Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

1049 W Mercury Blvd, Hampton
(757) 825-8874

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Ivan McKinney

I decided to get dinner at the Olive Garden in Hampton off Mercury. It was an exceptional experience. I order a to go entree and a salad. While I was waiting, I experienced a very charismatic group of staff. They are extremely invested in providing exceptional customer service and creating a lasting experience for thier restaurants. These are employees that are valuable and worthy of emulation. Great Job with training well rounded staff.

Denise Wade

Excellent Service! Tried something brand new to the menu and it was delish.

Gala Harvell

We had not been here in awhile and decided to go for dinner. I just got the soup and salad. My hubby got the spaghetti and meatballs. The food was okay. The salad seem thrown together and there were too many croutons. The lettuce wasn't too fresh, it seem welted. The bread was also lukewarm. Of course, the prices have increased and that seems to be the norm everywhere.I really don't have a problem with a price increase, but if restaurants, vendors, and stores are going to increase prices then they need to provide the same quality. It seems to me, prices are increasing, but the quality is decreasing. The quality of the food and service have decreased.

Henry P.

So some of our friends could not decide on where to get dinner, but we all could agree with on Olive Garden. Our server Cody was very knowledgeable and provided excellent service. I ended up getting a local draft and soup

Neli Montalvo

Excellent food! Our waitress was excellent however when her shift was over she she turned us over to another (2) waitress that didn't bother to check on us. I grabbed a 3rd waitress from the bar for coffee and dessert she was amazing.

Kaioken Attack

I have done take out at many places that I will never do take out again. This is not one of those places. Everything was as ordered and delicious as well. Highly recommend if you want good takeout food. Inside the restaurant is just as good, no better since you get bottomless salad!

Todd Anderson

Our server was fantastic. He did a great job checking up on the table and keeping drinks topped off. My father and I had the soup and salad, the soup was great. I really like Olive gardens soup. My wife had the egg plant Parmigiano and she really enjoyed. Highly recommend Hampton Olive Garden. Good food and fantastic service.

Maryjean Thomas

This O. G. Is much nicer and friendlier that the Newport News location and more spacious.

Syi Palmer

I had a great time here. Our waitress was amazing. She was very attentive and nice. Our food came out really fast and it was very fresh! I will come back to this location again for sure.

Tameka Raudales Banegas

Devin was a Phenomenal Waiter with exceptional customer service skills that will definitely take him far in hospitality. I look forward to visiting Olive Garden again, especially Devin informing of a raise. This Olive Garden Associate deserves more positive reviews shown then paying a penny to restart a survey never seen due to survey timing out.

Lindsey H.

I have to say it's been a long time since I have had service at Olive Garden that I could compliment the server. Aayrn served my husband and I during the late lunch hour. The service was outstanding!!! I couldn't have had a better experience here. Especially at the Olive Garden. Thank you so much for making our afternoon a wonderful one.

danyell cary

Eric was fine .. in a rush as they still seat you until 10pm.. but the employees don’t want to serve you.. and it’s made clear!Like with the burned $20 meal as seen in the picture my scallops where burned!!When I told Eric he said nope they cooked like that…I pushed the little white tires to the side… this is the ONLY item I buy when coming.. I’m already knowing this is not it… they seen it and Eric told me when he seen it he said something and they got mad at him in the KITCHEN.. ?You could have told us you are closed.. we asked! And a simple not tonight as it’s 15 minutes til 10pm would be fine..Thank you Eric for trying to make the best but I could tell you wanted me to leave also.. which a simple to got only would be fine.Straight rubberThey didn’t even try to hide it with sauce lol ?Eric tried to make me another or something he could control at the end of the night.Psa to the “manager “ you never came over and I’m very sure you knew.. and serving customer until close just to grab the money is wrong. If the staff that serves guest is cleaning why are the cooking?You never came over not even say bye ?? as the last guest of the night exits…Seat the last guest at 9:45 and stop wasting people time and money gas is $1,000 a gallon


This is my salad I purchased from here! Freaking gross yo! 1 star for the mint. Only thing I could eat. Waste of time and money why would you serve this to anyone?

Poneisha “Poe” Parker

I visited from FLORIDA… no doubt about it VIRGINIA food SUCKS and I been visiting frequently for the last year. (and I’m talking about bad)! But no doubt about it, if I can find me an Olive Garden I’m set! And this location has been my best friend every time I come into town. The staff is always nice and friendly no matter if I’m dining in or to go. THANK Y’ALL FOR BEING MY FAMILY AWAY FROM HOME.

Elizabeth Monarrez

The staff in this location is excellent . The food is great, and even if they have a bad day, they are quick to make up for it. We ordered to go and the food was pretty bad. We decided to respond to the survey we got online since we were pretty disappointed, and told them about our experience. The manager was quick to reach out and give us a sincere apology. He also sent us a gift card. We ordered to go that same day and this time the food was fantastic.

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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

1049 W Mercury Blvd, Hampton, VA 23666
(757) 825-8874