Sushi King

5101 Kilgore Ave, Hampton
(757) 788-7080

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The food was pretty decent. I love the concept. It's great for someone who wants to try sushi for the first time like me. You get to try different varieties and see what you like. They do have more than just sushi.Food: 3/5

Kimberly Johnson

We dined on Sunday afternoon, my first time there. The restaurant was clean and service was great! I had two plates of the Hibachi Shrimp with fried rice, which was oh so good! I'm not a fan of sushi, so I was glad there were other options. We'll definitely go again soon!

LaToya Crippen

I ordered the volcano roll for $9.12 and it literally came with 6 rolls and they were thrown in this little box. I thought I was getting a whole roll due to the size of the bag they gave to me. I called and spoke to the manager who stated that the volcano roll is the only sushi that comes with 6 and all the remaining come with 8??. I’ve ordered sushi king from Newport News a couple of times and I recall getting more than 6 pieces and they were neat and uniform. Note to self and maybe y’all…go to Sushi King in Newport News.

Scott Mann

Once upon a time I lived in Orange County California, where my friends introduced me to sushi at an all-you-can-eat sushi bar. When I came back to Hampton Roads, there was no all-you-can-eat sushi. It was "pay $15 for a roll" sushi. Not owning a money tree, I didn't eat sushi for awhile.Then Sushi King came along. Is there better sushi out there? Of course there is. However, the sushi here is pretty good, so is the hibachi and the crab rangoon. The service is always good, and the food is generally consistent. If you want an all-you-can-eat experience, Sushi King is my favorite option.

Kaleah G

Usually never have a problem but the food was actually nasty today for lunch and I suggested to pay for the shrimp tempura roll and my sprite that I actually had and the manager argued me down saying my complaint was invalid because no one else complained…. Probably will not come back unless I’m really in the mood. Very unsatisfied

Vashiona Moore

Took THE MIDDLE SCHOOL GRADUATES (my son JJ and his good friend TJ) here for their celebration and Sushi King did NOT disappoint!!! Everything was fresh, hot, and good. The server was amazing as he made sure we didn't wait long for our food. We ordered all you can eat rolls and appetizers and Pink Lemonades... The refills were flowing too. Not too pricey for the 3 of us less than $80.00 tip included!!! Will definitely be back. The boys really enjoyed the food!!!

Berry M

This place is great! With all you can eat I expected a LOT of rice and little fish. Sushi is quite good and rice/fish ratio just fine. Rice is nice and warm and VERY good. Rolls come out blazingly fast also!!

Barbara Pagan (MONICH)

So far the biggest in size and sushi, Asian plates variety , lots of employees, fast service , hot, nice presentations, good quality fish, and big crowds means fresh food. Cause they are constantly ordering fresh products the many is biggest than the Newport news location. This one is og, clean and fast. Theres alcoholic drink FYI . They do have rest rooms and a waiting area. This place is also located in a cute little town alike there's a plaza on yhe front of it and lots or entrainment and shops .

Megan M.

This place was reasonably priced and the food was fresh and delicious. It was my first time there and I will definitely be returning. My only complaint is it was abnormally cold.Dragon Roll Volcano Roll Richmond Roll

Joe Boredom

Sushi king is a great place to have affordable good sushi. I love the all you can eat factor and have never had anything bad. Sushi king is a great place for beginners so you can try a lot of different things and figure out what you like.

Adrian Williams

Sushi king is always on point! Even when they are busy they still work quickly to ensure everyone is taken care of!

Joshua Cajune

I've been here over 10+ times. Excellent service. I think on a busy day, I waited 10 min for food. You get drinks within 60 seconds from the hostess. It's honestly amazing service. I went with my wife on valentines day and they even gave us a rose to take home!!! Whoever owns this spot, your employees on 2-14-22 all deserve a raise.Will come again. 10/10.

Stacey Ennabe

That staff was very nice and friendly, but the sushi was lower than buffet quality. The seaweed was chewy, the pieces were badly cut and too large and most of the rice was still hot :( Not worth it.

Erich R.

I was thoroughly impressed by this Sushi King. It's a huge facility, far bigger than the Sushi Kings in the Richmond area or the one in Charlottesville, and located right in the heart of downtown Hampton. The menu had several options not usually found in other Sushi Kings, including Chicken Katsu, BBQ Squid, several rarer fishes for the sushi, and others that I enjoyed greatly. Despite being a large restaurant it was impeccably clean and the service was efficient, individualized, and friendly. The fish was fresh-tasting and in good portions. The only negative was the beer was quite expensive - normally I'm used to Sushi King having beers for just a few bucks but this location charged bar-level prices. The meal prices were in-line with other Sushi Kings even with all the bells and whistles this place has in addition. It was undoubtedly the best Sushi King I've been to so far although I can't, as of this review, say much about the other Sushi Kings in the Virginia Beach area and only can compare it to the ones in the Richmond area and in Charlottesville (which themselves are quite good already).

Rachel Pike

We came recently for lunch, but apparently they only have the dinner prices on weekends currently- so instead of 15.99 our meal was 20.99. Service was good, but the food was so so. Sushi rice was a little over seasoned, though the fish itself tasted good and fresh. Shrimp tempura was okay. Vegtable tempura was good. Fried rice left much to be desired, but the hibachi scallops were good, though the vegetables they came with were not quite cooked all the way. Overall a mixed experience, probably wouldn't go to this one again.

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