be conscientious when making your drink. 99% of the time, the employees are friendly and nice!


This Starbucks prepared my first flat white. I enjoyed it so much. The flavor of the expresso was fabulous, not any bitterness as with their other expresso drinks.

Mike Peck

The seasonal Holiday Spice Flat White satisfies the connoisseurs coffee penchant, while still appealing to the "holiday fluff" coffee crowd. Pleasant environment in this recently remodeled store.

Rod Martin

This location is always under staff or the employees are under-trained to handle store traffic. Beware, unless you have at least 30 mins. to waste in a drive thru with only two cars. Do not stop at this location.


Stopped for coffee on our way to I95 and the beach, and as usual, Starbucks did not disappoint. I was even wished a Happy Birthday by my barista as my drink was free to celebrate. Little touches make Starbucks a favorite!


Got a smart ass answer from a cashier, definitely wasn't needed or appreciated

Cynthia Ackerman

Always kind and the baristas always help me decide on something if I can't make up my mind LOL

Maryann S.

This location's inside of Super Target, and I definitely recommend it over the Southpoint drive-thru location. Surprisingly consistent drink quality for Starbucks inside a retailer. They're rarely busy and always churn out flavorful specialty drinks. They keep their displays fully stocked and everything tidy. They're moderately fast, too. My only complaint about the drinks is that they sometimes taste like the espresso machine hasn't been cleaned thoroughly/recently enough. The servers aren't quite as warm and perky as the ones at other locations (chiefly Southpoint and Bragg), but they're still very nice. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this location.

Brandon Layton

When entering the starbucks make sure you bring a small child to sacrifice for the almighty leader

eric fincham

fantastic fun helpful friendly and very attractive staff!!


Lexi, Dan, and Brandon are awesome!

Jessica Wilkinson

They're really nice at the drive thru - they give out dog treats if you bring your pup!

Arielle K

Check out the new Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frap. It's 4 types of caramel (how there's 4 types, you tell me)&it's more caramel-y for those who like it extra like I do! ;) Def NO need for extra caramel!

Shannon Flammer

Happy hour between 3 & 5 half price frappuccinos thru mothers day.

DL Byrd

This is the Starbucks located inside of the Target (9785 Jefferson Davis) and I always wondered why it wasn't busy. Stopped by yesterday morning (Sept 5, 2012) and ordered a Salted Caramel Mocha. Cashier was unfriendly. She did not bother speaking or asking if I needed anything. Eventually took my order, left the cup at the end of the counter. Sadly, this is what the next generation is becoming. Disconnected and self-absorbed. Starbucks needs to do better in their hiring practices and spend some time in the areas to see how to rev up their business. It might have something to do with your frontline people attitudes!!! Will not be ordering from that location ever again. Love the Targets! Love the Coffee! Detest lackadaisical employees (Starbucks).


The crew here is awesome and friendly! Best in Fredericksburg & Spotsy.

T. Royal

Staff always so friendly... love greatt customer service


Great fast service!!! Love the ladies working there!! I really need to move to Virginia!!!