Scratch Bakery Cafe

19 E Mellen St, Hampton
(757) 224-8430

Recent Reviews

Brittany Reinhardt

Banana pudding cupcakes was a bit dry and dense but flavorful. The strawberry lemonade cupcakes was yummy.

Alana Hughes

I’m in town visiting family and they told I had to try this bakery and they were absolutely right! Not only is the desserts and ice cream delicious but also the food! We got The BB (bacon jam and bacon grilled cheese ) and The Scratch Club to eat,the mango orange sorbet, and 1/2 Cookie Monster 1/2 crazy for cookie ice cream, and one strawberry cake and one Cookies and cream cake to go! They did not disappoint and also the young man behind the counter was so pleasant! If you are in town definitely try them out!

Josh H

We walked in and were greeted by a young man who welcomed us and asked if we had been there before. We said that we hadn't and he told us all about the place and what they had to offer. We ordered a cookie, a Reeses cupcake and a wedding cake cupcake... the (very friendly) lady who came out and took our order went back and grabbed the appropriate cupcakes and then topped them fresh for us, right in front of us. WOW! These cupcakes are fantastic! They melt in your mouth! They are fresh, moist and flavorful. I really wish this place was where we live and not just a great place to visit on vacation. I would give these a 10 star review if I could. The best cupcake (Reeses) I've ever had. And I tasted my wife's wedding cake (which isn't my favorite flavor normally) and was excellent as well. Make the trip if in the area or even within 50 +/- miles of the area.Side note...The bathrooms were clean and nice as well....well done you guys.1 critique... the floor was a bit (a lot) sticky but still doesn't change my mind on the rest of the experience.

Ian Davis

This became my go to coffee shop n bakery while in Hampton. Great vibe, delicious food, and their iced chai latte is amazing.

Semone J.

Hubby and I stopped in while in town for our son's graduation. The owner Samantha was very nice friendly & made us feel very welcomed. Next time we're in town we will definitely be back. Thank you

Lynn C.

Stopped by on Saturday and had a hazelnut chai iced espresso and some banana pudding. Outstanding!!! Great place, great food, great atmosphere and great people! Check them out

Sharde' R.

Omgggg I love this place! From the staff, to the food, and drinks everything is done with love. While my family & I were waiting for our brunch reservations, we stopped in here. Ordered the Cookie Monster milkshake & shared it amongst the three of us. So mind blowing good. You can taste the cookies and chocolate in every bite and you can taste the richness of the cream, this was not 2% milk Also had the Sock it to Me iced shaken espresso latte. Highly recommend. It tasted like a hug in a cup. I can only imagine how insanely good it is hot . If you're in the area, I highly suggest going. It's worth all the calories.

Cindy C.

While the Food Network doesn't always get it right, they definitely did with this adorable bakery. It was hard choosing a cupcake because they have such an amazing selection of flavors but we went with the peanut butter cup cupcake and the red velvet. The red velvet cupcake was amazing! Seriously, one of the best I've ever had and I'm a cupcake aficionado. My teen loved his cupcake too. Staff was friendly and courteous. I also love that they ice and top the cupcakes to order. Highly recommend this place!

Chip Broadbent

Following a day trip out of town, we decided on the spur of the moment to get sweets on our return; serendipity brought us to Scratch. This was our first time there and it was DELICIOUS!


Absolutely wonderful cupcakes. Not overly sweet but perfectly made and moist. Veryy nice cashier too. Highly recommend

Ashley S.

Best breakfast club (add Turkey for more protein) and try the wedding cake latte (warm or cold!)

Carolyn S.

Came out here with my sister a few times since they've opened up the newly refurbished and improved bakery, and did they ever blow me away! Yes, they have my tasty, delicious cupcakes that I live, die, and breathe by (if you really know me, you know I do not exaggerate), but they have SO MUCH MORE. Delicious sandwiches, salads, and not to mention LATTES!!! (which are some of my other favorite things in life!). On my last visit, I had the wonderful opportunity to try their strawberry cheesecake cupcake, which is a strawberry cake with cheesecake frosting, crowned with a strawberry on top. The cake was soft and moist, and I love how it had JUST the right frosting to cake ratio to enjoy with each bite. The flavors really popped in this cupcake: the cake had the sweet fragrant taste of strawberry, while the frosting had the mild, yet heady taste of cheesecake, bringing this dessert to a next level. Their lattes were delicious as well. I had the most unusual flavor of latte: blueberry white chocolate lavender mocha (isn't that a mouthful?). Very complex flavor, but wow did it work BEAUTIFULLY. I love how they offer savory items as well: so far I've had their turkey panini (delicious, with fresh bread, carved turkey breast, and hearty veggies, cheese, and sauces so it certainly satisfies) and turkey club salad (a whole lot of ingredients, voluminous, but luckily not overly heavy laden). Goes great if you want something sustaining along with your dessert.


Cake fell apart even before I opened it. Good but if you got a kid I wouldn’t order a birthday cake here. It was baked in the middle at a slant towards the end so it didn’t cut evenly and was lop-sided 110$

Mic C

So. Good. We had lunch there today and it was wonderful. The atmosphere is nice and airy. We tried the chicken salad and the roast beef sandwiches, which were both very tasty. They have almost every baked good imaginable and they're freshly made. I'd recommend everything, but we really loved the lemon pound cake, cake pops, German chocolate cake and wedding cake cupcakes. The prices were good for the food quality, which was top-notch. We'll be visiting again soon and possibly using them for catering at the office. If you're in Downtown Phoebus and want a good, sweet treat, this is your place.

Madeline Benson

IDK what they put in this food, but it is ADDICTIVE! It is so good. They weren’t joking when they told me this stuff is like crack. I’ve tried the Red Velvet Cake, the Death by Chocolate cake, and the banana pudding. All of them are absolutely amazing. I could eat it for the rest of my life. If you’re thinking about going there, just do it. it’s worth it

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