Bagel Cafe

300 Elden St, Herndon
(703) 318-7555

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Oana G.

My first time at this cafe. Had the everything bagel with scallion cream cheese. Fresh, delectable bagel, creamy (dreamy) to die for cream cheese. Quick service, in and out in less than 10 mins. Will definitely be coming again!

Sarah C.

I don't know if it was because it was a weekend and it was busy, but we waited an hour and still didn't get our food. We went in and checked what was going on and our ticket was just sitting there without any other tickets around it. The lady looked panicked and started grabbing the stuff to make our food. Then we continued to wait for additional 25 minutes before receiving our food. Very disappointing

John K.

I guess I need to start looking at the bottom of bagels when I buy them. Brought home the poppy seed bagel in the attached picture from Bagel Cafe, and when I looked at the bottom, after cutting it to toast it, this is what I saw. Green stuff. Lots of it.How does this happen to a fresh bagel??? Are they pawning off old bagels? No idea. Just know it grossed me out. Yurz.

Becca L.

Not worth your time or energy, staff is rude and overpriced. This is the second time I've come and had to wait over 25 minutes for three bagels. This time, I waited and asked to check on my order after 15 minutes and they said it was coming. I went in again after 30 minutes and the staff person yelled at me saying they had called my name/number. I was standing there the whole time this did not happen.

Miguel L.

The worst service ever I wanted a latte an they rejected my request because "they were to busy " I originally came there for my coffee don't ever come here in a Saturday morning it's super busy and all of the employees are rude I understand it busy but they need to understand customer service more

Chrissy H.

I just went to grab some food at this OLD FAVORITE spot... and the NEW CASHIER took our order...then there was several people waiting before us AND several AFTER us. After EVERYONE except the new people ordering had received their food and was gone...I showed the lady my receipt and she yells at me, "SHE'S WORKING ON IT YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT SHE's WORKING ON IT!" I was EMBARRASSED..I hadn't even said a word..just showed her the receipt...after EVERYONE EXITED...I asked her if she'd like to yell at me some more, now that we were alone. She apologized then went TO THE BACK OF THE SHOP and returned with my order. I don't think I will eat it-it may have a SURPRISE

Nikita T.

You know when your food is so good that you don't even want to make conversation and you just say "mmmm?" That's me, eating my closed face Nova sandwich (2 oz lox, capers, tomato, onion, & cream cheese on your choice of bagel). I really, REALLY loved this sandwich. So much. Their various bagels and cream cheeses are also very good and the cream cheese is kept on display in a manner similar to gelato, which is fun. I've also had their Crispy French Omelette (3 eggs, mushrooms, swiss, crispy onions, served with brunch potatoes and a buttered bagel) and it was not only delicious but HUGE! I think altogether that was 3 servings for me! The people who work there are very nice and also the orders are made very quickly even on a busy day. I will caveat that their bagels seem to have off days though, I've had them before when they were a bit small and flat and didn't love them, but on a good day they are great.

Sequoia C.

They do not care about social distancing or COVID precautions at all. I watched two people enter in line without masks. The tables outside are max 12 inches apart and they're letting people eat inside without masks. Plus no cap on people inside. The employees seemed unfazed with how crowded it was inside.

Praveena Prasad

An awesome breakfast stop with all abiding pandemic regulations& socially distanced dine-in and outdoor seating options. Must visit gourmet bagel place with a mind whopping variety of flavors of cream cheeses and bagels. We ordered the breakfast omelettes which come with a buttered& toasted bagel of your choice- Greek(with spinach&feta cheese) and veggie omelettes (with roasted veggies) , with sun dried tomato and onion bagels. We also got extra jalapeno garlic& garlic&herb cream cheese. All ingredients and fresh and flavorful!

Ryan M

Food is amazing, but 45minute wait for food, ordered for pickup, got confirmation it was ready... Nothing had been made, waited then order was wrong and missing items. Order this for delivery in covid times

Ryan L

Haven’t come here in months because My last experience here was bad. The customer service here is 30x worse than anywhere else in Herndon. I called to place a pick up order and was placed on hold for 10-15 mins. During that time I drove to bagel cafe and placed my order Because there was no one there. So I wonder why I was on hold for that long. Maybe because they don’t feel like working. Nothing about this job is that difficult and Most of them look Like adults, so I’m not sure where the confusion is when it comes to customer service. I Most likely will never come back here.

Rachel U.

I went here last week and got just a plain bagel toasted with cream cheese and it was fantastic! The bagels are a great size and they are generous with the amount of cream cheese they put on the bagel, which is great! Definitely will be back and looking forward to trying other menu items

Sarah Byrne

I enjoy the Caesar wrap with the latte for lunch. The orange juice is freshly squeezed every day. The bagels are amazing for breakfast as well. One of my favorite date places to go with my husband.

Robert D.

This Bagel Shop is Awesome. I am a "I want it all Guy", so their "Everything Bagel" I particularly tasty to me with cream cheese and Nova Lox...yummers!Coffee is weak but I am real picky about coffee and like it strong.Love to see our Boys in Blue always there. I get to thank them for their service to the community,

Benjamin Henry

I’ve been coming here for the last 8 years. Unfortunately the best product in the area. Customer service is horrible, reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when they visit the soup cafe. One particular person is consistently rude no matter the day of the week. Online orders are like ordering via AOL in 1998. Make sure you print out your order! If the service was better, 4 stars for sure. Other reviews about over crowding and long waiting are spot on during peak times.

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