Wegmans Meals 2GO

8297 Stonewall Shops Square, Gainesville
(571) 222-2300

Recent Reviews

Tamara Laquette

I absolutely love Wegmans and this one had amazing produce

Stephen A.

I order my groceries through my Wegmans app and it is so easy and they do a great job. I go to pick it up the groceries and it just takes a few minutes . I also pick up my prescriptions from the pharmacy the same way. The Wegmans app is a great way to shop.

Patricia Pisegna

They have everything you could ever want under one roof.

Alicia McLemore Smith

Awesome...an ‘experience’ in grocery shopping!

J E.

It's a decent Wegmans. They seem to have a lot of unique items here, more towards the gourmet side, which is excellent. Place was clean and well-stocked.

Aprill P.

Love the produce!!! The seafood is great too! Love the variety overall!

YelpUser U.

Unfriendly employees, always get a cold vibe from the employees, but the quality of food is good...so that compensates for that

John S.

First off, the Wegman's website is TERRIBLY SLOW AND CLUNKY- EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING to use. Secondly, their produce department sucks. Their organic produce selection has gotten SMALLER over the years, and produce quality/freshness is not good. Pretty bad being that Wegmans used to be a produce company. And thirdly, they have a bad re-ording or inventory system and they have a VERY hard time getting products delivered to the store when they've been out of stock for weeks. BONUS. Very small selection of brands other than Wegman's brand which is going downhill in their own right.

Elyssa P.

Thank you for always having a good selection of kosher foods. It's getting harder to find grocers with a section clearly labeled. The variety is great too. I'm always thrilled when I can find bialys in stock (they always are)

Lydia N.

A bunch of racists and extremely rude employees! Very unfriendly establishment. They should indicate whites only so we don't waste our money in their store!

Ronald M.

I am very disappointed that the Gainesville, VA Wegman's is not complying with the Governor's mandate that retail establishments require that customers wear masks. I can only conclude that they are unwilling to do what is needed to protect everyone's health. I will now shop only at Costco and Trader Joe's until Wegman's requires masks.

Joesph R.

I have been going to this Wegmans for a few years now. I have always thought it was a great grocery store with few issues. Prices are a bit high, but the quality matches. However, in the past few days, I have become disgusted at the way they are handling the Covid-19 situation. So many folks are going in and it's a giant cluster of people, dangerously close to one another. I have seen people pushing past and also moving dangerously close to one another. It's understandable that "6 feet" will not always happen, but surely it can be more than 5 inches. Please take measures to prevent the spread of Corona. Take notes from places like Costco where they limit the amount of people going on and out. It's not unreasonable to wait an extra 5-10 minutes to get inside and get groceries

Indira J.

I have been coming here for years now. Always enjoyed great customer service. During the time like these, COVID-19, it's very important to maintain humility and kindness. I received a horrible customer service for the first time in this location that I had to go and use self checkout. You may instruct people to do things certain way however you need to remain nice about it and check the tone because at the end of the day you are in customer service and I'm paying money to shop at your store!!!

Samantha F.

If you want to feel like you can make or buy anything food wise - this is the place. I have been here several times every year when I Visit my family in Virginia and it was overwhelming lying at first but I grew to love it! They have SO MANY options and the best fresh stuff and bakery items and platters etc. its definitely THE place for people there and I can see why! The wine section is profound (for a grocery store) in my opinion. But I assume that's due to the many local wineries in VA. There's even a bar in the middle of the prepared food area. The people seated seemed like it was a normal thing to eat/drink there. This place always has whatever we are looking for for many events from birthday parties or NYE parties and more!

Lisa G.

Wegmans!!!!!! No other words are needed. Everything they do is top-notch. I'm from Syracuse NY where there are several locations. When I moved into this area the grocery choice was pretty sad. When Wegmans came into Gainesville I thought I had died and gone back to grocery heaven. Thanks Wegmans I appreciate you!

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